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World Wide Group

To provide opportunity, education, training, motivation, and the environment to succeed through a Free Enterprise System.”

That’s a pretty good mission statement to have for an organization if you ask me. However, there sure is a lot of negative stuff out there on the web about World Wide Group, which runs World Wide Dream Builders (W.W.D.B.). How is it that an organization with such an honorable goal and mission statement can cause so much negative feedback?

The simple answer? People. Being a training and mentorship system for a business that involves people means there are going to be examples of some of the best that humanity has to offer, as well as the worst. When you look at any organization you’ll find those that muddy the waters and make the rest look horrible in doing so. Professional athletes, Churches, Governments, Professional entertainers, multi-million dollar companies and enterprises….the list goes on and on. In any example you will find some of the most amazing people who do everything they can with integrity, hard work, heart, intelligence, skill and passion to further their or their organization’s goals. In those same instances you will always be able to find those people that for whatever reasons, make the wrong choices and screw up, hurting many in the process. You cannot find any industry or vocation that does not have or has had at some point these people involved with them. And as long as we are involved in a people business there will be those that make the wrong choices.

The main three or four blogs out there are teeming with negative experiences. But in all of the negative where is the positive? Because it outweighs the positive does it mean there is none? Certainly not. In the About This Blog & Blogger Section I state that I, and many I know have had exceptional experiences in using the W.W.D.B. training system and it is due specifically to the quality of people that we are in business with. We have the benefit of working with those who build the Amway Business with integrity, with passion and honesty. And it is with that same view I’ll be responding to many of the criticisms that are out there about W.W.D.B.

To be clear I am in no way stating that others have not had negative experiences with people who were affiliated W.W.D.B. or its members. I am in no position to say what someone has or has not experienced and I have no right to claim someone’s experience as correct or incorrect. What I am saying is that a lot of the negative concerns regarding W.W.D.B. are not what we have experienced. This is due plainly to a 3 – 4 week education and qualification process


Originally, I had a specific step by step version of what “a / the process” would look like for a person who was going to be properly introduced to the business. Since I originally posted this blog, however, many many different lines of sponsorship within World Wide have taken the outlines of what we were taught by our Diamond sponsors and created their own versions. When I say “since I posted this blog” that’s not to say that I had anything to do with the creation of or spreading of a/the process – I do not and cannot take any credit for that whatsoever. That was all done by the example of what our mentors had created and had duplicated in their organization.

With many different lines of sponsorship creating their own versions of a qualification and education process, the last thing I want is for someone to read the version of the process that I was taught and feel that because it is not the exact same as a process they are going through, that it is completely wrong. That’s not the case at all. So due to the different and various steps some World Wide teams may be using, I’ll be removing the exact steps of what I had experienced because there is no wrong or right process; as long as there is one in place.

“Going through a/the process” is what a potential new IBO should go through before they are even launched into business if they are dealing with our direct Upline and anyone down from them. Not all lines of sponsorship in Amway have been taught the way we have. But what I’ve experienced and witnessed is that a potential new business owner can not and will not launch their Amway business unless a person can get through and education and qualification process that, depending on the line of sponsorship, could take a few weeks to a month or so.

As I said, I won’t be outlining the actual steps of what a process looks anymore as I said earlier, considering many lines of sponsorship have their own versions but if they are using a process here are some benefits of a process and why a potential prospect would want to go through one. A process is put into place for two reasons:

  1. For the potential business owner to educate themselves on the training system, the servicing company (Amway), and to retain comprehension of the basics on how money is made and what would be expected of them to make that money. It also allows the potential business owner to get to know his coaches and mentors. In no venture would you go into business with someone you do not know or trust. That would be idiotic. It is during this stage a friendship and a trust are built and the potential IBO can also judge his potential sponsors to make sure they are accountable and reliable.
  2. For the sponsoring IBO to see if this person or couple will be worth their time and resources to help. Are they accountable? Will they do what they say they will do? Are they where they say they will be when they say they will be there? Are they teachable and coachable? If they are not, and a friendship or trust cannot be built, the potential Upline will end the process. Period. We are not into putting someone into business who will clearly fail. If someone can’t be accountable or get through a process, they shouldn’t be in business in the first place.

What is the purpose of a process?
From my experience, what I’ve witnessed and what I have done, It ensures that no one loses. The potential new business owner has not spent any money whatsoever. They probably have been given some free drinks while viewing a boardplan if you consider that a loss. From the absolute most negative standpoint the only thing the potential business owner has lost is a few hours of their time going over homework that is part of the education process. The potential Upline has not spent their time away from their family to show the plan or do counsel sessions or wasted their money on gas to drive to the Downline’s home or to a coffee shop to show the plan for them when they are about to just end up quitting anyway.

A process is designed to see if a prospect should even get into business in the first place. A process is more for the potential Sponsor than it is the prospect to make sure they would be making the right choice in committing to this person / couple. All relevant questions and concerns that a potential IBO would have would be addressed and answered by the time the process is over – If they cannot get through a process then they have no business spending their hard earned money on a business licence, intro pack, premier membership and so on. By not getting through a process the sponsor has protected them from having a negative experience and then having to come online to confirm that they were taken advantage of and the business doesn’t work.

If a prospect does get through a process they will have gained ann understanding into the basics of what needs to be done to build the business. They will have been accountable, they will have prioritized the dates set to get through the process. A friendship and / or trust will have been developed or started in development. Their expectations would have been fully set as to the amount of monthly overhead it will cost to run all aspects of their business. Their expectations would have been fully set in regards to the time commitment and dates required for their personal development. Most importantly, the question, “ If given an offer to launch, could you financially be able to get started?” is asked. If the answer is NO, the process stops. We are not in the business of bankrupting people. We are not in the business of putting people into debt.

How do I know that someone’s expectations would be fully set? Unless I’m there, I don’t. But it is in the sponsor’s best interest to fully set expectations so that their new IBO can have the best start they can. This business is built at the speed of trust. And if a new IBO is launched and they learn about something new after the fact that they weren’t expecting, that trust is damaged and that is a negative experience for everyone.

In my opinion and experience, “A / The process” is put into place to protect both sides. Is it foolproof? Nope. Do employers hire people that look right for the job only to have that person turn out to be a horrible fit? Yup. Same situation can happen here too. No one who is in business wants to have their time wasted on someone who will not be accountable. It makes no sense to sponsor someone who wouldn’t be willing to do what it takes. And “what it takes” is discussed and shared over a process. Every process is different because every person and relationship dynamic is different. This simple aspect alone wipes out a HUGE amount of the complaints that you will see out there. Have people been launched when they shouldn’t have been? Yup. Have people been told to do things that made them uncomfortable in other lines of sponsorship? Seems like it has happened in the past. Like I said, I will not deny some funky stuff could have happened in the past with other people or lines of sponsorship. Is that what my upline does or teaches? Have I witnessed it personally in World Wide? Absolutely not. If I was uncomfortable with things I was taught or told, I can tell you that as a sane human being I wouldn’t be in business with any of them, whether it was with my best friend or not. Is it what myself and my partner do? Definitely not. The point is, when someone shows you this business, if you don’t have to earn an offer and they’re willing to just sign you up – I would walk away. This offer is serious and we treat it as such because we are committing that we will help this person or couple grow in the business for the next 2 – 5 years and beyond. We will support, encourage, coach and help them become solution seekers and help them take steps to make this opportunity work for them.

In part two of World Wide Dream Builders -My Reality I will bring up and address many of the concerns, accusations, assumptions and “issues” that many people have or have had with the people they worked with when they were affiliated with W.W.D.B.

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