Function Aftermath

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What an amazing function. I just got back from Spokane, WA a few days ago where I enjoyed Leslie Wolgamott’s 2014 Family Reunion Major Function. The weather was absolutely fantastic! It made for a really smooth drive with a lot of great tunes and great views on the road.

More importantly, the speakers were ridiculous. Completely, utterly amazing. Family Reunion’s tend focus’ more on Platinum – Emerald speakers as it allows some of the up and coming leaders a chance to grow and experience more larger audiences to share their experiences, their hardships, their challenges – how they overcame those challenges and their victories.

The caliber of the Platinums and Rubies were simply fantastic and were significantly impressive up from last year.  Each year there are more new IBO’s who are showcased at the platinum level and above. Its awesome to hear their views and their mindsets in how they have grown. The platinums – Emeralds were followed up with some great insight as well as teaching from Diamonds Scott and Cris Harimoto, Tracy and Kimberly Eaton andd, of course, our upline Diamonds. Crowns Brad and Julie Duncan were guest speakers and Leslie Wolgamott finished up and was nothing but heart.

I’ll share some great thoughts I got from some of these amazing speakers to finish the post. However, as always – I’ll remind everyone who is looking at this opportunity not to trust random people on the internet that you have never met – me included! You don’t know anonymous sources and bloggers personally – as such anonymous people shouldn’t get your trust – period unless you meet them personally and they earn that trust. That goes for opinions about WWDB/Amway as it goes for anything on the internet. But most importantly, get educated first and make sure your potential sponsor takes you through a qualification and education process. If they’re trying to hype you up and sign you up, don’t do it! You can find many other potential mentors who will be happy to educate you correctly and put your goals first.

Hopefully everyone is enjoying their summer and not getting too sunburnt out there!

– C

“The basics of the business are easy. Consume your own products? Thats easy. Earning a few customers? After learning and getting coaching, it’s easy. Once you have done this, you can effectively teach it! That’s it! That’s very easy to do. What is hard is that life stuff / financial issues / time management / relationship issues / employment issues / life distractions knock people off track. WWG is in the business of helping people fix that so they can focus on the easy stuff to make their business work. Amway doesn’t help with that! They help with the products, paycheques and warrantees! We help with the life stuff so that people can make the Amway business work. ”


“When you make a choice, all other choices need to fall under that original vision. If those subsequent choices do not fall under the original choice / vision, then that’s a character issue. The person is saying one thing but not following through. To be successful in any business, venture or even in life, you must be consistent!”


“You don’t choose your future. Your habits choose your future for you.”


“We’re here to show you and tell you you can do something versus everyone out there who is telling you that you can’t!”


“I’ve seen too many victories on this stage to let defeat have the last word in my life.”


“I’d rather have freedom than be let go by my employer for free.”


“You are a product of your past but not a prisoner of your future.”


“You are not your vocation. Stop setting your self worth and value based on what it is that you do instead of who you are.”


“Wouldn’t you want to do more than just live for your days off?”


“The program from K – 12 and beyond teaches you to have a full time job and a part time life.”


“You’re always fighting in life. There’s no way around it. You’re either fighting for something, or against something. Which is it for you?”


“I wanted to be a door opener. Not a doormat.”


“God / The Universe doesn’t put adversity in your life to victimize you. They put you in a position to overcome so that you are then equipped and able to help others to overcome.”


“You must have something in your life that you would die for. Once you know what that is, live for it every single day.”


“Faith is taking the first step when you can’t see the entire staircase.”


“We are all ordinary people dedicated to living extraordinary lives.”


“Whenever we hear about someone who is handcuffed in life (figuratively) its almost always because of lack of time, lack of money – or both.”


“You don’t go Diamond. Nobody “goes” Diamond. You become Diamond.”


“One of the biggest challenges for anyone starting up in this business is changes and re-prioritization.”


“When you start with ‘why’ you’re doing something, all of your decisions from then on become easy.”


“‘Why’ defines a clear decision making filter.”


“Material can motivate. A cause can unify.”


“‘Stuff happens in everyone’s life. What’s important to remember is that it’s just a setback – not a go back.”


“You can’t help everybody. But everybody can help somebody.”


“I didn’t want to just increase my standard of living. I wanted to increase my standard of giving!”


“Triumph is simply the ‘umph’ before the ‘try’.”


“There are two driving forces in everyone’s life. When the driving force is a need – a person will do just enough to meet that need and get by. However, when the driving force is a vision or a passion, that person will do whatever it takes to reach their goal.”


“I don’t know one single person who ever woke up in a cold sweat wanting to build the Amway business. I do know that there are tens of thousands of people if not more who wake up in the middle of the night wishing they were free.”



Wolgamott Family Reunion 2013

Another Family Reunion has come and gone. It will have been my 3rd so far and what a fun, impactful environment to be in.

We started our drive down nice and early Friday morning and got into Spokane, WA at around 12:00pm local time from Vancouver. Unfortunately after enjoying a full month of sun up in BC, we ran into our first rain. Thankfully, Spokane got more beautiful as the weekend went on.

I have to say, World Wide keeps getting better and better. They are significantly improving the WWDB apps that are available to all IBO’s. Access to all audio, function calendar, streaming directly from the phone apps on iOS and Android will be implemented within the next month. So not only do they provide everything, but they keep giving us free stuff to help build our business and my premier membership has not gone up in price. More free stuff – no increase in cost. That’s awesome. They keep improving the tools they provide us, adding more features and functionality and have not increased costs at all. Pretty cool, folks. I wish cell phone companies and other places took a page out of World Wide’s book.

All in all, we had a great weekend. Even with jam packed days and a night owl, we got lots of good sleep and just got slammed with great speakers starting with some awesome input from Platinum pins on Saturday. The night finished off with Scott and Cris Harimoto, our friend’s and upline Diamonds, Tracy and Kimberly Eaton and the night finished off with Brad and Julie Duncan. Sunday was all Diamonds and Brad Duncan with some solid teaching to finish off the Function. Leslie Wolgamott sent us out and the way things are going, they’ll be using more of the Spokane Arena next year. The attendance year over year has steadily gone up and up. Indeed,last year the Spokane Opera house was sold out and they had to move us into a bigger venue. There’s a lot of great things happening, a lot of people recognizing this opportunity and moving on and making it work. Hopefully you’ll have done credible research and not trusted a random blog online if this opportunity is legitimate or not.

I’ll finish off with some points I took away from the function that really hit home for me and I’ll have some pictures taken from the trip as well.

Here’s to another awesome 90 days!

~ C

  • Time is the most expensive thing I’ve ever purchased.
  • The broker people are, the bigger temper they seem to have and the more skeptical they are.
  • You need to get around people are wanting to help you move forward instead of getting around people who want to help you get drunk.
  • “Can’t” is the brokest word in the dictionary. Why not look into why or how you can.
  • Be stubborn with the vision and flexible with the path. Not the other way around.
  • A lack of money provides selfishness.
  • The most costly advice is always given for free.
  • What’s the point of doing good work if the work doesn’t do any good?
  • Your old thinking will not get you to a new place.
  • We should all try to live before we get too old to.
  • In a relationship you can be right or you can be happy.
  • It is belief that powers your dreams. Without belief, your dreams will never be realized.
  • When I got together with my partner it wasn’t my goal to spend more time with my job than with her.
  • Winners never quit, quitters never win.
  • Why are riches only measured in money? What about association? What about marriage quality? What about time?
  • Challenges are relevant to your self image. Your self image will help determine what challenges you can overcome.
  • As your vision grows, your options shrink and your choices to accomplish your visions become easy to identify.
  • Higher pins quit because they’re in the business for money. They aren’t doing it for time. When life happens and their double eagleship, platinumship etc loses a leg, when the money goes, so do they instead of putting in the correct parameters to have a solid foundation so that they aren’t depending on one or two legs.
  • This business is built at the speed of trust.
  • We do not prospect, we impact.

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