World Wide Dream Builders – Our Reality: Part Two


World Wide Group

To provide opportunity, education, training, motivation, and the environment to succeed through a Free Enterprise System.

As I had mentioned in Part One – that’s a pretty great mission statement to have for an organization. Unfortunately, there are a couple of negative blogs and a website or two dedicated to preaching about how bad this organization is. For us, and many others that we have grown to know, our experience has been completely different.  In Part One I explained how our Line Of Sponsorship has taught the usage of an education and qualification process to educate and prepare someone for potential business ownership within the Amway business model. This way it minimizes the chance for someone to get into business who shouldn’t be and to help them avoid wasting their time, money and resources. It also ensures the potential sponsor doesn’t waste their time, money and resources in helping someone who hasn’t been properly prepared to put in the required effort to succeed in this type of business model. I discussed the possibility of why there may have been negative experiences that have occurred in the past. I discussed the reality that there are people who may have associated with this group that made mistakes or bad decisions causing others to have a negative experience. As I had mentioned, you will find these negative experiences and people in and apart of almost any organization, company, or team that has ever existed. This does not mean that there can’t be great experiences as well that can and have happened to many others.

This part is dedicated to our experiences related to some of the major complaints that are levied towards W.W.D.B. and how I, and many I know have not experienced these issues. My reality is that the people that I work with within World Wide are some of the best out there. And here’s why:

I know people who were encouraged to go into debt to buy all of the “tools” to succeed and ended up with huge debts or bankruptcy due to building the business!

That’s very unfortunate. The reality I have seen is that people are not given an offer to launch their business if they are not financially able to launch. They are taught to fit all of the business expenses into their budget to avoid going backwards financially. If they cannot afford their business, it is not recommended that they launch or continue until they can. A personal focus on self discipline in regards to handling personal finances and sticking to a budget will help ensure that someone who can afford to build the business when they launch will not start going backwards. Those who have challenges staying on track financially would start going backwards whether they are in business or not due to their spending habits and financial irresponsibility.

You have to pay to go into those meetings they make you go to!

That is both correct and incorrect. Most board plans are hosted in a person’s home or private residence to avoid people having to pay anything. If a board plan has too many people coming where a large enough residence is not available then the plan will need to be held at a hotel or larger meeting room. In this situation, the hotel will not, for some strange reason, allow their facilities to be used for free. They expect to be paid for their service and space. As such Business owners would be expected to cover the cost of the room at a cost  of $10.00 per business owner. This potential cost would already be included with a Business Owner’s monthly budget as part of the education and qualification process (See “The Process” Part One). Any guest would be 100% free. Costs would cover the cost of the rental of the room.

You are ignored if you are not moving forward!

Unfortunately, there are probably people who have experienced this at some point. However I am thankful that this is not how I have been treated. My coaches have set time aside for me for many counsel sessions 1 on 1. They answer most questions as soon as they get them or within 24 hours and I’m not even close to being a big pin in their organization yet. And I’ve been in business for over 2 years! The same goes for our local Upline as well. No one wants to move forward via negative motivation. As such I also treat my team the same and will teach the same. Everyone is treated with the same importance whether they are just barely 50/150 or Emerald. This is what I have learned by watching how my Crossline has been treated as well as experiencing this myself.

No one will ever mention the additional cost of the business like those “tools” and “functions ” they make you go to!

While others may have experienced this in the past or in other lines of sponsorship my reality with this experience is incorrect. Please see “The Process” in Part One. The details of costs are covered in the process before the prospect even gets an offer into business. I help get their budget on track so they can fit all costs associated with running the business with their current income. If they cannot fit it in, the offer is delayed until the costs can be covered.

You are convinced and encouraged to buy extra CD’s every single week!

While others may have been told this, my reality and experience is that I have never been told to do this. I have purchased extra CD’s as business building tools to provide to potential prospects. This, however was done by choice. At no point did my Upline ever pressure me to do so. When I counselled with them about if it could help to use them he confirmed that they could be a help if I decided to use them in certain situations and recommended appropriate situations in which to use them and when to avoid using them.

You are forced to buy extra tools on top of normal resources like your business licence, communikate etc!

While others may have experienced this, I have not. Please see “The Process” in Part One. All fees and costs associated with building the business are discussed before the prospect even launches.

Your money goes down as your group gets bigger! You only make money at 4000 Pin!

Fundamentally I have not seen that. To be fair I haven’t run a 4000 business yet, but based on the bonus brackets I have run, my bonus cheque had gone up 5 times from a 3% level to when I hit a 9% level. Now that had been based on me + one leg doing a solid first circle at 300 PV. If I had lets just say 2 legs doing 50/150 and the first leg doing a 300 first circle with me, I can only imagine where that would have gone. But the issue with someone losing money could possibly be due to driving all over the province/country to Show The Plan and other costs associated to that (ie: extra gas / hotels etc). If the person could not afford to make those trips or do all of those plans, they would not be coached to sponsor those legs at a distance.

Eg: I have a friend who lives up in Salmon Arm:BC. That’s a good 3 – 5 hour drive minimum if not longer. My Upline is in Edmonton. It would make sense that they wouldn’t show a plan there for me. Heck they’re already flying out from E-Town twice a month for me and their other teams out here.That would be for me to do. In that situation I would counsel and be asked plainly by my upline: A: Is World Wide there (ie: is there someone affiliated with W.W.D.B. doing plans in that area) to plug them into? B: Can you fit that into your budget? C: Can you serve that leg appropriately? If the answer is no to any of those, then I would not be coached to sponsor them even if they get through a process. My job would be to serve them by doing a plan for them at least twice a month and if I cannot afford to do it, it would be a horrible example to go backwards financially to serve that leg in that instance. So unless someone was either not coached well or didn’t counsel before sponsoring, I do not see how this would be the case. If this concern is based on money spent on “extra tools” or “Amway Products” these costs would all be discussed and budgeted for before this issue would ever occur (See “The Process” in Part One).

You need to stop talking to all of your friends and family in order to succeed!

I can’t say I know what they’re on about when they say that. This complaint would be based on counsel given to avoid talking with people who are negative about the business and the negative input they would continually speak into your life. Now, if your in-law bashes your profession that you spent 10 years going to school for, would you want to hear that? Would you accept that? If anyone bad mouths you or what you’re doing would you sit there, listen to it, accept it and let it affect your view on what you do or why you do it? I would most certainly hope not! It’s the same deal here. If people are speaking negative into your life, why would you even want to listen to that!? Are they helping you in what you feel is a worthwhile goal? No. So in the same way, I have been counseled to let it go in one ear and out the other. To not even let the subject come up around those who disagree with what I’m doing. That way their opinions need not be mentioned and I don’t bug them about my “business”. I would still see them and talk to them about everything else that I normally would. That is a huge difference than being told to break off contact or never talk to these people. That is definitely not what I have been coached to do. Ever.

I talk to my mom all the time. Nikki is very close with her parents. I talk with my buddies regularly! In fact, I’m going out later tonight to relax with them! All of my friends checked out the plan, didn’t sign up. None of them are even customers! At no point have I ever been told to not hang out with them, talk to them or otherwise. If they were negative about what I did, I would be clear that it wouldn’t need to be discussed if they didn’t like it. That’s it. What I have found though is that I don’t hang out with them as much as I used to. Now that comment alone will have the negative people happy that I confirmed what they’ve been saying about this topic. However as I have switched my focus and my priorities towards building this asset it has switched from the priorities and focus’ that my friends have in their lives. Their priorities are drinks, partying, cards, hockey, rec leagues, work and school. I still enjoy a drink here and there, but to be honest my focus is on setting up my future.Spending my money on beers, parties, eating out all the time, not so much. Partying on weekends – not so much. There’s a big difference between “never talking to negative friends” and simply focusing on an important project or goal in my life. When my upline moved to Prince George and Edmonton for basketball, that was a huge focus in his life. It was his main priority. As such it made sense that we wouldn’t be hanging out that much anymore. Same situation here: I love my buddies. But they will not pay my bills. So I’ve simply moved them down a notch or two in the priority chain. I definitely haven’t eliminated them. Just like anyone who is focussed on their schooling, their profession etc. Same deal here.

Thankfully, both my parents and my partner’s parents are positive and purchase laundry soap and hand cream from time to time. Not much PV but they like it and it supports us and we couldn’t be more thankful for it. Were they like that in the beginning? Nope. Did we stop talking to them? Nope. We still loved on them and talked with them about everything else in our lives besides the business. These negative blogs make it out like an IBO would get all weird and stop talking to people they love because they won’t support them. It may have happened elsewhere, but I haven’t had that experience.

 You are told to annoy, bug, pester, badger everyone you know and love into getting into the business!

This may have been taught to others. But not from what I’ve witnessed. We all have two spheres of influence. The first one is full of people we know. The other is full of people we do not. Right away we are advised that our closest circle of people we know will either not get in, not support us, be negative or not want to do anything until we prove to them the business works (“Well if you make it work, then I’ll do it”). As such we are encouraged to share this with those most important in our lives to get them out of the way. A grand opening or even better, a friends and family plan is done by the Upline to educate the new business owners friends and family just what the heck it is that they’re up to and how to support them if they choose. If, and probably when they don’t, that allows the new IBO to move into the other sphere of influence – people they do not know – and to not needing to go back to bug, pester and annoy their friends and family. This second sphere is infinitely larger and as such will be where most Business Owners will meet new people to see if they can add value to them as either customers or help them start their own company.

Those who stay in that first sphere will never grow their business and would indeed annoy the heck out of everyone in that sphere. The problem is that many potential business owners find that the shift from Sphere A to Sphere B to be a huge hurdle to get past. They don’t know how to talk to people, they have a low self image, they have a low belief level, their communication skills aren’t that developed etc etc. There can be many reasons why someone can’t make that shift. That’s where personal development is needed and provided via W.W.D.B. and those in the direct upline of that business owner. If someone’s friends and family are negative I would not encourage that person to keep bugging them. That would push them further away. No is no and you move on. If they eventually join you, awesome! If not, there’s a big world with a lot of people out there looking for other options. At no point would I ever keep bugging my friends when they’ve already made it clear that they aren’t interested – and I wouldn’t expect anyone else to do so. Neither would my upline.

They all talk about God and religion and will try to get you to get into religion as well!

While others have experienced this kind of “pressure” at no point have I seen or witnessed this. Many people may be very sensitive and/or adverse to any type of religious ideals and feel that if a speaker in telling their story mentions the word God they are being intentionally offensive or are even trying to “convert” them. While some may feel that way, it isn’t the case. Are there audio’s that have speakers talking about the role of God or their faith in their lives? Yes. Are their people who have professed that they have a faith and feel it has been integral to their success? Yes. Do even some of them recommend learning more about having a faith in relation to the business? Some do. They relate that because that is what they feel helped them move on. Its like a successful basketball player suggesting you complete a foul shot in a certain way with a certain stance. That’s what helped them and as such, is what they know to work. Does that public profession mean you are expected to do the same? Certainly not. There are other ways of successfully shooting a foul shot. Just listen to a different successful coach if you relate to them better (ie: the next upline). Your faith life or lack thereof is your choice and your business and in no way have I witnessed anyone being pressured into having a belief they do not wish to have. There are many professional athletes thanking God and giving praise on television after their game or match is over. Were they trying to convert people, too? Should those who dislike religion never watch that athlete or sport again because of it? I would think not. Are there some books on the W.W.D.B. booklist that have been written by people of faith or mention God or biblical principals? Yes. Does that mean you have to A: read them? B: change your belief system to match what is in the book? C: become a raging faith – a – holic? Simply put – no.

While there are many leaders who have a faith and believe in a God – that is their story. That has been their experience and is what they have done. W.W.D.B. puts on an optional, non-denominational church service on the Sunday morning of every major function before that days events for those who do wish to attend to serve those members who do happen to have a faith. The key word here kids, is optional. That does not have to be and is not expected to be your story if you do not wish it to be! W.W.D.B. is like a supermarket. You don’t go in there and buy the whole store. You get what you need. When you need more or something else you come in and get that. If you are recommended a book that has a few lines that mention a biblical principal and you can’t stand anything to do with faith – ignore that line. Ignore that chapter! For goodness sake, don’t expect that you have to all of a sudden go get baptized because you read a few lines out of an otherwise good book that was full of great material to help you improve yourself. That example was escalated to make a point: Chew up the meat, spit out the bones. Look for what you feel is of benefit to you and ignore what doesn’t apply to you or your life. Just because others have a faith life that is integral to them and they mention it in their story does not mean you are expected to “get religion” if you don’t wish to.

They tell you 10 – 15 hours a week! But with product pick up, resource direct fulfillment, calling in orders and driving to show the plan it actually takes a lot more!

Product pick up is pretty much gone and has been for some time now with direct drop ship from both Amway and World Wide. Its 2013 for goodness sake. These big bad blogs out there act like these companies have stayed in the stone age! Some may still like to do direct fulfillment from their upline for World Wide materials since many can use that as a chance for a counsel session or a coffee with their Upline/Downline. Calling in orders are also not necessary as customers can order via phone or via online for themselves. If they want you to do it, you can do it online. It takes a few moments. The main time issue would be driving to and from plans and speaking with customers. Most plans are done locally for me by my upline and my team is also local. It is not expected that you drive miles to another province or state. If there is a potential prospect who is further away, the distance issue and commitment is covered in the process (See “The Process” in part one) and is going to be part of building it with that person who is further out. If sponsoring someone who is at a distance, the Upline will be knowingly committing and choosing to drive or fly to show the plan for that prospect and if they cannot financially or time wise fit it in, then launching that leg into business would not be recommended. It is not a requirement and would be by choice only. Seems logical, ya?

If you aren’t on “Standing Order”, they will not help you!

Standing Order is an integral part of the personal growth and training that World Wide can provide via audio training. It is provided via .mp3 download/streaming or people can still have CD’s shipped to them if they wish. World Wide has also created apps for both iPhone and Android smartphone users which are included at no extra cost with their Premier Membership that allow Business Owners to directly stream audio’s to their phone’s to listen on the go. The audios available provide much more experience, training, attitude,motivation and mindset than any one Upline can provide his or her organization. As such, as a person’s organization grows, the system allows more and more people to learn,stay motivated and be trained at anytime which means as the organization grows to 50, 100, 200, 400, 800 etc, that one Upline is not forced to set exact training nights since everyone in their organization can be learning when they’re going about their daily lives. It won’t require hundreds of meetings a month for the Upline to do and doesn’t require a ridiculous amount of nuts and bolts meetings for the Downline to attend and fit into their busy schedule. If you decide to forgo standing order, you would probably fit better into a “prosumer” or “small business builder” category where you can buy wholesale if you like the products and do some basic selling if you wish. I would teach someone all they need to know to run a basic “small business” based on mostly the Amway side. However, without being on Standing Order, many people do little to nothing, become discouraged, distracted or simply have a harder time moving on without the additional motivation and training that is provided. These people typically have an employee mindset where if money doesn’t come in right away they lose their motivation. This even when they haven’t attempted to share the products with people or when their “Sphere A” group of friends and family don’t buy from them. From there they simply quit or fall out despite the Upline reaching out and trying to help and provide encouragement.

I have experienced this personally. At one point I had a prosumer who was all fired up – I gave them details on how to do everything they needed to do. I provided a “prosumer” intro pack on how to contact me and what they could expect from me to help them with their small business so that they could get help whenever they needed it and would know that I was there for them. I attempted to call them once every month or so to make sure they were ok when I never heard from them. Even after hitting the first step of their fast track bonus in their first month or two and earning their believers pin, I heard nothing from them and no calls were returned. Even when people’s expectations are set for a serious business builder or a small one, without regular contact with positive, motivating, uplifting input, its easy to just stop trying or caring and going back to one’s comfort zone because its easy to do so. Bottom line –  standing order is included with the process in regards to expectations, cost and reasons on why it is necessary, why it is a benefit and how it will fit into monthly overhead (See “The Process” in part one).

Keep secrets about your Upline from your Downline!

The mentality behind this concern is that the Uplines in the business are all trying to take advantage of you, profit off of your efforts and are advising you to do things that they, themselves are not doing or are willing to do. When you find out about these ‘indiscretions’ you shouldn’t tell anyone down from you because that will poison them against you and your Upline. There is a clear and defined process of dispute within W.W.D.B. that can extend all the way up to the management team. It states plainly – If your Upline is doing or teaching something that you feel is off base, morally wrong, illegal etc then go to your next Upline. If they are not able to handle it, continue to go Upline until the issue is aired/resolved. Is it advised to not go Downline with your complaints/concerns/problems? It is. If your issue is Upline, it makes sense to go Upline to deal with the issue. Going Downline will not solve the issue. How could it? Speaking Downline about said issues would be almost on a gossiping level in regards to its futility. It does nothing positive, but duplicates negative. What ability would any Downline have in solving the issue at hand? None! They wouldn’t even have anything to do with the source of the problem! On top of that it could sow seeds of doubt and begin to destroy any credibility that has been built which could wipe out one or a few of your legs that have nothing to do with the issue. And if you are having an issue with a policy, a teaching, etc would you continue to duplicate it and teach it downline? I don’t think so. As a leader – you take ownership and show your team how to properly deal with a situation you feel needs to be dealt with. But if you sit and gossip downline about an issue and don’t take action to go upline to resolve the issue or get clarification on it, of course your team will start doubting you, your coaches, heck even the business as a whole – and boom – you lose a few legs. And all of that because of one person or couple who may have made a mistake by saying or teaching the wrong thing in error and you could have simply brought your concern upline to resolve it. By going Upline you are dealing with the issue so that no one in your Downline has to deal with it. You take ownership of the situation. Listen, folks – This is reality and errors are made by people no matter where you go – no person, team, organization or company is immune from it.

The dispute process from what I have learned is that if you have a problem that your Upline will not address or you cannot resolve, you go above them. If the next Upline leaves you in the same spot, you go up again. Its like asking for a manager when your cell phone company won’t waive a charge off of your bill that you think is illegitimate and the front line C.S.R. cannot waive the charge. You go up. You escalate the concern. The same is available in World Wide. I personally have not had to do this at all since my Line of sponsorship is very clear, very fair, very accepting and very open to help us when I ask for it. Any “secrets” the Upline has would simply be their personal business that they should be working on for themselves and with their Upline. It wouldn’t make sense for them to share some negative stuff with you or me, would it? If it turns out that the friendship and trust that you built with your upline when you first went through the process has changed for the worse, you can be mature and get counsel and assistance from your next available Upline because its also in their best interest that both your sponsor and you move forward in the business. EG: if my Upline told me they were going through some rough times (and they haven’t for the record), why would that stop me from building my organization? I’m building this business for ME. Not THEM. By building it, does it help them? Yes. Just as I benefit from helping others. But the point is, if I got in the business for me – it would be unfortunate if my upline was having some issues, but that won’t stop me from continuing to build my team for me and my future. As long as they are not teaching me to do something against the law, against my faith or against my morals their issues are not mine. I would just probably not counsel with them about relationship stuff until things were back on track in that area. Do not follow someone who does not have what you want in a certain area of their life because they cannot provide you solid advice on it. That is a huge tenet of what is taught and spoken in board plans through this system.

You are told that everyone in your Upline is successful when they’re really not!

Others may have experienced this, but I haven’t experienced or witnessed it. Anyone who is on the board for a leg or speaking on stage is there because they have reached a certain level to have earned the right to do so. Do I know all of my Upline? Definitely not. I know the successful people in my line of sponsorship up from me because of their success and example in what they have built. Because they have built the business to the levels they have built it, they are credible sources to speak about the business. Would you listen to a hockey player in bantam minor hockey about how to run drills on hockey conditioning or a Stanley Cup winning coach? The answer is obvious. But at no point have I been led to believe every single person in my Upline is successful in the business aside from those who have clearly earned the recognition they have earned.

I’ll use me as an example – when my team is talking about me to their prospects at no point have I told them to embellish my success’ or lie about my accomplishments. I do not tell them to tell people I are retired because of the business because I’m not yet. I tell them they can advise people my business volume has more than tripled within the last year because it has (First year PV total for 2011 – 2012: 1084.16 PV vs 2012 – 2013: 3875.88 PV – we use the PV numbers since they are more conservative than the BV numbers). I have legitimately done that. Any edification is based on fact and truth whether I am the one being edified or I am edifying Upline.

Never question your upline!

That may have been insinuated to others, but that has not been a reality for me. In fact my Upline constantly hosts Q&A sessions after training night owls to provide additional context based points of view and advice. My Upline has consistantly answered all of my questions and concerns via Communikate when I need answers and they are not in town. Questions have always been encouraged. Its been through them that I’ve been able to learn. So this concern is not something that I have seen as a reality.

Credit Cards are bad! Don’t use them!!

Untrue from my experience. In fact I have been encouraged to use a credit card. Specifically one and one only. More than one shouldn’t be required. The Amway Mastercard provides bonus PV on every purchase used. So not only am I gaining PV via the regular means, but I do so with every purchase outside of the Amway products. So its even easier to create a solid first circle. Credit cards are not inherently bad and I have not been coached to never use them. What is bad is people who are not on a budget, who do not have their finances on track and use credit cards in such a way that it puts them backwards financially. In that situation, yes credit cards would be bad. But more clearly the problem is with the user(s) of the card. Not the cards themselves. As part of The Process a budget session is required so that the new IBO is able to fit all expenses of the business into their existing budget. That way excess money can go towards paying off debt, go towards savings etc. (See “The Process” in part one.)

You’ll be told to buy your suites and dresses only from the catalog!

We don’t have clothes available via Amway Canada so this wouldn’t apply to us up here. I don’t know if clothes are available for US or International IBO’s. However if you can get a good looking business outfit from your own store and get PV/BV (a.k.a. – Cash back via your % bonus on the 15th of the month from the Corporation) then it would make sense to do that, would it not? You will need to have a set or two of business clothes if you don’t already and if you can get a bonus on it, wouldn’t you do that? If Moores or Tip Top Tailors etc said they would give you points towards increasing your % bonus which translates to cash if you bought there would you buy it from there? I’m pretty sure you would. Now – if there is no PV/BV and you can get a good deal on some business clothes locally or elsewhere then that would be fine. If the catalog price is equivalent, why would you not support your corporation that is giving you the opportunity to make a good chunk of income as you grow? Whether you do or don’t in this scenario doesn’t really matter as the fact is, I have not been told to shop in any one place and I regularly see a wide selection of different suites, ties, skirts,blouses, dress pants etc worn at every function I go to. So, the choice is yours. No pressure here.

You will be told everyone who doesn’t join up, including your friends and family, are losers!

Others may have experienced this, but I have not. From a personal perspective, anyone that I sponsor has our direct focus on what they are doing and how they’re doing it so I can coach and help them when they come to me for advice/coaching etc. What anyone else outside of them does is not our concern. As such I do not judge and I do not coach our Downline to judge either. I have not been coached to judge by my Upline. In a situation where an IBO’s friends or family doesn’t support them it gives the business owner freedom to move on from that friend or family member. Is it disappointing? Yes. Frustrating? Yes. But at the end of the day, the business owner will be the one leading by example. There are many stories of hugely successful people in the business where their friends and family still won’t go into business with them or even buy a product from them. It is not the end of the world. I have been coached by all levels of Upline all the way up to our Upline Crown to love on our friends and family whether they get it or not. Period. No judgement, no accusing, no hating. That is what I have experienced, that is how I have responded to my friends and family and that is what I continue to teach and have been taught. Period.

You have to get all of your friends and family involved with the business.

You most certainly do not! You can build an amazing business without any family or friend involvement. Once again it goes back to the two main sphere’s of influence you have. One is with the people you know, the other is of people you do not know. I encourage and have been encouraged to get out of the first sphere as fast as possible. Our expectations are set that most friends and family are not or will not be supportive right off the bat and after one grand opening or friends and family plan, there’s no need to pester, bug, bother or otherwise harass someone who isn’t willing or wanting to make a change or look to other means to create a secondary income. If there are some that wish to enter a process to learn and eventually get into business – that would be like a cherry on top. But it is not coached that you must go after everyone you know and alienate them.

You’re told to be your best customer and that there is little selling involved! If the products were great everyone would buy them anyway and selling would be easy!

You will be your best customer. If you owned a Starbucks, why would you go buy a coffee from a Tim Horton’s or a Waves across the street? You wouldn’t – this is business ownership 101. Would any of the Walton’s buy something from a Safeway when they could get the same thing from a Wal-Mart? Definitely not. You are in business for you. Your profit. You want your business to profit so that you can profit from your business. If you won’t buy from you, why would anyone else?

In regards to the concern that “there’s little selling involved”. Most people cringe at the thought of selling anything. The whole door to door experience isn’t something anyone would sign up for. I know I wouldn’t! No one wants any part of that. So the fact that you do not have to sell very much is a bonus and benefit to many of those who are afraid to share products with others. (And no, door to door is not required. It’s optional if you really wanted to…..but not required) The fact that there is a basic selling rule is good to have because you know that the opportunity is legit and this is not just a wholesale buyers club. I have been taught to purchase products, the majority of which I already use, from me instead of Costco and Walmart. I do so at retail pricing. “But…but that pricing….!” Pricing costs will be addressed in the Amway Concerns section. I purchase at retail so that my business profits – not Safeway. Safeway will not give the markup on our toothpaste back to me in the form of a cash bonus on the 15th of the next month. That cash I get from my purchases on items my girlfriend and I need and use daily pays for a portion if not all of my monthly costs to run my business. Depending if I do decide to sell more than I need to, I can get a higher retail sales cheque, but 50 PV is the legal required amount to cash in on Downline volume, which is fair. This basic switch of shopping from them and buying from me and selling a small amount of products is the basic building block of the business and it helps cover my monthly costs so a smaller and smaller amount comes out of my actual chequing account.

With little to none of my job income being used to cover business costs as I get higher bonus’, that leaves more money to pay off debt or go towards savings. This way it is fairly easy to only have to pay out of pocket for major functions if you’re only doing a small 50/150 first circle w/no downline. Those costs would quickly be covered from your business’ income as your organization grows leading to larger bonus cheques. This is what I have seen by buying all of my products at retail pricing. The costs are included with my budget that my Upline helped me set during “The Process” based on my current job income. It was part of “The Process” to show me how this business could be worked into my current life/income situation and not become a negative factor into it. By being my own best customer I would be able to speak positive about and be an ambassador of the products I use. People are not stupid. They see through fake, flaky people. Now, I’m not a sales guy. Never have. I’ve hated it. But, the small amount of products I do have people buying from us – I know all about why I like them and how they work. If I don’t use them, how could I sell it to someone else let alone demo it? When you know first hand how your product works, how good it is etc, you are easily much more enthusiastic about it because you know it works, smells, or tastes good etc. It also allows me to make correct suggestions to our downline and potential customers as to what products may be good for them and what may not. It allows me to be honest with the people I do business with and that’s how it should be done and communicated. Personal use is a huge component of the business because everything starts with it. That is why it is taught. My line of sponsorship just teaches that buying retail is the way to go because that will help fund your business. The BOV shows wholesale savings, but that is used to simplify numbers when providing a prospect with basic overall details when viewing the plan.

You are told that everything is tax deductible! You’re encouraged to be using the business as a tax shelter! I hope you don’t get audited!

My friend told me this as well when I was putting him through a process and mentioned the tax advantages of business ownership. At no point have I been told everything is deductible. When I was advised to keep all of my receipts for business related purchases and activities, I did. When it came time to do taxes, I asked Upline what to do since I had yet to ever do this before. World Wide has a .pdf explaining how to keep your write offs/receipts for business purposes neat and organized and what sections to have. Examples: Auto Expenses/Gas Receipts – Mileage –  Business Meals – Business Support Materials – Public Transportation – Demo products/business gifts to prospects (momentum boxes) – Donations – Entry Fees – Office Supplies – Photocopying/Ink – Postage – Subscriptions (internet/home phone if used for business purposes) – Hotels/Accomodations and so on.

Now forgive me if I’m wrong – but that would seem like any business owner in any industry would have those available as write offs. Since I am a business owner, that means I do as well. At no point have I been encouraged or coached to write off something that was not being used for business. The teaching has allowed me to keep very good records and all receipts with descriptions as to how they where used for business so that if there are questions as to why I wrote something off 3 years ago, I could confirm why. And because it would have been for business use, it will be legit. I personally beat to death the importance of having receipts and taxes in order so that me and my Downline can get the most out of what we are legally obliged to as business owners but also to avoid a lot of hard, long work putting the whole tax packages together come February/March. I learned that lesson the hard way after my first year. From my personal experience in my first year as a business owner (2011 – 2012) – Even if I had made no money via wholesale – retail sales or Downline bonus’ my tax refund would have covered all of my expenses for the business ie: Premier Membership/Communikate/Digital Delivery (Standing Order)/Major Function Tickets/Local function admission/Personal Development books and additional tools for the year. Because my first year was basically only personal use and a small amount of sales with no Downline bonus, I basically broke even give or take a hundred or two up or down due to out of town hotel room rentals for two functions. If I had budgeted better (which I hadn’t) it would have been a bit better for me.

That example,however is based on no Downline volume, little retail sales and my own personal use. I didn’t hit the first bonus 3% bracket until November of 2011. Since that time I’ve been able to increase our overall volume and have started to build a team with the personal growth and help of our Upline and World Wide. As I’ve grown this past year the amount of bonus’ have gone up with the same amount of business expenses based on a comparison of my last years tax return vs the one we have prepared to file for 2012. Everything that I have filed or will file is directly related to business expenses. Period. I have been coached this and that is what I coach as well. Now, if someone purposely chooses to lie about what is used as a business expense, it is a personal decision. At no point is it recommended or advised. And that person unfortunately will need to be careful if they are audited. If I did that, I couldn’t blame World Wide or our Upline if I got in trouble with the CRA. That would be my own stupidity for doing that. If my Downline decided to do that, unfortunately it would be a bad choice. But not one that I or anyone Upline from me has ever encouraged. If its being encouraged I would recommend counseling further Upline on that.

They will tell you to put pictures of your dreams on your walls and fridge!

Oh no! Seriously though – I fail to see how this is a concern. The whole point of this is to keep your “why” in front of you. It continually reminds you why you are building this business. At no point is anyone told that the business is easy and will not require work. In fact they are told many times before they even start that this is not a “get rich quick” opportunity. It is a challenge and at times during any challenge when it gets hard its easy to just give up and quit. People quit at things every single day. This business is no exception. The dreams on a fridge or on a wall or in a car are reminders as to why you’re pushing through the unfun parts of the process of growing the business. Do you have to change a whole wall into a dream wall? I personally wouldn’t do that. If it helps you though, then go for it. If all you need is a picture frame on your desk at work, that will do as well. Everyone is different with what helps keep them motivated and in the game. This concern is looking at this coaching as that its “weird” to have goals and dreams visible to you. Is it? If so, why? If its a picture of a yacht you want, or a beach in Jamaica on your fridge next to your kids pre-school drawing – that doesn’t seem weird to me. But we’re different. We personally have a whiteboard at home with our list with a few pictures and goals and dreams on it. I have a picture on my desk at work. That’s what works for me. Nothing weird like having a whole wall of magazine cutouts. You do you. Not more, not less. But the point is, if you forget what your dreams and goals are, why even waste your time doing this in the first place? Seeing them regularly will help you remember what your wants are and why you’re getting out of your comfort zone to do this thing. Its not that weird of a concept after all if you break it down. And if you think you’ll do fine without it, then like I said earlier – chew up the meat (take what helps you) and spit out the bones (ignore what you don’t think will help you at this time).

“Major functions! Nothing is more important than going to a major function! Leave your kids! Quit your job! Go into debt! Do not miss a function!” – they’ll tell you so that they can make money off your attendance and brainwash you!

Are major functions deemed as important? Yes they definitely are. They are outlined and explained to a prospect during The Process (see part one) . They are advised during the process just what the cost of these functions are and the dates they happen on so that a person can plan for them ahead of time. That way they can fit it into their work schedule (not have to quit), so they can budget for it (not have to go into debt or use credit cards negatively), so they can plan to have someone care for their kids while they are away or make arrangements for childcare in the city the function is at (kids are cared for). “The Process” makes those concerns null and void because they are addressed beforehand. So the other issue many malcontents have is the purpose or reason for these functions. Some will say they make money off of you for coming. Others are concerned for your well being and feel that you are there to be brainwashed. So lets look at these `Major Function`thingies.

Major functions are held 3 times a year with a fourth local mini – major function. There are general themes to each –

Dream Night in January focus` on the importance of dream identification, dream building and goal setting for the upcoming year. Speakers are generally Diamonds and above that have successfully built the business and they show and talk about some of the material benefits the business can provide based on what they have been able to accomplish. The idea is to start the year with your dreams and goals firmly in mind. Just like with millions of people who make new years resolutions, Dream Night is a motivational start to the year to get your visions and goals identified. If you don’t know what you are working for or towards, you won’t put in any work or effort, true? It aims to get you to focus on what you want to accomplish throughout the new year in your business and the speakers will show what some of the material, and non-material benefits are that are available when we start moving forward. Like having breakfast in the morning sets you up for the rest of the day, Dream Night is designed to get people to start their business year off on the right foot.

Spring Leadership is a learning and training themed event with motivation mixed in as well. Outside speakers such as Dr. John Maxwell and Frank Luntz have previously done talks as well in regards to leadership, people skills, communication skills and so on in regards to improving people`s ability to move forward in the business. Speakers which are usually Diamonds or above ( I can`t remember off the top of my head if any Emeralds speak) cover topics in regards to mindset, attitude, leadership training, communication training, importance of daily habits, utilizing Amway correctly etc.

Family Reunion is partly a learning event but also partly motivational. It highlights some of the lower pins that are moving forward and succeeding. These would usually start with confirmed Golds, Platinums, Platinum Plus, Platinum Elite, Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds and then Diamonds who are downline from the Diamond/Crown whose Family Reunion it is. You may think that family reunion is a weird name. And considering the function is business based, I would agree. But what this function is, is essentially one big organizational open for all of the leaders under one of the more successful Crowns/Triple Diamond/Double Diamond or Executive Diamonds. A “Business Family” reunion, as it were. It highlights that regular every day people are moving on and really making this thing work. Sometimes its hard for anyone to try and relate to someone who is really successful – like the CEO of a major corporation or a high profile professional athlete. Its hard for us to bridge that gap mentally and see ourselves up on stage doing that or getting there. Family Reunion brings everyone downline from a major leader to one function to highlight the success of lower level leaders who are beginning to take those steps to move forward in that particular organization. Many people know these leaders more intimately than they would an Emerald or Diamond because that leader is working with them directly or is closer to where they are in the business. And that relatability is a huge motivation as it can provide a huge belief that lower pins can do just what these other leaders are starting to do. With these lower pins speaking it also can act as training as to how these lower level leaders got to where they are from 0% Bonus bracket to the stage.

F.E.D. – also known as Free Enterprise Days is the last major function of the year. The focus is on freedom – both personally and financially. Other focuses are on patriotism and the thankfulness to those who have fought and died to keep our countries free to allow people like us to have “ordinary lives” and take advantage of being able to utilize a ‘Free Enterprise” economic system in our respective countries. This is also where new Diamonds are recognized with both training, and motivation spoken of from stage by Diamonds and Above for the first evening and second day. Double Eagle Rubies to Emeralds speak on the last day to once again, bridge that gap with lower pins that sometimes diamonds can’t bridge due to their higher level. It also helps motivate middle pins as they are growing and gives them a taste of speaking from stage and what it is like to have the spotlight on them.

These are the ‘details’ of the functions. I’ve mentioned the main focus’ of each of them. But just reading about it here in no way does it justice. Its like reading an experience about someone going to a professional sporting event or a concert. You can never compare the experience of being there versus reading about it. Most people would agree that being at an event in person is a much different experience than hearing about it second hand. Its the same with these functions. You have to be there to experience the impact the speakers and the event can have on you. As I’ve shared with you, the content itself is not brainwashing. Not even close! Its personal experience, training, success principal, education and motivational speaking. If this was brainwashing you could say the same of ANY seminar that people pay to go see like a Tony Robbins or a John Maxwell conference. You don’t see people losing their minds screaming “Brainwashing!!!” towards those type of scenarios. But it is claimed here even though similar content is provided. The difference with these W.W.D.B. functions is that there is a vehicle for the attendees to apply their learning to.

One of the questions I’m asked by people I’ve taken through a process is, “Why? Why would we need to go?” Once again the personal experience is more impactful in so many other ways when seen in person and experienced in person. It needs to be experienced to be understood just like seeing a concert live vs hearing a recording – aside from a lot of logical stuff you get there like the training/motivation/education and all of that stuff. Once again, the cost of these functions and dates are all set before a new business owner starts so that it can be ensured they can afford it and make proper arrangements well in advance. The experiences at these functions can help the person in their personal development, expand their belief in the opportunity, provide education on the business and how to build it correctly. It also allows people to get around positive association who will encourage and believe in the person when they might not even believe in themselves at that point in time. As a cherry on top, these functions are held in large convention halls that hold 2,500 people at the lowest to coliseums that hold 10,000 or more. W.W.D.B. has a full audio and video crew that provides an amazing production value with live music and bands that can perform during intermissions to light shows to video productions placed on the big screens of the building. The production value is top notch lending even more credibility to the quality of World Wide.

You will be encouraged to miss kids/friends/family events for your education/training/motivation system and your business!

I am willing to bet that the majority of working people, myself included, have been forced to say no to one or a few of those things due to our jobs. Many times I have had to say no because I was scheduled to work and couldn’t throw in a vacation day in time, or I couldn’t get a shift trade or I had to work early the next day. I’m willing to bet a lot of people have experienced that. But no one will ever complain too much because if a job is forcing them to be late or miss something, its ok. They’ll understand. But when the choice is made freely to go to a board plan or a seminar or function for this business – it automatically is a cult, a waste of time and a personal offence to the person who is running the event. That sure escalates quickly, eh? Now why is that? Simply because most people do not believe that this venture will result in any positive gain. Maybe they know someone who failed at that Amway thing or lost money doing it or didn’t get the results they were promised. Maybe they read some negative blogs online or something…. who knows? As such it hurts that you are choosing your business and your future over them in this instance. A job though, well they know you get paid every two weeks and so you need that to survive so they can let it slide. Or that you have to get that commission or close that deal, so they’ll get over it. Or – if someone stops going to family things or reduces how much they go out with friends because they are training to make the team or practice to be the best at their sport…..or maybe they are rehearsing for their performances…..any of these things are acceptable when it comes to missing family events or friend events. Everyone understands why they won’t make it. Except for when someone prioritizes this business because they see it as an option to get their time back so they never have to say no ever again.

When we take someone through “The Process“, they are educated on what it takes to build this to a successful level. Hard work. It needs to be prioritized. If it is not, the time they do spend would be wasted because it will take much longer to get the results they are wanting from it. The same is expected of any successful person at a high level of business/athletics/performing/artists etc. They had to prioritize their craft and miss out on things that were not as high of a priority. Have you found out how many party’s, events etc an Olympic or professional athlete skipped out on when they were training to reach the top of their field? But that’s still ok even though there is no guarantee they will reach the pinnacle of their field.  It would be safe to say that if a construction worker goes to work for half a day throughout the course of the project from start to finish, it will take a lot longer for the project to get finished from start to finish. The only difference, this business is done voluntarily. The business owner can choose to get to board plans, to do meet and greets, to get to major functions etc. At a job, you are forced to be there and do what you need to do or you are fired. Period. Whether someone chooses to work until 67 or 70 or whatever the retirement age is being increased to, or they choose to build this on the side for an additional 10 – 15 hours a week – they will be leaving their friends / family and loved ones no matter what. That is an inevitable fact. The difference is, this business, which is voluntary has the potential to create an income that will allow the person to not have to work anymore. It can provide the ability to allow someone to actually choose what they want to do. Working a job, you’ll get a decent pay, I suppose but you’ll still have to be there every week outside of your allotted vacation time for 40 or so years. You can leave ’em to feed ’em or stay with ’em to play with ’em. Only one thing will allow you to do the latter.

For every prize there is a price. 10 – 15 hours on top of what you do now per week for approximately 2 – 5 years is the price. During the process (see “The Process” in Part One) this is laid out so that the person looking at this business can know what to expect. Ultimately they choose whether they will prioritize this business or not. And that’s the hard part. That which is not a priority, will never realize the full potential of the results.  Once we launch someone, they know what needs to be prioritized. But we cannot force them to do so. All we can do is encourage and support at that stage. But there is no surprises or wool pulled over any eyes as to what the price will be beforehand.

You’ll be told that driving the miles, little sleep,less time to have fun is a part of “paying the price!” and the paying of the price is glorified!

There are leaders who have driven miles to show a plan or serve their Downline. It is a price they had to pay for their success. That was how they built their organizations. Have I been told I have to do that as well? No. Outside of my 2 Upline plans per month and the one World Wide function per month, anything else is considered supplemental and not a requirement. What is required is mentioned as part of the 10 – 15 hours per week that are explained in detail in The Process (see “The Process” in part one). Now if there is an opportunity in your time and budget to get to get around some other markets and great association – I have been encouraged to do so. It was not demanded of me and I wouldn’t have garnered less support from my Upline if I didn’t. If I financially couldn’t afford it, I would not be encouraged to go into debt to do that. If long and late driving to a far away town to service our Downline was going to be a result of sponsoring someone far from us, we would counsel and confirm if that was something I could afford to do. If not, then it wouldn’t make sense. Right now, our Upline flies to serve us and do training and plans. That was the responsibility they took and the commitment they made when they sponsored me and other couples out here. What price you pay to build the business outside of what is set during the process is your choice. Where you develop your team is your choice. If you don’t want to drive far? Build your team local. If you’re in a small town though, you may not have a choice. That’s something to take into consideration when you are going through a process. If you go to a late night training session after a plan or function (termed a Night Owl for obvious reasons) that is your choice to do so. The benefits of doing so are different for each person. But it is not demanded. Recommended or encouraged at times? Yes, because there is a benefit. What that benefit is to you would be up to you after you experience it. Everyone is different.

Most people fail at that sort of thing! Only a few make it big!

If I had a young son who had a dream of making the NHL and some person came up to him and said this directly to my son’s face, I’d punch him. Not for being incorrect, because it is true. But for raining on my future son’s parade. For attacking his dream. You don’t do that to people. People who have not done or are not doing should get out of the way of people who are trying. It would be my job and my future wife’s job to educate my son on what he would have to sacrifice to make it to the NHL. We would set his expectations on how hard he will have to work to get a chance to make it in that game. It is not for some other person to come along and belittle his aspirations. They may be doing so in a goodhearted way, not wanting him to be let down or hurt if he didn’t make it but, once again, that would be for us to deal with. In almost any arena of excellence the amount of people who “make it” to the top or are “the best” or are in the “upper echelon” are much fewer than the rest of the population.  When you look hard at a person who is a professional performer / athlete / business person / tradesman etc what is it that sets them apart from all of the rest of us Joe Blows? Work ethic is usually the first big point. Ability can play some part in it depending on the activity but mostly its hard work. The ability to not give up and continue moving forward even when they don’t want to. Ask any high profile person of any occupation – why did you succeed  – and most tales of success are of overcoming. Getting through the hard stuff. Not stopping when it would have been soooo easy to do so. They had encouragers, supporters, someitmes none of those. But each time they either told themselves or had someone believe in them to encourage them to keep going. The tough part is, this business in of itself is hard. It requires a lot of personal growth and development. Inward looking to learn about who we are, why do we do what we do, and how we can improve ourselves. Increasing our self belief that we can do more and deserve more. World Wide and the positive association in it are, at the base roots an organization of encouragers. The books on the booklist and the audios all do this in one way or another.

I know of thousands who went to get post secondary education. They quit. Does that mean that college or university doesn’t work? No, certainly not. We see many people persevering and not quitting to get that degree or masters. (Getting a job in their field of study however, is a different story) I’ve heard tonnes of horror stories of bad professors and teachers who were downright terrible in their attitudes, marking, teaching ability etc. Does that mean that post secondary is a horrible place and all teachers are bad? Well not all of them are like that….right? I had to buy 250.00 – 300.00 text books for every class! I could barely get any value when I tried to resell them! When I quit some of the classes I was taking at that time I couldn’t get any refund! What a scam! Does this sound familiar at all? Now we all know that University’s and Colleges are not a scam. But anyone who quits out or had a negative experience somewhere can go and blog about it. How many successful grads are on blogs explaining how their shiny new degree is going to change their lives? No – they’re busy moving on with their lives. Lets now shine that same light on this business and training system. Some people may have not liked their teachers (Upline), does that mean everyone who is an Upline is bad? Some people quit out of the business for a multitude of reasons – they didn’t like the course material, they didn’t like the curriculum that World Wide teaches….any reason will do when quitting – does that mean that Amway and World Wide Group do not work or are bad? The first time that I went into business in 2005 I had to utilize and buy tools to run my business and go through education materials to begin my personal growth and education of the business and when I quit I couldn’t get any refund! What a bunch of scammers!

See what I did there? Here’s the reality for me in regards to what I have experienced and witnessed. Firstly my best friend since grade 5 and his wife both created an ongoing retirement income before they were 27 years of age and they are currently in Diamond Qualification which will be finishing up in the next month or so. They have helped at least 6 people go Platinum when the reality is a lot of them are higher than that. Under that foundation there are many many more whom have retired one or both partner’s in a coupleship, many have paid off large amounts of debt. Since I have been in business in this organization alone I have been aware at least 5 – 10 retirements crossline from me and there are more that are very close as of this typing. All of them are under the age of 35. I have enjoyed watching many crossline increase their pin levels as their business’ are growing. I have seen a small growth in my own organization that has come along with my personal growth. All around me I see positive examples of people making this business work. Just like all of those successful graduates who don’t go on blogs about how amazing their new degree or master’s are, they are focused on continuing to grow and move forward in their lives.

Have I seen people quit or not move forward? Yup. Just like when I was in school. It will happen in any arena no matter what people do. The question you need to ask yourself is – do you focus on negative outcomes? If you see negative or hear of negative do you automatically assume that this is what will happen to you? Or do you get excited that there is an opportunity that can work if you put in the required effort and you decide to make your own outcome and not let others dictate what your outcome will be? Anyone can get a degree if they put in the work. However in this day and age there is no guarantee that a job will be available for them afterward. Someone can put in “work” in the business and not see results right away – even after 5 years or so. But the results here are based on someone still going out doing the work and trying to make something happen. Whereas someone can have put the work in to get a degree but they have to get permission to get hired – they cannot control that. They can only control how hard they pound the pavement. There are no guarantees in life whether it is building this business or in getting a job in your field of study after you get a piece of paper stating you are certified to do something. Period. If you live your life looking for a guarantee, you won’t find it.  Hopefully that tongue in cheek analogy made some sense.

I was a 4000 pin / ruby / emerald / diamond and you don’t really make money in this thing until you hit 4000 PV!

Now, I honestly cannot say what another person has or has not done, or how much they happened to make or not make. I have no right or ability to verify that. I can go into what I have witnessed and seen with my personal business. My example will be based on bonus’ I received in the months of June, July and August of 2012 in Canadian Dollars

  • June 2012 – My total payout was in the amount of $98.50. This was broken down into $15.48 based on the 3% PV/BV bonus bracket and $83.02 from my wholesale to retail on client sales and personal use. (3% is paid out to businesses who have at least 100 PV total with 50 PV of that as client volume. W.W.D.B. teaches to run 100 personal PV and 50 PV client volume as a minimum as a way to be profitable A.S.A.P.)
  • July 2012 – My total payout was in the amount of $170.72. This was broken down into $55.04 based on the 6% PV/BV bonus bracket and $115.68 from my wholesale to retail on client sales and personal use. (6% is paid out to businesses who run a total of 300 PV, 50 minimum of which is customer volume. 50 PV does not have to be the maximum and the rest can be made of of extra client sales if the business owners wish.)
  • August 2012 – My total payout was in the amount of $268.97. This was broken down into $88.68 based on the 9% PV/BV bonus bracket and $180.79 from my wholesale to retail on client sales and personal use.  (9% is paid out to businesses who run a total of 600 PV, 50 of which is customer volume.50 PV does not have to be the maximum and the rest can be made of of extra client sales if the business owners wish.)

So what does that tell us? Wholesale to retail can go up or down based on how much we have used and what we have sold. W.W.D.B. teaches to at least run 50 PV customer and 100 personal – the 100 personal can be made up of more client volume but 100 PV personal is very easy to do as long as there is a personal budget in place. Keep in mind the minimum sold was at least 50 PV of client volume or else I would not be able to enjoy the additional bonus % on our group PV/BV total. My goal is to not be busy. As such my personal usage went up to strengthen my first circle and move more of my shopping to my own store. I still hit around 50 – 60 PV of customer volume. That’s not what makes this business work. You can be a salesman of anything and make a good amount of commission. The hard part is recreating those sales over and over and over again. I’m not in a sales business. Its necessary, but I want to do the least amount necessary and spend time with my partner, our families and my team that I`m helping. So what you want to notice is that as the percentage went from 3% to 9%, the bonus for the PV/BV increased over 5 times! That is awesome! This example was based on only having one active leg downline. If I had 3 legs duplicating this you would probably see the wholesale to retail amount being around the same every month since I`d be shopping the same amount from myself every month and I’ll have the same amount of customers using the one or two things they like. So the personal use and selling would stay normal aside from some fluctuations here or there. But as the number of legs grow and duplicate the example I have set, that PV/BV % goes up and up as does the bonus right along with it!

Now if you remember further up in the “tax evasion/tax shelter” concern section based on my numbers I had stated if we had done nothing at all, my legal tax return that was used strictly for business purposes covered 90% of the cost of running my business and utilizing W.W.D.B. resources. So if that happened doing nothing….you start getting a few solid legs duplicating a solid first circle of 50/150, those PV/BV % Bonus’ will just keep jumping from what we have seen with my bonus which I shared with you above. And with that happening, my business is paying for itself and then some. If my PV/BV % bonus jumped 5 times with one leg duplicating a 300 first circle, I get excited at what that would have looked like with a few more legs.

Like I said – I can’t speak to what other people have experienced – but these are the numbers I have ran and experienced right along with the amount I was paid. My team below us saw the same jump in their PV/BV when they jumped bonus brackets. You may look at this and laugh – $268.87? Thats nothing! Thats pathetic! Thats not even one of my car payments! No, its probably not. But you know what? If I told you, you were going to get an extra bonus on your next paycheque for over $250.00 would you be happy about that? A lot of people at my job get fired up when their quarterly bonus comes to 250.00! With a regular first circle you could do that every month. And as you grow that 250.00 will go up and up. And that’s what I`m excited about. People who are wealthy are not interested in money attained for an hourly rate. They are interested in exponential growth. Its not about the amount of money you make per hour. Its about the kind of money you make that increases without your effort. And with this, you’ve tapped into a source of money that can double and triple as you teach, encourage and lead other people to believe they can create that in their lives and show them how, then help them achieve it. Only once they start achieving do you start earning. Helping others first before you benefit….quite the concept, eh?

They force you to buy tools and resources and tapes and CD’s just to make money off of you. That’s where the REAL money is made!

How many successful people are there in the world? Many of them. When these people become successful, some of them move on to create their own academies or schools to train others. People go to learn and train under these people because they have a track record of success.They have done what they have taught. They know what it takes. If you could learn how to paint from a community art class at the rec center down the road or have a choice to be taught by a famous and successful artist at the museum down the road which would you choose to learn from? I think the answer is obvious. Now what if there was a cost for these lessons? Most rec centers will have a cost for the class to cover the cost of the class leader and the cost of the room. So if you didnt care about art that much you probably wouldn’t pay and you would go on about your life. But if you were really interested in learning, you would make it a priority to pay for the lessons. Now, if that class down at the museum being taught by the world famous artist was the exact same price as the rec center, which would you choose? Once again – obvious answer. But lets say this was an actual real situation – would the cost be the same? Or would the class at the museum be much more higher than the one at the community center? It most certainly would be. Why? Because of who the tutor is. The tutor is experienced with creating a high quality of paintings. If you want to be good, you learn from those who are good. Do you think an NBA basketball player plays pick up ball during the off season with guys who just play for fun? Good lord, no! He’ll play with other guys of the same caliber. Iron sharpens iron. To get good you have to learn from those who are good. When you’re good you have to get with people who are better than you because they have what you need. Knowledge, experience, the ability to challenge you because at one point they were where you are now.

So if you are a successful person would you give your time away for free? If you look at a successful leadership expert like a Dr. John Maxwell or a life success coach such as Tony Robbins et al – these guys are at the top of what they do. Hundreds if not thousands of dollars are paid per person for a weekend seminar. And not one person complains. Not one person feels it is a bad investment because they are learning from the best of the best in that field. In almost any industry there are weekend seminars that people go to to continue education in their field to increase their knowledge and capabilities so they can be better at what they do. These cost hundreds of dollars. When I was younger I was involved with an elite basketball program. We played against and practiced against other elite players which cost extra to get around and go to. When professional teams get ready for the season they have training camp far away from their home town. To get away from all of the distractions and get around other high level players and coaches who will push them to keep them at their best. At no point would anyone think any of these things are weird! Ever! Yet, when people who are successful in this industry look to be compensated for their teaching, their training, their resources that they took time to create – everyone cries foul! “No way! They’re exploiting people! How dare they ask for payment for service rendered!” If professional development was exploitation then how come so many doctors, teachers, accountants, CPA`s and many other professional people don`t lose their minds when they have to pay to keep their skills updated by going to conferences and seminars? They don’t. Because it isn’t.

John Maxwell has a large amount of books he has published on leadership. Now, because he got paid for it from the first person who bought a book, should everyone else get it for free? A band who creates an album, should they only be paid for it once? Of course not. But yet the idea of these successful leaders getting a profit off of their knowledge, their training, their teaching is totally unacceptable. Like their experiences and relevance in how to help others build this business means nothing. If I’m going to learn how to make money in this industry I will want to learn from someone who has made a lot of money and is successful. Period. I want to listen to someone who has the results to back up what they’re saying. At the end of the day, my best friend was free at 26 years old. He had results that I didn’t. So I’m listening to him. He listened to other people above him and that helped him get where he is. Payment for audio, books etc is simply payment for a service rendered. Nothing more, nothing less. There are so many people who demonize this and will look at me saying these things logically and call me brainwashed. I don’t know – I always believed that people deserve to get paid for their work, knowledge and experience. I would want the same, wouldn’t you?

Costs of functions are easy to understand. I don’t know what the going rate for a coliseum or arena rental for a weekend is these days, but I’m willing to bet it ain’t cheap. Cost of a Dream Night is like $70.00. The ticket would probably pay for the room and pays for the cost of dinner and the A/V crew. Anything that is left over after costs are covered, if there is any, I believe would go to the speakers. They are taking time away from their families to be there to speak. Any other high quality speaker would require payment because they have created a demand for their knowledge/experience. Same for any other high quality speaker who is successful on a topic. Spring Leadership and F.E.D. would be the same cost at 125.00 – 150.00. Tickets would go towards the cost of the arena rental and the payment for W.W.D.B. production crews who run all of the lighting, audio/video, ticket collection etc. Whatever is leftover from that would probably go towards the speakers who once again are providing a service. They are sought after for their knowledge and experience on the subject matter. Like any other speaker should they not be paid for their time? John Maxwell does talks all over the world. Is he a jerk for not doing them for free? /rhetorical question

Family Reunion is anywhere from 260.00 – 280.00. Ticket would cover all of the same costs as Spring Leadership and F.E.D.but also includes hotel accommodations for one night + 1 dinner and 1 breakfast. We’re not talking fast food / continental style either.
So when you break down costs of putting on a function that is in a coliseum or an arena – compare that to how much tickets are for your average concert. How much for a professional sports game? How much for U.F.C. or for a highly touted boxing match or a W.W.E. event? I know Canucks games are over 100.00 per ticket even for nosebleed seats. And that’s just for one night. Not even a weekend. When you really break it down, it kind of makes sense where the money would go, doesn’t it? Any other tools outside of major functions cover costs for the creation of all of the resources provided – Web tours, Business Overviews, Marketing Materials, Audio etc. Anything left over would go to pay for the staff that created the materials, did the recordings, produced the CD’s etc. All of these potential costs are fit into a new Business Owner’s budget before they even launch via “The Process“.

Well, I think I’ve addressed a lot of the major complaints and concerns I’ve seen mentioned through the various negative blogs and websites about us World Wide Dream Builders. I may have missed one here or there but at the end of the day my goal was to look at these complaints and concerns and to answer them with my personal experiences of W.W.D.B, and the people I have met who are apart of it. As I said in Part One, this is just a blog. It does not and should not hold any credibility unless you and I have met personally. And if we have not, I encourage you to go through a process on your own with your potential Upline. Meet the people in person. Get around the people. Check out a few board plans. Get your questions answered and see how the plan works for yourself. An intelligent person gets all of the information before coming to a decision. This should not be considered credible information unless you have met me and my partner personally and we are taking you through a process. Once you get to the end of a process, then make your decision for you and your future. Any point before then and you’re moving forward without all of the relevant info and you don’t know what your life could look like in 2 – 5 years.

In the next section I will be doing what I did here and will shine the same light on our servicing company: Amway Canada. I will go over my experiences as to how they, as a servicing company have served our needs and play devils advocate to some of the negative stuff you may find out there. This section can be reached by clicking on this link.

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