Free Enterprise Aftermath

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Well, the F.E.D. swings are complete ending in Edmonton, AB this past weekend. It was a historical weekend as over 4,500 people sold out the first ever Free Enterprise Days hosted in a Canadian City. Historically, all F.E.D.’s have been located state side which led to some long road trips for the Canadian business builders. However, with the mentorship, guidance, example and growth set originally by David and Carolyn Payn, Mike and Brandi Wagner, and, of course our good friends and upline – a wave of leadership blew the doors off of the Edmonton Expo Centre this past weekend.

It was clear that the largest room in the whole centre won’t be able to hold the next major function next year and we’re moving onwards and upwards. Jeff Johnson who works for Amway did a talk as a voice for the Amway Corporation in Canada and told us that as little as a few years ago, W.W.D.B. IBO’s amounted to only 12% of the Canadian Amway market. Now that has jumped up to 35% and is climbing. And those numbers are coming directly from the servicing corporation. That’s a huge jump!

For the second year in a row, new Diamonds were celebrated as they walked the long red carpet, received their championship ring and placed their name on the W.W.D.B. Diamond trophy.

Ty and Vanessa Crandell were celebrated for their achievements and after watching and hearing them speak Saturday night and Sunday afternoon, it was no surprise that they were a diamond couple. All heart and fire, their team have in them an awesome example of work ethic and integrity.

As a surprise, long time Amway Diamonds, Leif and Bonnie Johnson were recognized as W.W.D.B. Diamonds – back under the W.W.D.B. banner after a long hiatus. While I am not familiar on the situation or the details, the Johnson’s are one of Ron and Georgia Lee Puyear’s Diamond Legs. So that was a cool surprise to hear of their experiences and story over their long storied IBO-ship.

Looking back on the weekend, there is also a solemnity that hangs over the memory of this function due to the unfortunate murder of one of our Canadian Soldiers in Ottawa. And only just a few days earlier in Edmonton we were celebrating our Armed Forces for their sacrifices in the past, the present and the future for allowing regular joe’s like us, the opportunity to live how we want, choose how we want, pray how we want, work how we want and love how we want. We celebrated them and honored them, as does every Free Enterprise function in the U.S. as well. And only days later, a grim reminder of the cost of our freedoms that we enjoy here in North America played out at the War Memorial in Ottawa.

F.E.D. had not only an excitement but some excellent speakers and teaching. New Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds continue to grow to bring more people to higher levels of success and Founder’s Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds continue to share new wisdom learned through their experiences. Lastly the Diamond speakers and above provided wisdom, heart, comedy and education based on their experiences and knowledge.

Aside from the multitude of Platinumships, Rubyships, Sapphireships and Emeraldships the Diamondships represented as speakers were from across World Wide: Integrated Diamonds David and Jaimee Felber, Diamonds – Norm & Pam Kizirian, Diamonds Leif & Bonnie Johnson, Diamonds Ty & Vanessa Crandell, Diamonds – Bob & Shelly Kummer, Founders Diamonds – Glen & Joya Baker, Our upline Diamonds, Founders Diamonds Tracy & Kimberly Eaton, Executive Diamonds Dan & Sandy Yuen, Double Diamond Leslie Wolgamott, Triple Diamonds Greg & Laurie Duncan, Crowns Brad & Julie Duncan, Crown Ambassadors Wonbo & Joyce Shim and Founders Crown Ambassador – Leonard Kim.

And that’s just Diamondships and above. Aside from that were two Emerald couples (one new, the other as Founders Emerald) and six new Double Eagle Ruby couples. Founders Double Eagle Ruby and existing Ruby’s, Sapphire’s and Emeralds didn’t get any stage time which easily could have been packed with many more impactful leaders.

Considering the cost of any other training convention out there – a $125.00 ticket goes a heck of a long way ESPECIALLY when you consider the fact that you can directly apply the teachings to a vehicle that you can access without going into debt to access.

Below are some quotes and lines that I found impacted me. There were many, many more, but everyone is impacted differently from what is said or shared. Ultimately, the opportunity is mentorship. It just happens to come with an asset that can be built on the side to create financial freedom, if a person chooses to work. Like anything in life, however, if you are being shown an opportunity that is Non-Traditional – like this or a Network Marketing opportunity – make sure you are taken through a 4 – 6 week education process.

The process may vary from person to person, or couple to couple – but there should be one. Starting first and foremost with building a bit of a friendship and a trust – on both sides! Over the course of the weeks make sure you ask questions and get answers – that way you will be able to make a solid choice based on information as opposed to making a choice based on emotion and random opinions from people who have no experience or knowledge of what you’re looking at. Anonymous internet blogs and forums are the worst to get information from. Every single one of them have agenda’s and bias! Mine included in case you couldn’t tell (At least I’m open and honest about it, eh?). As such, they are the least reliable source for information as all you’re getting is opinion and rhetoric on an individual’s experience – that does NOT = everyone’s experiences. And if anyone has an opinion on the opportunity but hasn’t met the people you’re working with, that experience is irrelevant unless they’ve worked with the people who are taking you through the process.

Thats why building a friendship first is important. Without that, whats the point in partnering up with those people? That’s why the process is so powerful and helpful to every party in the equation. It helps root out the people who may not fit with this opportunity, it also helps you root out people who may not be good mentors, or coaches. Those typically are the ones who will try to hype you up and sign you up – and that, friends, is a scary thing. Do your homework and make sure you get homework so you can empower yourself, and your decisions properly on a foundation of facts.

Enjoy the crisp autumn days and cozy evenings with friends and family.

~ C

“You won’t move ahead in life until you take your eyes off of yourself and put them on to others.”

“Be remembered for what you did. Not for what you didn’t do.”

“The pain of discipline always is outweighed by the pain of regret.”

“You can do it. I did it. Why not you?”

“In any business there’s room for one dream and if you aren’t the owner of the business, there isn’t going to be any room for your dream!”

“When it comes to this business you can be impressed from a distance, but at a major function, you’re impacted up close.”

“The testament of a good business is not only if the kids want to do what their parents are doing but if the parents want the kids to do what they’re doing.”

“I’ve never seen a positive result come from a negative mouth.”

“You can’t be disappointed with results that didn’t happen because of work you didn’t do.”

“It doesn’t matter whether the glass is half empty or half full. What matters is who is filling the glass.”

“In everyday life I’m judged daily of my shortcomings and failings. In here I’m reminded daily of my future victories.”

“Your team will grow only as big as your ability to lead.”

“You will have the best of the day or the day will have the best of you.”

“When you don’t believe, you compare yourself to others.”

“Work is measured in change. Not time.”

“Imagine if we graduated with a self image and not just a piece of paper.”

“How can we expect other people to trust us if we don’t trust ourselves?”

“There’s a huge difference between being emotional and showing emotion.”

“It’s better to have heart with no words than to have words with no heart.”

“Without empathy for others we become emotionally tone deaf.”

“True compassion demands action.”

“Minimum wage becomes minimum mindset.”

“When everyone else was playing the lottery, we were out building our own.”

“Don’t make permanent decisions based on temporary emotions.”

“It is in serving each other that we become free.”



New WWDB Diamonds

A quick update from an active W.W.D.B. – Amway business Owner. Active being the important word in regards to internet people posting on the subject of W.W.D.B. and Amway vs any who may have “used” to deal with the companies years ago.

A few posts back I had mentioned that there was another W.W.D.B. / Amway Diamond couple in Diamond qualification. After maintaining the required parameters for a minimum of 6 months straight, Ty and Vanessa Crandell are the newest confirmed Diamonds from the World Wide Dream Builder training and mentorship system.

This past weekend they began their F.E.D. (Free Enterprise Days) swing across North America. Starting in Irvine, CA this past weekend they will continue their journey to Portland, OR – Denver, CO and Edmonton, AB Canada later in October. Being new Diamonds in the W.W.D.B. system they will probably be asked to speak in other markets around the world on how they were able to build their organization.

Many people or internet posters will say that this is an individual victory. “Barely anyone goes Diamond and they had to scam people to get there!“

Well, what does a Diamondship represent?

6 Platinums.

Ron Puryear said it in one of his many talks: “3 you’re free – 6 you’re rich!” 3 referring to 3 Platinums. If you help 3 people create a business that reaches the platinum / founders platinum level  – you’ll be an Emerald. Within the W.W.D.B. system – if you go Emerald with the parameters that is taught, thats a hefty amount of income. There are many ways to reach Emerald, but only with the correct parameters can some of the higher figures really be earned. Thats why WWG teaches to paramters – not just a PV level. The PV comes with the correct parameters automatically.

There are many in Amway who go Emerald. To “Amway ” only  people, Emerald is simply a Pin level. Nothing more. There are many ways to go Emerald. You can have a business that has 4 legs. 3 of those 4 legs can go Platinum and technically, you could be an Emerald if you had the PV that meets the Pin level. W.W.D.B teaches to have a minimum foundation of having 12 legs of personal width for your Platinumship, let alone Emeraldship. Sure – you could go Platinum with fewer legs. Heck – that only takes 7,500 PV. You can do that on one leg! Matt Tsuruda from Hawaii did that. He had one leg at 7,500 PV. So, technically – he was a Platinum – with one leg only who earned that 7,500 PV for him. But it was his one downline who created that volume – so who do you think earned the money/bonus? Not him! So Matt had to work to get width and earn his own platinumship and ultimately a Diamondship many years ago. He ended up being the youngest Diamond in W.W.D.B. years ago until our good friend’s and upline went Diamond.

Pin levels don’t gaurantee a certain income. It’s the parameter’s that earn the income. That’s why the highest Founders Diamond’s income in Amway was documented at $2,500,000 in the past year(shown on a W.W.D.B. business overview – cleared by legal teams at Amway – it cannot be reported publicly unless it was done). While the highest Founders Diamond is documented to be at $2,500,00 (as per business overviews approved by legal teams) – a standard board plan from a W.W.D.B. business owner will show the correct parameters on how to reach that as opposed to just teaching PV and sales and hype up / sign up.

The difference between W.W.D.B. and Amway is that W.W.D.B. leaders teach other business owners the importance of parameters. A one legged Platinum at 7,500 PV vs a 12 legged Platinum at 7,500 PV and on to 10,500 PV and 12,000 PV.

More legs = better differential overall = more profit = helping more people create volume (AKA bonus cheques) to get that better differential.

Ty and Vanessa Crandell have done just that. Created an organization that has created a minimum of 6 platinumships. That’s helping at least a minimum of 6 couples or singles to create a significant business that earns them a solid side income and a yearly trip from Amway. That organization has multiple singles and couples who have reached the 2,500, and 4,000 Pin level over hundreds of people.

Ultimately – hundreds of people had to profit and benefit or else Ty and Vanessa Crandell would not have earned and created a Diamondhip. Because that’s what a Diamondship is. An organization of people who are creating and producing to earn an income. Ty and Vanessa just happen to be just one of many examples of people who have helped many others succeed and earn an income in the Amway business. Because of that, they earn a great reward and will be a greater example to those who also wish to become more than just their job title.

The success and knowledge of the W.W.D.B. teachings on how to build the Amway business are growing and increasing. Ty and Vanessa are just another beginning as was, our upline were last year. There was yet another retirement party for Vlado Milic as a 31 year old husband a few months ago here in the Vancouver market. As a Sapphire, he is now free to live life full time with his wife – they also entered into Emerald qualification this past month. Ian and Crystal Walker just hit Silver and have entered their Platinum qualification. Conner Yuen, son of W.W.D.B. Executive Diamonds Dan and Sandy Yuen became a Platinum many months ago. Our upline coach’s mentors – the orchestrators of the W.W.D.B. Alberta market, mentors to Founders Emeralds Mike and Brandi Wagner and our upline who are founder’s diamonds and everyone down from those couples entered their Emerald qualification as well! Chris and Lauren Tripi in Florida are extending the W.W.D.B. banner as founders Platinum’s and they may have passed that already. Ben and Trista McNally out of Alberta electrified Las Vegas a few months ago with their Emerald Rally.

Ultimately World Wide is growing. But more importantly, it is growing with business owners full of heart, full of integrity, and full of desire to help others create the lives of their choosing through mentorship.

There’s a lot of crazy stories out there about how the Amway business was built back in the day – my wife’s mom included – I’m sure glad I haven’t experienced any of that. Getting an education and going through a trust building process is awesome. Knowledge is power – once you get through a process you’ll have all of the information you’ll need to know. Don’t get through a process and well, you’ll be making a choice based on partial information. But make sure you’re being offered a chance to go through a process to learn. If someone is trying to hype you up and sign you up into some random Amway or even another MLM thing – be careful! Do your research with the BBB, the FTC and Revenue Canada (if you’re Canadian).

More and more people are making this opportunity work. When your turn is, is up to you.

Here’s to a warm, happy autumn to all.

~ C


Spring Leadership 2013

Just a quick little post here with some pictures from one of eight Spring Leaderships. Its absolutely great to see the growth that’s happening. Calgary (which is where we attended) saw its attendance rise for the third year in a row and the overall amount of Major Function locations also saw an increase.

This year Spring Leadership was held in Calgary, AB – Spokane, WA – Las Vegas, NV – Denver, CO – Minneapolis, MN – Washington DC – Honolulu, HI and lastly Jamaica!
The overall growth is exciting. The only way there are more function sites are if there is growth. More and more people seem to be grabbing hold of this opportunity and making it work which is fantastic to see.

Considering it was May we were blown away to have a freak snowstorm roll through Friday evening – Saturday. It was coming down hard! It was crazy for us because we had come from Vancouver where it was 26+ degrees the whole previous week. We got a good laugh from it.

Below you’ll see a couple of pictures from our experience at the Calgary Spring Leadership. As I finish up I’ll state what I always do – if you’re looking at this opportunity make sure you’re being taken through an education and qualification process. Build a bit of a trust and friendship with the person taking their time to go over everything with you. The basis for any partnership is a trust and this opportunity is no different. If your potential upline is trying to rush you or not go through a process that takes anywhere from 4 – 6 weeks, chances are you won’t be prepared properly at all – which is where you hear a lot of those horror stories from from your Aunt Anna Or Uncle Joe. Hype up / sign up is never a good thing. So, get to know the person showing you this opportunity, get your questions answered and be prepared to answer theirs as well because should you earn an offer, they’ll be putting their time and resources into helping you grow your asset.

Best wishes in the upcoming summer!
– C


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Founders Diamond

2016 EDIT – The video was removed by the source host. I’ve been unable to locate it. – C

Just found a great video snippet posted by the official Amway Achieve YouTube channel – possibly an intro video from when our friend’s and upline Diamonds were at Achievers and did a talk there. I thought it highlights some great points of what they stand for. Of course I’ll be the first to state that these two, as well as the mentor’s upline from them truely have a heart for building this business with integrity and doing it right. I’m definitely proud of how I’ve been taught to approach the business, especially knowing how many weirdo’s there are out there who try to build the business with absolutely no coaching or mentorship and they end up as another horror story on the interwebs.

I’ll keep saying it, if there isn’t a qualification process and someone’s coming at you with a hype up / sign up – run away. This business is worth checking out – but make sure your potential upline is putting you through a process to learn in depth about it beforehand – as long as you’re accountable to the process.

So fortunate to be in business with some amazing people. Here ya go!

~ C

Free Enterprise Days 2013

My goodness, what a weekend. Its not every day that you get a chance to witness your longtime friend earn a “life championship” by getting recognized in front of thousands of people for becoming WWDB Founders Diamond in the Amway business.

I was asked a few times this weekend what its like for someone like myself who had known Dean before he became the well known leader that he is today, to witness the success he had created with his wife. My response was simply that it proves that the business can work for anyone if they are willing to change and get out of their comfort zone.

Change is a choice. What causes that choice is based on a “why” or purpose. Be that a dream of future success’ or desires or a nightmare of potential negative outcomes. The new Diamond ceremony definitely showcased how a life championship not only is a victory for just Dean and Marcie – but more importantly for many other individuals and couples who have been impacted positively because of their victory. Their victory came by helping others achieve success’ in their life which was passed on through their organization. You don’t become a Diamond, let alone Founders Diamond by not helping many others create victories in their lives. It was an amazing weekend and an amazing function.

Here’s to future growth.

~ C

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Wolgamott Family Reunion 2013

Another Family Reunion has come and gone. It will have been my 3rd so far and what a fun, impactful environment to be in.

We started our drive down nice and early Friday morning and got into Spokane, WA at around 12:00pm local time from Vancouver. Unfortunately after enjoying a full month of sun up in BC, we ran into our first rain. Thankfully, Spokane got more beautiful as the weekend went on.

I have to say, World Wide keeps getting better and better. They are significantly improving the WWDB apps that are available to all IBO’s. Access to all audio, function calendar, streaming directly from the phone apps on iOS and Android will be implemented within the next month. So not only do they provide everything, but they keep giving us free stuff to help build our business and my premier membership has not gone up in price. More free stuff – no increase in cost. That’s awesome. They keep improving the tools they provide us, adding more features and functionality and have not increased costs at all. Pretty cool, folks. I wish cell phone companies and other places took a page out of World Wide’s book.

All in all, we had a great weekend. Even with jam packed days and a night owl, we got lots of good sleep and just got slammed with great speakers starting with some awesome input from Platinum pins on Saturday. The night finished off with Scott and Cris Harimoto, our friend’s and upline Diamonds, Tracy and Kimberly Eaton and the night finished off with Brad and Julie Duncan. Sunday was all Diamonds and Brad Duncan with some solid teaching to finish off the Function. Leslie Wolgamott sent us out and the way things are going, they’ll be using more of the Spokane Arena next year. The attendance year over year has steadily gone up and up. Indeed,last year the Spokane Opera house was sold out and they had to move us into a bigger venue. There’s a lot of great things happening, a lot of people recognizing this opportunity and moving on and making it work. Hopefully you’ll have done credible research and not trusted a random blog online if this opportunity is legitimate or not.

I’ll finish off with some points I took away from the function that really hit home for me and I’ll have some pictures taken from the trip as well.

Here’s to another awesome 90 days!

~ C

  • Time is the most expensive thing I’ve ever purchased.
  • The broker people are, the bigger temper they seem to have and the more skeptical they are.
  • You need to get around people are wanting to help you move forward instead of getting around people who want to help you get drunk.
  • “Can’t” is the brokest word in the dictionary. Why not look into why or how you can.
  • Be stubborn with the vision and flexible with the path. Not the other way around.
  • A lack of money provides selfishness.
  • The most costly advice is always given for free.
  • What’s the point of doing good work if the work doesn’t do any good?
  • Your old thinking will not get you to a new place.
  • We should all try to live before we get too old to.
  • In a relationship you can be right or you can be happy.
  • It is belief that powers your dreams. Without belief, your dreams will never be realized.
  • When I got together with my partner it wasn’t my goal to spend more time with my job than with her.
  • Winners never quit, quitters never win.
  • Why are riches only measured in money? What about association? What about marriage quality? What about time?
  • Challenges are relevant to your self image. Your self image will help determine what challenges you can overcome.
  • As your vision grows, your options shrink and your choices to accomplish your visions become easy to identify.
  • Higher pins quit because they’re in the business for money. They aren’t doing it for time. When life happens and their double eagleship, platinumship etc loses a leg, when the money goes, so do they instead of putting in the correct parameters to have a solid foundation so that they aren’t depending on one or two legs.
  • This business is built at the speed of trust.
  • We do not prospect, we impact.

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Epic Afternoon

On June 1st we had a quarterly regional at the Sheraton Guildford Hotel. And we had a Legend come and teach and share from his heart. By the night was done there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Dave Severn came out and impacted the living daylights out of a room packed to the brim. There were easily 700 people in that conference room. One side alone was 16 chairs wide by 25 deep.

I’ve had the benefit of seeing and hearing the man speak live before at Major functions in Portland, Spokane and Calgary. However those were from stage. Not in a smaller, more intimate setting like this. The man is an absolute machine. He had been in the room before the function prepping his presentation. He was in the room for the platinum meeting beforehand. He spoke overtime and didn’t even get through his full teaching presentation for the training session. During the break he came in early and just chatted with everyone and had his own circle at the front of the room before being introduced for the plan. He then shared some of the most intimate details of his past few years. If anyone has been in business who has been on Kate and to Major Functions for the last 2 -3 years will know of the astounding challenges he has had to face and overcome. I swear the whole room broke down in tears at a few points in the night, myself no exception. He ended going overtime and even then was happy to meet and greet any and every attendee that evening after the Regional was over.

Dave Severn is an amazing communicator. A gifted teacher. An aggressive, yet loving, thought provoking and wise man. Whether you ever wanted to get in business or not, what he teached, how he teached and the principles taught were of value to everyone in the room. The principles, while focussed on those who wished to build “the business” could easily be used towards any facet of life. Anyone who was in that room, was able to walk away more empowered to move forward in their lives however they chose. I’m definitely thankful I got into that room on June 1st. Those highest among you will be servant to all. Dave Severn served us all day, and all evening. I can only hope to provide as much as a great example as Dave did last weekend.

Thank You Dave Severn for coming up and serving the Vancouver Market.

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