Wait, Wha? Not Another Diamond Couple?

Just a random post regarding a current WWDB couple who are in Diamond Qualification – Ty and Vanessa Crandell based out of Jamaica – mon! Connected through the David Shores’ Diamondship up to Brad and Julie Duncan’s Crownship.

Based out of Jamaica – this couple is amazing. I have heard various audio recordings of this couple and I get jacked up every time I hear them.

Within one year of our good friends and upline reaching Founders Diamond in the Amway Buisiness with the support of World Wide Dream Builders – Ty and Vanessa Crandell is tearing it up as the next upcoming Diamonds to qualify. As I have had the privilige to learn, they are – at minimum! – 3 / 6 months of their Diamond Qualification as of this posting. It is only a matter of time as they inspire and encourage many more to grow their own assets through World Wide Dream Builders the right way.

Best wishes to them and all of their team as they grow and become yet another amazing example of how World Wide Dream Builders is providing mentorship in growing people which in turn grows business’ the right way.

– C


Spring Leadership 2013

Just a quick little post here with some pictures from one of eight Spring Leaderships. Its absolutely great to see the growth that’s happening. Calgary (which is where we attended) saw its attendance rise for the third year in a row and the overall amount of Major Function locations also saw an increase.

This year Spring Leadership was held in Calgary, AB – Spokane, WA – Las Vegas, NV – Denver, CO – Minneapolis, MN – Washington DC – Honolulu, HI and lastly Jamaica!
The overall growth is exciting. The only way there are more function sites are if there is growth. More and more people seem to be grabbing hold of this opportunity and making it work which is fantastic to see.

Considering it was May we were blown away to have a freak snowstorm roll through Friday evening – Saturday. It was coming down hard! It was crazy for us because we had come from Vancouver where it was 26+ degrees the whole previous week. We got a good laugh from it.

Below you’ll see a couple of pictures from our experience at the Calgary Spring Leadership. As I finish up I’ll state what I always do – if you’re looking at this opportunity make sure you’re being taken through an education and qualification process. Build a bit of a trust and friendship with the person taking their time to go over everything with you. The basis for any partnership is a trust and this opportunity is no different. If your potential upline is trying to rush you or not go through a process that takes anywhere from 4 – 6 weeks, chances are you won’t be prepared properly at all – which is where you hear a lot of those horror stories from from your Aunt Anna Or Uncle Joe. Hype up / sign up is never a good thing. So, get to know the person showing you this opportunity, get your questions answered and be prepared to answer theirs as well because should you earn an offer, they’ll be putting their time and resources into helping you grow your asset.

Best wishes in the upcoming summer!
– C


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Losing In Amway – 2013 $$ Retrospective

Quite the interesting title, yes? Well, I chose it specifically to get the attention of people who are specifically looking for “Negative” on the anonymous interwebs about the Amway business opportunity. Why would I do that? Well, as mentioned in my previous post about a month or so ago, I’m here to share with you how much money / dollars / cash / dinero / moolah someone who does barely anything with their Amway business would lose. Wait….did I say lose? Oh dear…..my mistake. I apologize. You see, I’ve been fortunate to have been mentored and coached by World Wide Dreambuilders. Based on what they have taught me, even though I barely had any increase in my overall organization (ie: I was pathetically lazy, didn’t put any work in and barely increased the size of organization – #sadface) AT THE END OF IT ALL I STILL DID NOT LOSE MONEY!

How that can be when some of the most hardcore negative website posters out there will say EVERYONE loses money in Amway is a total mystery, apparently. Well, unlike those other “sources” I’ll do what I did last year (see: https://transparencyofadreamer.wordpress.com/2013/04/10/wwdb-and-amway-cost-2012/ ). Share with you my operating costs of running my Amway Business, share the costs of utilizing the WWDB (World Wide Dream Builder) training and mentorship system and how over the course of the year I came out IN THE BLACK. And the scary thing is – this is just me doing barely anything in the business. Ask any traditional business owner how much their overhead was and be prepared to wince.

I share these details because I believe it can help provide some perspective when people end up seeing so many multiple “opinions” online from “anonymous” sources. Anyone who goes through an education and information gathering process with a potential sponsor would see and be educated on what I’m sharing with you now in reference to costs of running the business. Maybe not in the first one or two meetings, but definitely before you launch. I also share this because I don’t see any other “sources” who claim to be “ex-Amway distributors” accurately discussing or sharing monthly resource costs to run the business within the past few years to present. That sure adds credibility now, doesn’t it?

But for now, the point is that even for the most low activity business owner, if you do what is taught, stay diligent with your personal finances, you will not go backwards. Please see below for the actual breakdown of expenses. Expenses are for myself as one IBO.

So: with that said – lets get to the numbers, shall we?

Communikate: (Toll Free 1-800 number access / voicemail / voice messaging service / conferencing solutions / Fax services / dedicated email)
Monthly cost $36.95. Yearly Cost = $443.40
– Side note this did not increase in price over the last year.

Digital Delivery: (Unlimited access to WWDB audio library featuring training / teaching / motivation for direct streaming and .mp3 download for use on iPod / Smartphone / mp3 players on the go)
Monthly cost: $25.00. Yearly Cost: $300.00
– Side note – this did not increase in price over the last year. 

Premier Membership: (Hosted and created website, personal web training / prospecting website, free iOS/Android apps, free guest tickets for major functions, training utilities, discounts on personal development / training books, discounts on training tools)
Monthly cost: $49.95. Yearly Cost: $599.40
 – Side Note – this did not increase in price over the last year.

Current Totals: $111.90 /month. $1342.80/year.

Major Functions
Dream Night: $70.00 (includes catered dinner) / (No increase in price over the past year)
Spring Leadership: $125.00 (no increase in price over the past year)
Family Reunion: $250.00 (includes catered dinner / breakfast / hotel room for 1 night) / ($10.00 increase from previous year)
Health & Beauty Product Seminar: $25.00
Free Enterprise Days: $125.00 (no increase from previous year)
Total Cost: $595.00

Major Function Hotel Costs
Varies by location. Average $150.00/night X 5 Nights = $750.00
(Increase of approx $50.00/night over previous year due to industry costs / increases)
(2 Nights for Spring Leadership / 1 Night For Family Reunion / 2 Nights for F.E.D.) 

Business Support Materials (BOV’s / Web Tours / Books / CD’s for prospects etc)
$20.00 / month X 12 months = $240.00

2013 total Cost Run Down:
Communikate: $443.40
Digital Delivery: $300.00
Premier Membership: $599.40
Major Functions: $595.00
Major Function Hotels: $750.00
Business Support Materials: $240.00
Total Business Cost: $2927.80

Lets bring it all together here, folks.

Total Cost To Run Business: $2927.80

Just like I said last year – “Oh No! I’ve been scammed! I’ve lost money! My upline lied to me! I didn’t put in any work to sponsor anyone this last year and its everyone’s fault but mine! The business doesn’t work! What a total scam!!!”

Hold on now Mr. Negative – Due to running my own business in a country that incentivises business owners to run their own business I received tax benefits that entitled me to a refund for the 2013 year. Add profits from retail sales and volume bonus’ and at the end of year, with all incoming funds combined, you wouldn’t lose money.

Don’t get me wrong, if you look at cost to run the business vs barely running a 50/150 business you could run at a loss. And a loss is a loss – there’s no beating around the bush about that. Before a tax return, you may not break even if you do not do what is taught. But one of the benefits of running a business is being eligible for legal tax write offs to run said business. If I only got my standard return of 400.00 – 600.00 from just my regular job (its what I got before I was in business), then I would have to agree with the naysayers that it definitely is possible to lose money while doing what is taught. However, my point is that while a tax return cannot considered income, my overall bottom line from incoming funds from running my business overall and at the end of the day / year did NOT put me in the red. That is my point which runs completely counter to word on the internet street. Any funding to pay for running my business on a monthly basis to give me the tax return that I received was worked into my monthly budget so as not to go backwards in my regular finances. That, and the monthly and weekly income Amway paid me went directly towards covering the costs of running my business. So – bottom line = payments to me from running my business in total from Amway Bonus’ / Amway Retail Payout / Legal Business Tax Refund – I didn’t go backwards ultimately even with a “technical” loss.

I maintain that anyone can lose money in Amway if they are not taught how to budget correctly, how to track their business expenses and ultimately if they do not stick to their budget. Above I’ve shown how the breakdown can work if someone is diligent and on top of their affairs. Period.

After all the numbers came in for 2012 I was in the black. This year, I’m in the black even moreso. Am I happy and excited that I barely grew my business this past year? Absolutely not. As I said above, I’m a bit embarassed. I’m counselling with my upline regularly for coaching to improve myself to grow my organization – but ultimately it was my lack of action this past year that restricted my growth. In spite of that, not only did I NOT lose money. I was further ahead than I was last year.

Oh of course there is a bit more of expenses to be sure.
4 regional seminars/ rallies per year = $80.00.
6 Organizational Opens = $60.00
Total = $140.00.
So now I’m in the black a little bit less. Oh my good lord, no! / sarcasm.

“What about gas to drive to your meetings / plans?”
Excellent point! My gas for business / personal usage is included with my normal paycheque gas budget I set for myself on a bi-weekly basis much like food and bills etc. As such, it’s not a seperate expense. Thank goodness for WWDB and my upline to teach me how to budget properly so as not to go backwards in my finances! I had to follow my budget though.

“What about the coffee and food you buy at your starbucks meetings?”
Very valid question! Yes, there may be some extra costs associated with doing a Meet and Greet at local coffee shops. However, like I said last year – if I had purchased hundreds of more dollars in coffee and snacks for Amway Meet and Greets – I would be in Silver Qualification by now and my Amway payout would be MUCH more. The unfortunate truth (hence my blog title “Transparency”) is that I barely had any meet and greets or sit downs to expose this business to people this past year. As such, my expenses were quite low. But, its good to know that I had A LOT of breathing room based on the overall outcome of the cost of running my business.

So, as I wrap up I hope I made my point very clear – you will not lose money running your own Amway Business powered by World Wide Dreambuilders…. IF you are diligent with your finances, and if you don’t blow your budget your coach sets with you. You WILL lose money running your own Amway Business powered by ANY training system IF you don’t have a budget, if you don’t ask for help to set a budget, if you ignore your budget etc.

It’s never fun to publicly state that you didn’t really do anything with your business and barely grew. Yet, in spite of barely growing (only added one downline in 2012 and they added two downline in 2013 – I have hit 50/150 consecutively for almost two years now) I still came out on top. Better than last year, to boot. I did not go into debt to do this. I DARE you to ask any traditional business owner how much it cost them to run their business. When I tell someone it cost me under $3,000.00/year and they spent anywhere from $15,000/year to $500,000/year they want to throw up in their mouth. I know I would.

I have no employees. No stock. No warehouses. No utilities to pay outside of my home. I barely grew, but came out in the black. The hardest part, but the most financially rewarding is now to duplicate what I have done. As I duplicate, my profits will multiply. Thats the beauty of exponential growth. I can’t do that with my job at Rogers.

Finally – I will say again – if you have someone who is looking to show you this business, they should be taking you through some kind of education process. This process should be, at minimum 3 – 4 weeks. You should be given educational books on the industry, educational audios to listen to as you research as well as have multiple meetings to see the way the business works and to have your questions answered. Usually at the second or third follow up you should be given details on the finances – how much it costs. If your potential sponsor is affiliated with WWDB and is doing what they are taught, you should be educated on some of the numbers I shared above in regards to cost for access to your training and mentorship system.

If you get a weird vibe from your potential coach or if the person is going for a hype up, sign up on you and isn’t looking to get to know you over the course of 3 – 6 weeks – run away. You will find many better sponsors who will have your best interest at heart. A sponsor who has your best interest at heart will be happy to take the time to educate you, answer your questions and go over details over a 3 – 6 week process. Keep in mind – they will be wanting to make sure you are worth their time to help build your own business. And you won’t find any other business that will have people wanting you to succeed more than this one.

Summer is almost here! Enjoy the sun!

Best wishes,


Transparency – How Do You Filter Online Information?

This is going to be a VERY LONG POST. Please view if you have the interest or time to seriously research the motives/reasoning behind the various internet YouTubers, VLoggers, Bloggers, Website Owners that state that they have the one and only view on Amway/Amway Organizations (such as WWDB).

If you do not have the time or interest and are just looking for an overview or personal experience with WWDB or Amway, please view my other posts regarding our personal experience/reality of WWDB and Amway.

As you can see, the title of this blog is “Transparency Of A Dreamer”. Transparent generally means that there is nothing hidden. That there is an open honesty. Many times constituants of a riding of a political leader request that the leader of said riding is transparent with their views, their aims, their focus and their finances in the name of said riding. If that riding feels that the leader no longer meets or matches their needs, wants or desires, they are then removed from their office and a new person is elected in their place to represent their best interest.

Dreamer or “A Dreamer” would refer generally to someone who has their head in the clouds or someone that hopes for a better future. Thus, “Transparency Of A Dreamer” was coined. My focus was to admit that I am a dreamer. I hope for a better future. Something more for myself, my family and those close to me. And because of that, many may think my head is in the clouds.

Combining the two brings a result of my transparent and honest feedback and personal experiences on building the Amway Business utilizing the World Wide Dream Builder training and mentorship system while being “transparent” in my success’ but MOST IMPORTANTLY my non-success. As a dreamer I identify myself as wanting and desiring more for myself, my family, my friends and my associates. Thus – Transparency of a Dreamer.

When I chose the name of this blog I chose it because I felt that there was a lack of integrity and transparency in how information / experience was shared. I felt there was an existential motive behind each blog / each website / each vlog / each youtube video of how Amway and World Wide Dream Builders were being portrayed. I also felt moved to share my personal experience which seems to be completely different from what I see has been mentioned out there in the internet world. This was a big concern for me personally because my experience was COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from what I had seen on various forums, websites, blogs, Vlogs, and other forms of media.

With that in mind we need to start looking at point of view and motive. Anyone can create a blog or online web presence. Anyone can have a blog that they update daily to make sure they get the most hits on a websearch and anyone can have a Youtube channel about the “Network Marketing Industry” to go over why one opportunity is good or bad and why you should choose one over the other. Whether their opinion is correct, incorrect, or blindly fuelled by a personal motive, is very hard to tell or confirm in many cases.

Oh? You noticed I had bolded and italicizedpersonal motive” in the above paragraph? Good. Because that’s where it all starts. Personal Motive. The source of the information / blog/vlog/youtube channel etc.

From here I’m going to share with you what you will find when you do a straight up Google Search on “Amway”, ” WWDB”, and “World Wide Dream Builders”. With my “day job” work as a Retention Account Manager for a LARGE telecommunication company (Over 9 Million wireless customers across Canada and Millions of Cable TV and Internet subscribers) I regularly need to educate existing and potentially new customers on how to correctly filter the source of their offers / information from competitors so they can make the most informed choice for themselves and their household.

The key when looking into internet views / articles and opinions is the “Legitimacy” of their point of view / claims.

What is their experience with the subject material? Have they been an actual member of or have they attempted to achieve what they are giving their opinion on? Have they actually been successful at what they are talking about? Have they been unsuccessful? Have they even participated in the company or training system with which they are reviewing? This will play a HUGE part into why they have the opinion that they have and the point of view they share in regards to the subject matter. EG: If they were successful – of course they will be “pro”. If they were unsuccessful, of course they will be “against”. If they weren’t even a part of said company / experience – why would their opinion even matter? Once we take their standpoint into consideration based on their success level – the next step is “motive“.

Motive basically is the “why”. WHY is this person (he or she) posting this information / experience regarding Amway / WWDB? What is their purpose? What do they gain by taking their time, their effort or energy by posting this information / details? If they have something to gain, then their motive is more than likely financially based. We all know time is money. If, for some strange reason they gain nothing – then they are simply hobbiests or randoms who just have a general care for the public or gain therapeutic benefits from typing long blogs posts for no other benefit aside from health / stress relief.

Lastly we want to look at HOW they present themselves. Do they provide links to relevant sources and statistics? RELEVANT sources. Relevant. NOT OPINION. I repeat this many times because on the internet ANYBODY can have a YouTube channel OPINION, a Blogspot blog OPINION, a WordPress blog OPINION, a free website OPINION. Yes this means MY posts as well. Below you will see I am A Pro-Amway / Pro-WWDB poster. So I recommend you hold me at the same level of scrutiny of any other websites / blogs I mention later on. Do my sources have credibility outside of my personal opinions? Do I insult others? Do I intimidate those who do not share my opinions? Do I swear and make dirty remarks about those who don’t share my opinions? Do I use foul language to make any point I wish to make? Based on the way I share my thoughts would you be comfortable in talking with me face to face over a coffee or would you be afraid that I would attack you even if I don’t share your views? My goal is that you would be ok with sharing a coffee with me even if you hate Amway / WWDB with all of your guts because it seems I will still accept your opinion and your right to have it without insulting you, your intelligence, your past experiences or your opinions. My goal is that you would be comfortable in knowing I would not discount your personal past experiences or your view on my business partners and know I would not attempt to “recruit you” while playing at being “sympathetic” or “empathetic”.

As far as I’m concerned, I don’t judge anyone whether they like/agree with what I do and with whom I do it with or not. However, I do want to share my personal experiences so far because I feel a positive experience should be mentioned. But more importantly it should be mentioned with the right context in mind. When a scam or offence against others is perpetuated, I agree that others should be made aware of it to avoid a negative experience of their own. But I also am a firm believer that a firm context should be created vs a blind challenge.

So – since we’re looking at sources of information and motives lets start with me. It wouldn’t make sense to put others under any type of microscope if I don’t point it at myself first, ya? I believe in common sense and openness – so lets open up, shall we? For more about me –
View: https://transparencyofadreamer.wordpress.com/about/

Now – that is a general overview of my past experience with Amway and WWDB leading to the last few years.

Let me clarify details about myself as the source/motive of this blog / post.
View: Pro-Amway / Pro-WWDB
Legitimacy: Amway Business Owner since Jan. 2011 to present. WWDB Premier Member since Jan. 2011 to present. Personal site at http://www.gingersolutions.com or at http://gingersolutions.mychoices.biz (hosted via WWDB).
Business Level: Founders Belivers Pin almost 2 years straight + additional consecutive months to today’s date (Mar – Apr 2014 as of this post)
Highest PV Bonus Bracket: 9% BV over our organization + Retail / Personal Use Volume.
Personal Width: 1
Depth: 2 wide on one sponsored leg.
Business Cost Breakdown (How Much It Cost Me To Run My Business): https://transparencyofadreamer.wordpress.com/2013/04/10/wwdb-and-amway-cost-2012/

This is our current organization to date. No – it is not impressive. No – I have not retired from my J.O.B. based on this foundation. Yes – I have created this organization over the last 3 years. NoI have NOT gone into debt to build it or keep it running. Yes – we have a business that has not shut it’s doors within the first year like the majority of other tradtional business’ out there. Yes – MANY crossline have outworked us and have out-earned us both down and crossline. Yes – our one downline leg has out-earned us on their BV Bonus cheque because they have out-worked us. No – We have not gone backwards in our life or finances or suffered because we are only at a 6% – 9% BV bonus level down one leg in our life or finances. Once again: check my numbers from 2012 on what it costs to run a business even with barely doing anything. In spite of all the doom and gloom: I came out in the black: https://transparencyofadreamer.wordpress.com/2013/04/10/wwdb-and-amway-cost-2012/ – I’ll be updating for the year 2013 as well once our accountant finishes everything up. Check back for that, too.

That is me. That is us – Ginger Solutions. Just one organization of many utilizing the Amway Business. Being coached by those in the World Wide Dream Builder System how to create a business that can be built without debt and that can be duplicated. And as we duplicate our example of a solid, debt free basic business, in time our volume bonus’ will duplicate and multiply.

I share these details so that when I make a comment or state my point of view, it should hold some credence compared to other online sources. This is an online blog at the end of the day and should not be taken as fact over a person whom you get to meet face to face.

This is my online blog and view as well as feedback regarding my experience regarding WWDB and Amway. As mentioned before, lets examine the other sources of these searches if you decided to use Google as a trusted source of information regarding this opportunity.

Google.com search: Amway
1st 6 results: some variation of http://www.amway.ca (I`m in Canada – you`ll probably get Amway.com)
2nd result: Amway as per Wikipedia.com – Amway history / details as edited by randoms on Wikipedia.
3rd result: Warriorforum.com – “Should You Stay Away From Amway?

Ok – amway.ca / amway.com – this makes sense considering the Google search “Amway”. Wikipedia results – that makes sense as well. Overall, these results are direct links and wikipedia is a general source all over the web. But hold up…..Warriorforum.com?

Warriorforum – right off the bat, you can tell this is a forum. An open place to create one’s own threads and posts. It also clearly states that Warriorforum is “The #1 Internet Marketing Forum Since 1997”. Just look in the top left hand corner of the webpage.
This clearly is a site or thread for internet marketing / hype up & Sign up deals.

Now – to be fair this post was created September 2013 and goes on to confirm that Amway is a reputible company and so on blah blah blah. Anyone can create a thread in a forum. Hell, I’m stating Amway is a reputible company online….so no big deal there! But as you look into this post you will see before any of this person’s actual post is a link that states: “Watch How I Make As Much As $8,354.44 – $48,833.00 In A Single Week Selling Other People’s Stuff.. The Easy Way!”

WHOA! RUN AWAY! WARNING! GTFO! STAY AWAY! Even Joecool would tell you to stay away from this. Right off the bat this poster is looking to get you to click on his link to enter your email address to get access to “100%” free video on how to make millions on teh interwebz! In the name of all that is holy please do not click on the link or enter your email information! This is THE VERY FIRST LINK ON HIS POST!! For god sakes! You’re looking on the web for reasons why Amway is a scam and you have found a forum post that is giving you random info on Amway that is telling you straight up to CLICK THIS LINK FIRST!!! And that link –  ladies and gentlemen is from a website called “hightrafficacademysecret.com”  Before you even look into this guy’s post about his OPINION about Amway he’s asking you to click his link first and give him your personal email address so he can contact you about how to make millions and you haven’t even met him! What in the blue hell!? Sooo yeah…there’s your first credible google search result down the drain. Oh….and before you close that window after you look over the random, mediocre review of how Amway works (no way to know if this guy actually contracts with Amway…..really credible m’hmm) you’ll find at the bottom of his post this quote:

“I hope you enjoyed this content. Now, I want to share with you a secret that teaches you how to get 100,000 visitors per day and how to sell other people’s products… the easy way! Click the button below to check it out…”

Remember what I had mentioned above? “MOTIVE?” & “WHO ARE THEY”?

The motive here, fine people, is very clear. Use Amway as a key word and try to get people to click the links to the poster’s videos to get people to get his training system / MLM program. Talk about Amway but yet have links to his own program / link affiliate program. Yes….that seems VERY credible as a source of information. Do yourselves a favor people….RUN AWAY. The motive is personal interest clear and clear. Gain attention and then redirect to a personal program that seems better. What does that mean for you – waste of time.

The next Google Result: Amway – The Skeptic’s Dictionary.

While the article has been updated as of Dec 2013(see the bottom of the page), the beginning of the article clearly states “This entry is several years old. Some of the information may be outdated.” It goes on to state that “Selling motivational products at motivational seminars is one of the more lucrative aspects of this enterprise.” 

This, ladies and gentlemen, is wrong. Plain WRONG. Any motivational seminars, functions, rallies, CD’s etc are done by individual training and mentorship systems which are not provided by Amway. Eg: World Wide Dream Builders(WWDB), Britt World Wide(BWW), Network 21, TEAM and many others. Amway provides a HUGE amount of information, accreditation and training sessions in and of itself for all of its business owners no matter which line of sponsorship one is a part of – and they do it for FREE! Many of these training outside training and mentorship systems need to be approved by Amway first.

Straight example: if you search Amway.com or Amway.ca you will NOT see any seminars or rallies available for purchase – either in a business owner profile or customer or visitor profile. There are no partner stores with which to get a discount on training and motivation materials. Disney products, car rentals or Starbucks products, yes. Motivational products, no. I do NOT get PV for having a counsel session with my downline at a coffee shop, or doing a board plan at their home. I do get a discount on renting a car through avis or budget though…

Further below this article mentioned “Here is a description from an Amway distributor as to how it works…”

So what that says, guys is that the author of the article doesn’t know how the Business or the bonus’s work – so they bring in another source. How come they are writing about a topic with which they are not directly involved or personally educated? So….how can they then be a credible source to tell you how the business works – positive or negative? They are using someone else’s description – and they say that directly!!
“However, I’m responsible for paying the bonuses of the people right below me”
How old is this article again? As mentioned I’ve personally been in business since 2011….I have NEVER cut a cheque for my downline. Amway does all of that for me. The article does document a personal correspondance to a Bob Queenan, but then re-quote to a 2004 article of Gary Elliot Murway confirm Amway makes payments. Throughout the article the author states they are not going to keep up to date with the numbers but confirms increasing sales as per wikipedia in 2010. Please ask your professor in your university course why Wikipedia is a reliable source for your mid-term and let me know how that goes….

There are different sources which this website focus’ on in general. Skeptcism / culticism with many different topics as per it’s main index such as: Alternative Medicine, Critical Thinking, Crytozoology. Logic & Perception, ET’s & UFO’s and such. If you wish to take the advice of an article author who uses 3rd party reference’s I hope you would do the same for all of your other decisions and purchase habits.

The next result for me (Based on a Google Search for “Amway” from BC, Canada) = The Globe and Mail article re: Amway. I posted this in my blog previously. The Globe and Mail is Canada’s oldest publication so you can expect that they have some credibility. Details at: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/economy/jobs/the-amway-generation-struggling-workers-find-new-calling-in-direct-sales/article15732077/

From there you have general Amway pages for their products but also a Forbes.com listing for Amway being one of the largest privately held companies. Forbes would be slightly credible I would think….see: http://www.forbes.com/companies/amway/ for details.

As you go on to page 3 of searches in Google you’ll see normal Amway type promo pages. But the big one on page 3 is the BBB. Yes – the Better Business Bureau. Because I’m in Canada I get Amway Canada which shows an A+ Rating. Check http://www.bbb.org/western-ontario/business-reviews/multi-level-selling-companies/amway-in-london-on-16796 for details.

At that point we’re getting to page 4 and onwards. After page 3 on a google search does anything really matter? Anything relevant? Yeah….

So next…lets look at World Wide Dream Builders through Google’s Eye’s.

Google.com search for “WWDB” brings up:

1st Result = http://www.wwdb.com – this is World Wide Dream Builder’s main website. It provides a basic overview of what WWDB is to guests as well as the login access to all WWDB members.

2nd Result: WWDB.am – this is Philidelphia’s Multicultural Radio Station.

3rd Result:Joecool’s Amway WWDB Experience
This directs to a blogspot.ca website. Eg: Blog. Blogs are opinions. A blogger can say anything and pass it away as fact. I am on wordpress.com – I am no different. However I will tell you straight up that I am no different and that my posts are to be taken with a grain of salt (unless I am taking you through an education process to learn personally). This specific blogger it seems from reading some of the posts will expect you to take their experience and opinion as total fact. They are coming across as if they expect you to have his results and experiences. That could be a challenge I would think considering you aren’t dealing with the same exact people he did. I know I haven’t. Based on the overall stance and context of the posts I see:there is 0% you will ever succeed and you will be scammed by your upline. OR if you become successful, you will become so only because you have scammed your team in the first place. Lastly it seems a complete given that you will lose all of your money and be told to do stupid things with the money you do have. Once again this is weird – I haven’t experienced any of this which I show through the number’s I’ve posted.

The current blog result for him came showing up from November, 24 2013 titled” WWDB wants your $ At Any Cost!”

“Other teaching from WWDB was how your family could skip meals to buy standing orders or skip your mortgage payment as banks won’t foreclose right away. That would allow you to attend the major functions. Can you imagine the nerve “

I have been taught to include Standing order, CommuniKate, Premier Membership into my normal budget so I don’t go into debt and all of my normal needs (food/gas/insurance/etc) budget is covered. My 50/150 pays for this cost of those all by itself. Plus these costs are tax deductible as a normal business. So I lose barely anything. And that’s before taxes AND my wholesale to retail payout from Amway and tax refunds. Proper budgeting as well as normal profits and tax benefits wipe out this concern. Sounds like this Blogger was coached wrong or couldn’t handle their finances well enough. Yikes. I wish I could blame my upline when I blew my budget so I wouldn’t have to take responsibility for my poor spending habits.

While some of this may have reformed over the years, I have been following the blog of a WWDB IBO who indicates to me that the teaching is still pretty much the same. I’m sure WWDB edits out some of the questionable stuff from their CDs to pass accreditation standards but the IBO’s are basically being taught the same stuff now as when I was an IBO.

Which blog is this please? Who is the IBO source or website? That would be a big help in determining legitimacy. What lines of speeches on audios are being cut in the interest of time vs. content quality? There’s quite a lot of anonymous vagueries insinuated there. I could do that too. I could say how there’s a great blog from an Amway IBO who’s retired young out there who has helped me learn more and move forward. Ask me who and I wouldn’t give you details though….well….not voluntarily….yeah…

An IBO has been in disucssion with me and he has yet to deny any of what I have mentioned here…

And I’ve been in discussion with an IBO who has retired at the age of 26 years old. One day before he turned 27. And his wife walked away from a teaching job at the age of 24. He happens to be my childhood friend and is in Founder’s Diamond Qualification. His wife is my partner’s direct mentor. She is also in Founder’s Diamond qualification. Sooo…..who is this blogger’s  secret ominous contact again? Anyone can drop names. Anyone can say they have a “contact”. While my mentor’s are HUGE to me and my partner – on the interwebz – anyone can have a “contact”. There’s 12 year old kids on YouTube and facebook saying they’re friends with famous people for goodness sake. Come on joe…step your game up.

These folks will say they are your friends and mentors but all they really want is your cash. If these leaders were so great and such good examples, why did a tenured leader like Wolgamott walk out on WWDB? Why do they sell their downline voicemail? Who the heck needs voicemail these days?

We’ve had one leg in business with us for about two years now. They’ve since become more profitable than us. We’ve shown regular house plans for them without EVER expecting or asking for payment. And we never will. How is it that we’re after their cash again? Please explain….

Oh….also referring to Mr Brad Wolgamott. The gentleman who made some bad choices and left a family to tend to a Double Diamondship without him. But of course the general google searcher person wouldn’t know the history or situation behind that would they? How informative of the author to speak out of context and advise their huge reading public of the impressive job Brad’s ex-wife Leslie was doing standing tall owning and running said Double Diamondship all by herself, adding a New Diamond couple and putting new couples into diamond qualification….oh wait….he didn’t mention any of that…he is either seriously out of date and thus not a credible or educated source or he is purposefully sowing misinformation. Pick one. Considering he is not currently even in the business, it would make sense why some information doesn’t match up or was omitted. I would hope it is more out of ignorance than purposefully sowing misinformation.

The point about “selling voicemail” was quite interesting and mentioning just using a free service like YouTube. So why wouldn’t I create a group Youtube video to answer a personal question for one downline? Yes that seems VERY efficient, doesn’t it? Well, to be honest I don’t do that because recording a voice track in Sony Vegas, rendering it, then waiting for the upload to my private Youtube channel takes A LOT longer than pressing a button my cell phone, recording a quick message to an individual person and sending it to them I guess. Plus they can then press 2 buttons on their cell phone or with their computer mouse and forward that message to their team instead of re-uploading to their Youtube channel or asking me to add their team to my private permissions. It’s also easier to than making sure everyone gives me their personal email address to add to my permissions list and making sure they add their downline and they add their downline etc etc etc. As our team grows, that would be insanely inconvenient for everyone involved.

Dear god….does this person even know how Kate works or is actually used on a daily basis to communicate with multiple team-members or with a private interactive message? Do they even know how long it takes to render a video in Sony Vegas or even Windows Movie Maker let alone upload it to YouTube and then set the private permissions for a whole group / team? Clearly there are some issues with their knowledge of how to use current tools to run a team. Kate lets me talk with people privately with a touch of my smartphone. But….to be fair this was November 2013 when this guy’s post came out. Oh wait….myself and MANY other crossline and downline business owners were already using free apps on our Android and iPhones in early 2013. Yikes…..someone was way off base and in no position to make comments on the perceived lack of value in CommuniKate.

Whew. OK….whats next? A Wiki page on wwdb radio station in Phili again.
And then?

Oh! Another Blog on Blogspot.com! ” Amway – The Dream Or The Scheme”
This sounds nefarious. Alright – so whats our motive? Whats our source?
Post is from Thursday, Sept 10, 2009.
2009! What the heck! This guy has been posting Big Bad Amway stuff since 2009?
Yikes. He must be serious. OK, who is this guy anyway?
Author – Joecool.

Wait….we just went over a blog post from this guy in November 2013. This is another blog from the same dude from 2009!? Talk about dedicated. I have to give props for that. He’s definitely stuck with this for over 4+ years or more. He definitely has a hate hard on for this business that’s for sure.

So….whats his motive for sticking with it for over 4+ years or more? Well, we can say he has a sincere moral compass and concern for the general public which is admirable. However something seems a little….well….inky. This gentleman either has a VERY well paying job, or his wife makes a lot of money because so far in 2014 he has taken the time to publish 42 unique negative posts about WWDB / Amway in 2014 alone. That’s equal to  just under 14 negative blog posts/month. Wow!

You gotta be getting some sort of kickback from THAT much activity. That’s like a negative blog post every two days every month.! Where does one get that much time on top of a regular job and having friends over and going out with family and work and so on? Is it a relaxant? A stress reliever? Goodness Gracious! I just found more in this one blog. The same guy runs MULTIPLE NEGATIVE AMWAY BLOGS! Oh my! So not only does he take a majority of his free time blogging about hating Amway and WWDB, he does it multiple times on multiple seperate blogpsot blog address’s as joecool! Holy crow! Hey, I’m passionate about what I do and what I stand for….but for cripes sake if I don’t have any business meetings or functions when I get home from work I’ll make dinner with my lady, check my Kates, play some PS3 and get my reading in for the night before bed. This dude is hardcore loco with a hate hard on for Amway/WWDB.

To be straight up – if you look at this objectively – if you have a person running a slime campaign on not one but MULTIPLE “blogs” on an almost daily basis – you have to see that something is up. You don’t post THAT much or spend THAT much time posting online smear campaigns just because you want to protect the “poor innocent” people of the world who can’t check the FTC or BBB on their own. That just reeks of fishiness.

Why is it not a surprise that this actually seems to be this gentleman’s main job it seems…

Yeesh….this is tiring. I’m used to forwarding a customer to just one or two competitors websites to help them do their own research but these random blogs are like throwing out a lot garbage out to the general public with misinformed opinions, insinuations that all people and experiences are the same….my word. No wonder people don’t know what to think when there’s so much subtly and dishonesty.

Mm’kay – whats next – “Married to an Ambot”. Well, this should have at least some more credible experience than Joecool’s thoughts one how I’ve been taught to run my business since this person was married to an Amway distributor.

First view is that this person is directly connected to joecool also through Blogspot. So once again, this is all personal experience and opinion based wih a possible tie in / colloboration deal with other anti-Amway bloggers.

….Wow. I feel dumber for having read the first post / link. It linked me to an article dated August 19, 2013. So, to get updated I ignored the post and clicked the title to get to the newest post dated Mar 20, 2014. Does this person even have vocabulary? Over 15 swear words throughout the post – Fuck / Fucker, Asshole, Bastard, Bullshit, Shitface etc etc etc. I don’t know about you…..but if I wanted to be taken seriously by anyone on my point of view on subject…I sure as heck wouldn’t need to belittle myself so much as to resort to swearing and cussing. That’s pretty unprofessional, and if one of my colleagues or managers at work talked the way this Anna Banana did – they would be fired pretty darn quick. I certainly hope she doesn’t speak that way normally in real life because that definitely is not a way to get your concerns across in the real world.

Another interesting thing I noticed with this blogger is that she has posted at least 34 times since the beginning of 2014. Once again, this person seems to have a very high amount of extra time on their hands to be a 21 century keyboard warrior. Once again, this blogger is connected with and advertises joecool’s multiple blogs as well as some other blogs (though they don’t post nearly as as much – more a hobby level like myself).

Once again this turns out to be not so much of a coinsidence….

So what we have are two very serious bloggers who constantly criticise WWDB and Amway on almost a daily or multi-weekly basis. I’ll be honest….I haven’t created a big enough side income with my Amway business to walk away from my regular job yet. I have a full time job. I have a regular life outside of Amway and work. I barely have the time to post on this regarding my experiences. Sooo, how is it that these people post SO much? They clearly prioritize it. But why? How does it benefit them? What’s the motive behind it? As I said, I find it hard to believe that these people are putting in mutiple paragraph blogs in every second or third day out of the goodness of their hearts. They have lives, families, full time jobs…..or do they? Who knows? These are just blogs after all. Who knows why these guys are saying what they’re saying and saying it every second or third day like clockwork like they were being paid or something.

The next google page has my blog on it. I don’t post on a daily basis. Or even a weekly basis really. Sometimes not even on a monthly basis. I have a full time job and I build my business on the side along with my regular social life. So it makes sense that I wouldn’t show up on page 1 of the google search like the other try hards.

So….the next Google.com search would be for the full “World Wide Dream Builders”.  What do we get?

Well, the first result is wwdb.com which makes sense.
Secondly, we have an article about “Living The Delayed Life with Amway” by Matt Roth.

This article was taken from “The Baffler #10”. I had never heard of “The Baffler” before. So I did a quick search and found out that “The Baffler” has been a printed and online magazine of art and criticism which has been around since 1988. So it has some tenure to it. So, how did this article stack up to my experiences with the Amway business and WWDB’s mentorship system?

Not too well, to be honest. For being #2 in search results it’s a pretty old article. Originally published in “The Baffler #10” which premiered September 1, 1997 as per Amazon.com.

I’m sorry…..in 1997, I don’t even think a Palm Pre smartphone existed yet. Maybe some of the first Blackberries….possibly.What I have been taught to do by my mentors and coaches and how I run my business is so far removed from 1997…Holy crickey guys I was still in high school in 1997!!! I can’t even begin to try to describe it. This is almost 20 years ago. 17 to be exact. In my normal job, technology and terminology from over 15 years ago don’t even exist in the telecom industry for TV, Internet even home phone services. Don’t even get me started with wireless / cell phone. This shouldn’t even be in the top 25 – 50 results. 1997!?!?! Are you serious!? This is pathetic. Any other search for any other request that got a 15+ year old result would be scoffed at and disregarded. Yet people may take this seriously? Yikes….I’m scared for how people research things if they fall or a 17 year old article and think things are done the exact same way.

Next we have my blog from there. So…..what does YouTube say?

Thankfully Youtube is a lot more easier to see through. Video reviews and VLogs of people’s experiences of either Amway or WWDB. The majority of which are actually offering you tips and tricks on how to build the business if you’ll just sign up with their newsletter or even get sponsored with them. Others will tell you how they were scammed or just that it didn’t work for them. For the personal reviews, to each their own. But the ones that are most up front are the ones that claim to do a full review of Amway or WWDB who aren’t even an Amway IBO! And then they look to get you to sign up so they can help you make tonnes of money. Run away folks! Don’t even take your time up! If someone cannot or will not meet you face to face and educate you on this opportunity over a 4 – 6 week period, you cannot build a half decent friendship or trust with which to go into business with them. Period! You wouldn’t go into business with someone you didn’t know, so why would you even take the time to listen to someone you’ve never met online? Its sheer lunacy for goodness sakes!

Whew…..that was an insane marathon. My whole point here was to show you what you would generally find with a generic Amway or WWDB search and to help poke holes in the main negative blogs you’ll see out there. Why should I be credible? I’m not saying I am. I could be a liar just as much as all of those other guys. Here’s the difference – they’re telling you that they know best, that their experience is iron clad. I’m being honest that I’m a random dude online and that instead of listening to them or me, you should be skeptical of a person offering this to you. That also means being open to getting information and letting someone give you that information over a 4 – 6 week process. Get your questions answered, be accountable, ask questions, take notes and more.

How do I present my information? Do I rely only on my own experience? Or do I link to credible officials sources as well as the experiences I claim to go through? The Globe and Mail, Forbes, The BBB and more are littered throughout my posts / blog. I actually share pictures of my experiences as well.

At the end of an information and qualification process what have you lost? Nothing. You will have paid no money, you will have been given a few free drinks or even some free snack bars and other products over the course of the few meetings. You can still walk away without losing anything. But if you have built up even a bit of friendship and/or trust with the person who is showing this to you, you will have your hands on the greatest opportunity of a lifetime. But get through a process first. Don’t jump in until you trust the people showing you this opportunity.

I’m excited for where we’re going. This past year with barely any growth in personal width we still increased our profit 54% over last year. I’ll be sharing numbers here once I get our tax return back just to confirm again, that you can’t go broke in this business if you’re responsible and you listen to good coaching.

Until the next post, be wary of the sources you see online. Be wary of their sources and their motivations. Hopefully these details and information will shine some light on the negative online “community” for what it is. Just two or three blogs connected to each other (and sometimes themselves)trying to cause a big stir.

I’ll finish off with this: I’m too busy with life and lazy in the free time I do have to go into those negative blogs/sites further. Suffice to say, I can say they’re off base. They can say its impossible to have a positive experience. So what I say and they say would cancel each side out. Your best bet is to go to trustworthy sources like the FTC / Revenue Canada/ BBB and the like and get to actually know the person who’s talking to you about this first. As I said, my focus is on MY experiences mainly. I may, however, repost some of this later on as these two keep up their ranting and raving – but once you kind of analyze the stance, the motive, the who of some of the negative online people – as you learn about who they are and where they come from, you’ll their motive’s aren’t really there to serve you or your interests at all. Have a look at the below links. The work has been done for me Just like in the business, I just had to learn to copy and duplicate. IS any of it true? Its the internet – it could all be lies. But what is true is that it raises questions. A lot of questions about who these people are, what their motive may be. And when there’s questions about those things, credibility starts to get questioned. And if you are willing to trust an un-credible source for anything – watch out.

Known Critics Of Amway – Anna Banana – AKA: Cheryl Rhodes

Known Critic Of Amway – Joe Cool – AKA: Steve Nakamura
Happy Spring,

~ C

Amway Sales Repot: $11.8 Billion Global Sales

Soooo a 53+ year old company – 8 consecutive years in sales growth – world wide enterprises ….. clearly is a scam / scheme. Right….

Just released press release comfirms yet another Sales Increase year over year surpassing $11.3 Billion from 2012 up to $11.8 Billion. If you’re going to partner with a servicing company to run your own business – this seems to be a pretty darn good choice.

~ C

Source: http://news.amway.com/2014-02-04-Amway-reports-record-sales-of-USD-11-8-billion

ADA, Mich., Feb. 4, 2014 – Amway today reported global sales of USD$11.8 billion for 2013, a record for the organization. The total surpasses 2012 sales of USD$11.3 billion and continues a period of tremendous growth, highlighted by annual sales increases in seven consecutive years. The company’s annual sales figure includes revenue from direct selling operations and other business holdings.”Our distributors are the driving force behind this remarkable achievement, supported by the work of our 21,000 employees worldwide,” said Amway Chairman Steve Van Andel and Amway President Doug DeVos in a joint statement. “Distributors in more than 100 countries and territories are now achieving their potential through their Amway businesses, creating another record year for the company.”

Strong sales across categories, led by nutrition
Nutrition products continued to be the sales leader for Amway. Flagship products include NUTRILITE™ Protein Powder and NUTRILITE™ DOUBLE/TRIPLE X supplements. The healthy aging category is driving new growth, including sales of NUTRILITE™ Memory Builder dietary supplements. Product launches included TRUVIVITY by NUTRILITE™, a patented moisture enhancing system that leverages the company’s scientific expertise in nutrition and beauty, and a new line of weight management products, BODYKEY by NUTRILITE™.

The beauty products category provided strong results as well, strengthened by the continued global rollout of its ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND™ skincare collection and the launch of the ARTISTRY IDEAL RADIANCE™ brightening line.

In the home products category, sales of eSpring™ Water Purifiers were impressive, bolstered by the momentum of the product’s introduction in China in late 2012 and strong sales in Asian markets.  eSpring™ is now the world’s number-one selling brand of home water treatment systems, based on a Verify Markets study of 2012 global sales.

Expansion continues
In order to meet increasing demand for the company’s products, Amway is undertaking a $375 million manufacturing and R&D expansion globally.  The expansion includes facilities being built in Washington, California and Michigan in the United States, as well as a site in India and R&D facilities in China and South Korea.  Manufacturing sites in Vietnam and China are planned as part of the expansion as well.

Amway also continued its support of its distributors through a physical presence strategy that included opening a business center in Berlin, Germany in 2013.  Amway has experienced success with integrating physical locations into its business model in recent years and, with the opening of a location at Citi Field in New York City, now has physical locations in all four company regions.  The locations serve as another tool for distributors to use in building their businesses and servicing their customers.

Supporting entrepreneurship
In its continued support of entrepreneurship, Amway published its Global Entrepreneurship Report in November 2013.  The report studied people’s attitudes toward self-employment, revealing important information about global views and the desire by many for a business opportunity of their own.  Amway has been collecting and analyzing data in relation to entrepreneurship on a regular basis since 2008. In 2013, the survey featured 24 countries, including the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Japan,Australia and several European countries.

Giving nature
The company culminated a year’s worth of activities dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the AMWAY ONE BY ONE™ Campaign for Children on Nov. 20, 2013.  The single day of service, called Amway Universal Children’s Day, mobilized employees and distributors from across the globe to serve children’s causes. Approximately 15,000 people in 57 countries participated in 300 projects that day, impacting 100,000 children globally

Founders Diamond

2016 EDIT – The video was removed by the source host. I’ve been unable to locate it. – C

Just found a great video snippet posted by the official Amway Achieve YouTube channel – possibly an intro video from when our friend’s and upline Diamonds were at Achievers and did a talk there. I thought it highlights some great points of what they stand for. Of course I’ll be the first to state that these two, as well as the mentor’s upline from them truely have a heart for building this business with integrity and doing it right. I’m definitely proud of how I’ve been taught to approach the business, especially knowing how many weirdo’s there are out there who try to build the business with absolutely no coaching or mentorship and they end up as another horror story on the interwebs.

I’ll keep saying it, if there isn’t a qualification process and someone’s coming at you with a hype up / sign up – run away. This business is worth checking out – but make sure your potential upline is putting you through a process to learn in depth about it beforehand – as long as you’re accountable to the process.

So fortunate to be in business with some amazing people. Here ya go!

~ C

Holiday Shopping Win! One Of Many Regular Amway Experiences

As we finally get our first snow out here in Vancouver I send out my best wishes that everyone is getting their shopping and holiday errands done safely. In the past few weeks there has been a huge amount of hit and runs happening here in the Lower Mainland which comes along with dark, slippery weather and an increased pace to people’s commutes.

Whether you celebrate the Christmas season or not, its easy to see the stress level in people go up quite quickly as the days count down to Dec 24th / 25th. One thing that many shoppers are doing to alleviate the stress of the crowded malls and shopping outlets have been through purchasing online. You can find many stats pointing to the meteoric rise of online purchases over the past few years and this isn’t set to slow down. Up here in Canada, we follow up the USA’s Black Friday with a “Cyber Monday” sale where ridiculous sales are all available through online vendors.

Being online is what allows me to run my business anywhere I am. A funny story from a week or so ago – I was at my mom’s place and she had asked me a question about how we were doing and what ingredients were in one of our LOC laundry products. I pulled out my phone, connected to the Amway app, (which is free of course), checked the details, pricing etc and shared it with her. She was astonished and asked me how I could find out any details when I wasn’t at my home where my catalogs or computer was. I pulled out my phone and said – my whole business can be run right from here. I had the same conversation with one of my customers who had asked a question about a handbag available through our Ribbon gift program. I pulled up the Ribbon website and showed her a picture of the handbag she wanted and right there had a sale on top of her regular order.

Since I have a full time job at the moment and I’m focussing on building a team and also getting ready for the holidays, being able to do business where ever I am, where ever I go is a HUGE convenience.

But that’s not what I wanted to share specifically. A few days before the whole Black Friday thing, I was in Richmond Center ( http://www.richmondcentre.com ). And I was having a look around for a case for my Galaxy Note 3. I happened to walk by a Fossil store. Since my partner joined me in business she has had her eyes on a Rose Gold Fossil watch for quite some time. So, knowing this and keeping in mind the holiday season is coming up I strolled in to look for a watch for her. The agent was very helpful and informed on giving me information on the differences in the watches. Their general Richmond Center details can be found here: http://www.richmondcentre.com/EN/Directory/Stores/Pages/Fossil_1537.aspx .

So here’s where the cool part comes in. My partner knew about this Fossil watch because I have access to it through our business’ Ribbon Gift Program. And she had gone through the different gift programs and found the watch. So after finding this watch in store and seeing it in person I asked the friendly sales associate what the price was.

At that time on Nov 27th the cost was $190.00. Heck, it still might be. With the upcoming Black Friday weekend coming up I asked what the sales price could be. She shared with me that they would be lowering some pricing on their other jewelry but not the watches. Now, unfortunately, the pricing from the retail store isn’t published online but  I found the watch over at fossil.com which is American and the online pricing was at 135.00. It was not available to ship to Canada at that pricing. As a Canadian we regularly find that we get shafted pretty hard with markups compared to our American friends. Just ask US border cities how flooded they get from Canadian shoppers crossing the border to get much lower prices on everything from Electronics to Tires to Milk. So after the current currency switch this $135.00 watch is around $143.00 which allows for the normal $50.00 – $55.00 increase in markup for the retailer.

So if you head on over to http://www.myribbongift.ca/Product/Album and choose the “Spendid” catalog you will find that this exact watch is available through the Ribbon Gift program. The Splendid gift category costs $150.00 at a retail cost for me and my customers. So what that means is that I bought the same watch from myself for $40.00 less than what the actual retail store wanted to charge me!! $40.00 in savings? That’s pretty sweet. What was sweeter, though, was that as a business owner, I got the retail markup on this product paid back to me from my company a few days ago. So I saved $40.00 on the purchase, AND I got paid in CASH $22.50 for the wholesale to retail difference. That’s not sweet. That’s awesome! But wait! There’s more! I also got PV for my purchase which helps increase the amount of bonus I get on the overall volume run through my whole organisation! But wait!!! There’s even more! Because I made the purchase with my company’s partnered Mastercard I got even MORE PV just for using the card. And because WWDB teaches us about being financially responsible I paid that purchase off my card a few minutes later through online banking.

Folks – we did this for almost everyone in our families this season. On her side and my side. We were buying Christmas gifts for them anywaywe were planning on spending money this holiday season just like you probably are. Why would we give our money to a random store when we can buy gifts for our friends and families and not only get a competitive price – most times get a better deal and then GET PAID for buying gifts for friends and family? Hello? Anybody home McFly!? And if it makes sense for us to make money off of purchasing gifts for friends and family – why the heck aren’t you getting CASH back for your purchases? Why should only we benefit? We shouldn’t be the only ones. And this is just one small benefit this business provides us in our every day lives.

Now to be fair – we still have to go out and get some gifts from other stores. Not everything is available in the Ribbon Gift Program or through our company. And we definitely aren’t against buying stuff at retailers. I mean heck, we were at a Walmart today and there’s a bunch of local stores around our community that we love shopping at and need to get a couple specialized gifts from in the next few days. But the idea, I hope, is clear – if you are going to spend money – and you can get it from your own store that will pay you MONEY back for buying it – why wouldn`t you?

The worst case scenario is that if you really want to price match, you could just buy the stuff at wholesale pricing if you’re one of those coupon cutters or price matchers. Either way, money stays with you or comes back to you. Or if, it happens to be a bit more expensive, you’ll get that back on your monthly PV Bonus (If you do what is taught – most don’t – or they aren’t taught right). I always like to challenge people who still question me about the legitimacy of this business with examples similar to what I shared with you above.

My business is partnered with Fossil through our giftcard program. Do you really think that Fossil would ever let itself be associated with an illegal Pyramid Scheme?

My business is partnered with Avis and Budget rental cars. . Do you think that a company that is desperate to keep a good image with the public and increase how the public sees it positively would associate itself with an illegal pyramid scheme?

My business is partnered with Disney. I’m not Mickey Mousing around here folks – THE Disney Store. Do you honestly, seriously, truly think that Disney would EVER let itself be associated with a company that scams people?

My business is partnered with Dell Computers. As they are focusing more heavily on customer experience and reputation do you really think that Michael Dell would want his company associating with a Pyramid scheme?
(Go to http://www.amway.ca – click on more products – click on Partner Stores & Services – click on “All” at the right side of the alphabet)

For American consumers –

My business is partnered with Apple. Yes. iPhone, iPod, iMac – That Apple. They’re partnered with Starbucks, Home Depot, Under Armor, Office Depot and Best Buy.
(Go to http://www.amway.com – click on more products – click on Partner Stores & Services )

Guys – there are many many many more that are partnered with my company. In this day and age where a scandal can break out and go world wide viral in 2 hours – every company would avoid a scam or a pyramid scheme like the plague. So if its OK for them, these multi million and billion dollar companies who have images to uphold to partner with my company….why not you? Honestly? What do you know that Apple doesn’t? What do you know that Disney doesn’t?

I wanted to share that small experience that I had because all I do as a business owner, and anyone who shares you the opportunity does – is exactly what I just shared with you above. We buy things we already would buy normally. We spend money we were planning to spend already. And we redirect that to our own personal business so we either keep money in our pockets or we get cash back for the wholesale to retail markup.

You already do what I do. You already do what that person who wants to show you this business does. The only difference is, I get paid to do it. I also get paid to help people do it but most importantly how to do it right.

Like any activity or venture in life – there are right ways to do it, and wrong ways. And that’s why I’ll keep saying it – if someone wants to show you how to do what I’ve just shared with you – make sure there’s a 4 – 6 week education process that they’ll take you through. There should be multiple meetings, homework and information to go over. Get to know them first. Make sure they’re accountable. Because guys, this business is not a pyramid scheme. My company that I partner with did over 11.5 Billion Dollars in sales last year. They are partnered with some of the heaviest retail hitters on the planet. The business is legit. What you need to make sure of before you start is that the people who are going to help you are legit and ready to help you succeed first. And you’ll learn that through going through a process before you ever need to spend a dime to get started.

Needless to say, I came away from this shopping experience quite happy. I hope you all have a fun shopping experience as Christmas gets closer. But more importantly, I wish you all the warmth and love of your friends and family throughout the holiday season. May your holiday be full of good food, much laughter and many smiles.

Peace be with you and have a joyous Holiday Season.

~ C