Three Years & Four Months!

Has it been that long? Wow! Time does fly when you’re having fun!

I started this page May of 2012. The focus was to share my Business Experiences in partnership with my good friends. Since then, the page garnered 197427 views, and 126271 unique visitors as of this post. And that’s without even adding a new post since July 19th of 2015!

And that’s the main reason why this place is pretty blank. We had our first kiddo in 2014; our second one at the beginning of 2016. Thankfully because of the mentorship we’ve been able to receive over these many years my wife can be a stay at home mom to the kiddos. Unfortunately, I’m not there…..yet.

But updating an online blog every week or even day simply cannot be a priority when you have a work / family / business balance to maintain. Which is exactly why there hadn’t been any posts at all for over 3 years.

I’ve really enjoyed the positive responses I had received from many people feeling refreshed at our take on our experiences over the years! Even with no updates, I would still get emails from people thanking me for providing a stark contrasting positive experience in comparison to the troll and flame blogs out there that update almost every day like they get paid for it or something.

With that being said, as time moves on many things change. Policies, processes, training, politics, sports franchises….this list goes on. The focus of this blog shared many of our experiences as well as the training we had received through mentorship. Over time, the way we were trained adjusted with time. The principals have remained the same, but process’ have improved and changed with the times. This also meant that a lot of the details here became outdated and some posts could even be considered irrelevant unless I didn’t continue to provide updated posts and details on a regular basis to provide context. As mentioned above, that just could not continue to be a priority at the daily, weekly or even monthly level.

Since I do not plan to make the time to continue to update this space or go back and significantly edit the previous entries, I’ve wiped them clean so that their irrelevance doesn’t negatively impact anyone learning about new opportunities.

I will sign off by confirming that my wife and I continue to proudly and excitedly build our asset. We are so appreciative of the mentorship we have received through the partnership that we had earned that has positively impacted how we make our decisions. This has allowed us to be in a better life position than we would have been otherwise. We are appreciative of our team members and are proud of their journey’s and victories. We look forward to sharing even more of their victories in the future.

The benefits we have experienced by being involved in the opportunity we are in touch on financial, parenting, marriage, personal relationships, as well as business and job success. And that’s outside of the direct paycheques that are earned. At this time, we have not yet fully achieved the goals we have wanted to. But knocking off other wins on the journey there has made that journey worthwhile thus far.

We wish you all the best in your future endeavors! And never forget to dream on!

Best Regards,
– C