Who Partners With A Scam?

Ahh spring is in the air! After having a +20 degree day a few days back and some sunny days here, as a ginger I can tell you, I may have to break out the sun screen a bit early!

A lot of stuff has gone by since my last post. I might get into some of the others in other posts but one of the cool situations is the huge addition of a multitude of partner stores that we, as IBO’s get access to. In the US, this has been going on for quite some time, but Amway Canada stepped their game up even more and had partner stores lined up to contract with them. Some of them Amway sought out as they saw it as a benfit to their clientelle and business owners and others sought Amway out for the sheer number of customers and volume Amway runs.

And that ties in directly with the title of this post. What business would knowingly and willingly partner up with a scam operation or an illegal pyramid scheme that abuses their userbase and steals from them? Well, quite a lot actually. As I said, in the US there’s been a huge amount of partner stores that connected themselves with Amway for many years now. Which kind of makes one think…in this day and age, when customer perception and company brand reputation is a HUGE issue and can determine how well a company improves their image and sales or loses sales and customer respect, why would any company risk that? If that is a big concern, what companies would dare partner with a scam? That would make them look pretty bad.

Which is exactly the point….these companies can see the sheer numbers of business owners and customers that Amway has access to. With an over 50 year track record and many other accolades, why wouldn’t a company want to partner up with them? It also goes to show that with all of the P/R departments and marketing departments these companies have, they sure as heck would have done their research about a corporation that they would sign off on partnering with.

So….if all of these companies were willing to connect their name and reputation on partnering with Amway – would it be safe to say they know something that a random blogger doesn’t? Do these professionals whose careers are on the line when they sign off on these things, have more invested than an online forum commentor? Just food for thought. These companies did a lot of thinking too…..and they found that partnering with Amway was a good thing. If its good enough for them, why not you? Check out which companies became partner stores a few months ago at the end of the post.

The cool part is, I use many of these stores and products regularly. So not only can I earn PV (= bonus cheques) by shopping for my consumables, but I can get paid just for buying parts to build my new PC; to get coffee or a new belt. My baby needs diapers and baby toys for the bath so I can get paid for buying those too. And thats just barely scratching the surface. Why wouldn’t you want to get paid to buy things that you already buy or need to buy regularly?

As always, if you’re learning about this opportunity from someone, whether friend, family member or stranger – make sure that you’re taken through a process to learn. Take the time to learn about the person showing this to you to see if they have your best interest in mind and don’t want to rush you into signing up into something. If you’re being pressured or rushed with no process that takes a few weeks? Walk away. There’s plenty of great business owners out there who will be happy to show you this opportunity the right way – with integrity and over the course of a few weeks so that a trust can be built. If that isn’t done, how can you trust the person to help you? How can they trust you to follow through on what you said you would? Its a two way street and it can be a fun one to drive. Just make sure you’re driving with the right people.

I’m off to Spring Leadership in Calgary tomorrow. Going to be an awesome weekend!

Enjoy your spring!

– C

Canadian Partner Stores (Some are IBO only for savings – others are for both IBO’s and Customers)

* Addition Elle
* Amazing Print
* Avis
* Aldoshoes.com
* Apple
* Backcountry
* Bed, Bath & Beyond
* Bose.ca
* Banana Republic
* Bloomingdales Canada
* Bowflex
* Bass Pro Shops
* Bluefly
* Budget Rent A Car
* The Bay
* Bogs Footwear Canada
* Buffalo David Bitton
* Canada Post
* Columbia Sportswear
* Corner Stork Baby Gifts
* Choice Hotels Canada
* Conair
* Crocs Canada
* Dell Computers Canada
* The Disney Store
* Dyson Canada
* Discover Channel Store
* Dynamite Clothing
* EBooks.com
* Esso
* Express
* Eddie Bauer
* Expedia
* Florsheim
* Footlocker
* Forever 21
* GAP Canada
* Godaddy.com
* Guess
* Guess Factory
* Garage Clothing
* Groupon
* Globosshoes
* Hireko Golf
* Hotels.com
* Hewlett Packard (HP.ca)
* Home Depot
* HP Snapfish
* Indigo Books & Music
* Isabella Oliver
* Jegem.com
* Jos. A Bank Canada
* Kenneth Cole
* Keurig
* Lacoste Canada
* Lego
* Lord & Taylor
* Leftlane Sports
* Loft
* Lowes Canada
* Macys Canada
* Microsoft
* McAfee
* Naturalizer.ca
* Newegg Canada
* Neiman Marcus
* Nunn Bush
* Old Navy
* Paul Frederick
* Penningtons
* Primus Canada
* Roots Canada
* Royal Canadian Mint
* Saks Fifth Avenue
* Shopbop
* Starbucks
* Sears Canada
* Sony
* Sunglass Hut
* TheSource.ca
* Toms Canada
* Turbotax
* Tiger Direct.ca
* Travelocity
* Under Armour
* Urban Outfitters
* USI Affinity Insurance
* Villeroy & Boch
* Vistaprint
* What A Bloom Florist
* Wyndham Resorts & Hotels
* XS Gear


Amway Sales Repot: $11.8 Billion Global Sales

Soooo a 53+ year old company – 8 consecutive years in sales growth – world wide enterprises ….. clearly is a scam / scheme. Right….

Just released press release comfirms yet another Sales Increase year over year surpassing $11.3 Billion from 2012 up to $11.8 Billion. If you’re going to partner with a servicing company to run your own business – this seems to be a pretty darn good choice.

~ C

Source: http://news.amway.com/2014-02-04-Amway-reports-record-sales-of-USD-11-8-billion

ADA, Mich., Feb. 4, 2014 – Amway today reported global sales of USD$11.8 billion for 2013, a record for the organization. The total surpasses 2012 sales of USD$11.3 billion and continues a period of tremendous growth, highlighted by annual sales increases in seven consecutive years. The company’s annual sales figure includes revenue from direct selling operations and other business holdings.”Our distributors are the driving force behind this remarkable achievement, supported by the work of our 21,000 employees worldwide,” said Amway Chairman Steve Van Andel and Amway President Doug DeVos in a joint statement. “Distributors in more than 100 countries and territories are now achieving their potential through their Amway businesses, creating another record year for the company.”

Strong sales across categories, led by nutrition
Nutrition products continued to be the sales leader for Amway. Flagship products include NUTRILITE™ Protein Powder and NUTRILITE™ DOUBLE/TRIPLE X supplements. The healthy aging category is driving new growth, including sales of NUTRILITE™ Memory Builder dietary supplements. Product launches included TRUVIVITY by NUTRILITE™, a patented moisture enhancing system that leverages the company’s scientific expertise in nutrition and beauty, and a new line of weight management products, BODYKEY by NUTRILITE™.

The beauty products category provided strong results as well, strengthened by the continued global rollout of its ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND™ skincare collection and the launch of the ARTISTRY IDEAL RADIANCE™ brightening line.

In the home products category, sales of eSpring™ Water Purifiers were impressive, bolstered by the momentum of the product’s introduction in China in late 2012 and strong sales in Asian markets.  eSpring™ is now the world’s number-one selling brand of home water treatment systems, based on a Verify Markets study of 2012 global sales.

Expansion continues
In order to meet increasing demand for the company’s products, Amway is undertaking a $375 million manufacturing and R&D expansion globally.  The expansion includes facilities being built in Washington, California and Michigan in the United States, as well as a site in India and R&D facilities in China and South Korea.  Manufacturing sites in Vietnam and China are planned as part of the expansion as well.

Amway also continued its support of its distributors through a physical presence strategy that included opening a business center in Berlin, Germany in 2013.  Amway has experienced success with integrating physical locations into its business model in recent years and, with the opening of a location at Citi Field in New York City, now has physical locations in all four company regions.  The locations serve as another tool for distributors to use in building their businesses and servicing their customers.

Supporting entrepreneurship
In its continued support of entrepreneurship, Amway published its Global Entrepreneurship Report in November 2013.  The report studied people’s attitudes toward self-employment, revealing important information about global views and the desire by many for a business opportunity of their own.  Amway has been collecting and analyzing data in relation to entrepreneurship on a regular basis since 2008. In 2013, the survey featured 24 countries, including the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Japan,Australia and several European countries.

Giving nature
The company culminated a year’s worth of activities dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the AMWAY ONE BY ONE™ Campaign for Children on Nov. 20, 2013.  The single day of service, called Amway Universal Children’s Day, mobilized employees and distributors from across the globe to serve children’s causes. Approximately 15,000 people in 57 countries participated in 300 projects that day, impacting 100,000 children globally

Holiday Shopping Win! One Of Many Regular Amway Experiences

As we finally get our first snow out here in Vancouver I send out my best wishes that everyone is getting their shopping and holiday errands done safely. In the past few weeks there has been a huge amount of hit and runs happening here in the Lower Mainland which comes along with dark, slippery weather and an increased pace to people’s commutes.

Whether you celebrate the Christmas season or not, its easy to see the stress level in people go up quite quickly as the days count down to Dec 24th / 25th. One thing that many shoppers are doing to alleviate the stress of the crowded malls and shopping outlets have been through purchasing online. You can find many stats pointing to the meteoric rise of online purchases over the past few years and this isn’t set to slow down. Up here in Canada, we follow up the USA’s Black Friday with a “Cyber Monday” sale where ridiculous sales are all available through online vendors.

Being online is what allows me to run my business anywhere I am. A funny story from a week or so ago – I was at my mom’s place and she had asked me a question about how we were doing and what ingredients were in one of our LOC laundry products. I pulled out my phone, connected to the Amway app, (which is free of course), checked the details, pricing etc and shared it with her. She was astonished and asked me how I could find out any details when I wasn’t at my home where my catalogs or computer was. I pulled out my phone and said – my whole business can be run right from here. I had the same conversation with one of my customers who had asked a question about a handbag available through our Ribbon gift program. I pulled up the Ribbon website and showed her a picture of the handbag she wanted and right there had a sale on top of her regular order.

Since I have a full time job at the moment and I’m focussing on building a team and also getting ready for the holidays, being able to do business where ever I am, where ever I go is a HUGE convenience.

But that’s not what I wanted to share specifically. A few days before the whole Black Friday thing, I was in Richmond Center ( http://www.richmondcentre.com ). And I was having a look around for a case for my Galaxy Note 3. I happened to walk by a Fossil store. Since my partner joined me in business she has had her eyes on a Rose Gold Fossil watch for quite some time. So, knowing this and keeping in mind the holiday season is coming up I strolled in to look for a watch for her. The agent was very helpful and informed on giving me information on the differences in the watches. Their general Richmond Center details can be found here: http://www.richmondcentre.com/EN/Directory/Stores/Pages/Fossil_1537.aspx .

So here’s where the cool part comes in. My partner knew about this Fossil watch because I have access to it through our business’ Ribbon Gift Program. And she had gone through the different gift programs and found the watch. So after finding this watch in store and seeing it in person I asked the friendly sales associate what the price was.

At that time on Nov 27th the cost was $190.00. Heck, it still might be. With the upcoming Black Friday weekend coming up I asked what the sales price could be. She shared with me that they would be lowering some pricing on their other jewelry but not the watches. Now, unfortunately, the pricing from the retail store isn’t published online but  I found the watch over at fossil.com which is American and the online pricing was at 135.00. It was not available to ship to Canada at that pricing. As a Canadian we regularly find that we get shafted pretty hard with markups compared to our American friends. Just ask US border cities how flooded they get from Canadian shoppers crossing the border to get much lower prices on everything from Electronics to Tires to Milk. So after the current currency switch this $135.00 watch is around $143.00 which allows for the normal $50.00 – $55.00 increase in markup for the retailer.

So if you head on over to http://www.myribbongift.ca/Product/Album and choose the “Spendid” catalog you will find that this exact watch is available through the Ribbon Gift program. The Splendid gift category costs $150.00 at a retail cost for me and my customers. So what that means is that I bought the same watch from myself for $40.00 less than what the actual retail store wanted to charge me!! $40.00 in savings? That’s pretty sweet. What was sweeter, though, was that as a business owner, I got the retail markup on this product paid back to me from my company a few days ago. So I saved $40.00 on the purchase, AND I got paid in CASH $22.50 for the wholesale to retail difference. That’s not sweet. That’s awesome! But wait! There’s more! I also got PV for my purchase which helps increase the amount of bonus I get on the overall volume run through my whole organisation! But wait!!! There’s even more! Because I made the purchase with my company’s partnered Mastercard I got even MORE PV just for using the card. And because WWDB teaches us about being financially responsible I paid that purchase off my card a few minutes later through online banking.

Folks – we did this for almost everyone in our families this season. On her side and my side. We were buying Christmas gifts for them anywaywe were planning on spending money this holiday season just like you probably are. Why would we give our money to a random store when we can buy gifts for our friends and families and not only get a competitive price – most times get a better deal and then GET PAID for buying gifts for friends and family? Hello? Anybody home McFly!? And if it makes sense for us to make money off of purchasing gifts for friends and family – why the heck aren’t you getting CASH back for your purchases? Why should only we benefit? We shouldn’t be the only ones. And this is just one small benefit this business provides us in our every day lives.

Now to be fair – we still have to go out and get some gifts from other stores. Not everything is available in the Ribbon Gift Program or through our company. And we definitely aren’t against buying stuff at retailers. I mean heck, we were at a Walmart today and there’s a bunch of local stores around our community that we love shopping at and need to get a couple specialized gifts from in the next few days. But the idea, I hope, is clear – if you are going to spend money – and you can get it from your own store that will pay you MONEY back for buying it – why wouldn`t you?

The worst case scenario is that if you really want to price match, you could just buy the stuff at wholesale pricing if you’re one of those coupon cutters or price matchers. Either way, money stays with you or comes back to you. Or if, it happens to be a bit more expensive, you’ll get that back on your monthly PV Bonus (If you do what is taught – most don’t – or they aren’t taught right). I always like to challenge people who still question me about the legitimacy of this business with examples similar to what I shared with you above.

My business is partnered with Fossil through our giftcard program. Do you really think that Fossil would ever let itself be associated with an illegal Pyramid Scheme?

My business is partnered with Avis and Budget rental cars. . Do you think that a company that is desperate to keep a good image with the public and increase how the public sees it positively would associate itself with an illegal pyramid scheme?

My business is partnered with Disney. I’m not Mickey Mousing around here folks – THE Disney Store. Do you honestly, seriously, truly think that Disney would EVER let itself be associated with a company that scams people?

My business is partnered with Dell Computers. As they are focusing more heavily on customer experience and reputation do you really think that Michael Dell would want his company associating with a Pyramid scheme?
(Go to http://www.amway.ca – click on more products – click on Partner Stores & Services – click on “All” at the right side of the alphabet)

For American consumers –

My business is partnered with Apple. Yes. iPhone, iPod, iMac – That Apple. They’re partnered with Starbucks, Home Depot, Under Armor, Office Depot and Best Buy.
(Go to http://www.amway.com – click on more products – click on Partner Stores & Services )

Guys – there are many many many more that are partnered with my company. In this day and age where a scandal can break out and go world wide viral in 2 hours – every company would avoid a scam or a pyramid scheme like the plague. So if its OK for them, these multi million and billion dollar companies who have images to uphold to partner with my company….why not you? Honestly? What do you know that Apple doesn’t? What do you know that Disney doesn’t?

I wanted to share that small experience that I had because all I do as a business owner, and anyone who shares you the opportunity does – is exactly what I just shared with you above. We buy things we already would buy normally. We spend money we were planning to spend already. And we redirect that to our own personal business so we either keep money in our pockets or we get cash back for the wholesale to retail markup.

You already do what I do. You already do what that person who wants to show you this business does. The only difference is, I get paid to do it. I also get paid to help people do it but most importantly how to do it right.

Like any activity or venture in life – there are right ways to do it, and wrong ways. And that’s why I’ll keep saying it – if someone wants to show you how to do what I’ve just shared with you – make sure there’s a 4 – 6 week education process that they’ll take you through. There should be multiple meetings, homework and information to go over. Get to know them first. Make sure they’re accountable. Because guys, this business is not a pyramid scheme. My company that I partner with did over 11.5 Billion Dollars in sales last year. They are partnered with some of the heaviest retail hitters on the planet. The business is legit. What you need to make sure of before you start is that the people who are going to help you are legit and ready to help you succeed first. And you’ll learn that through going through a process before you ever need to spend a dime to get started.

Needless to say, I came away from this shopping experience quite happy. I hope you all have a fun shopping experience as Christmas gets closer. But more importantly, I wish you all the warmth and love of your friends and family throughout the holiday season. May your holiday be full of good food, much laughter and many smiles.

Peace be with you and have a joyous Holiday Season.

~ C

Good Morning Primerica

Instead of waking up on my own this morning I received a phone call at around 10:35am. This was to be my sleep in day as we’re getting ready to hit the road tomorrow morning for Portland Free Enterprise and I won’t get sleep in time while down there.

The lady sounded professional and friendly and advised me that she had gotten access to or found my business card – how I can’t figure. I leave my card in free draws that local business’ put on for a free lunch or similar things but don’t generally leave them places like on bulletin boards telling people to call me to get rich or whatever . I only give them out, normally to those I’ve spoken to directly and even then, I don’t use them often when looking to sit down with someone to start a process with them. So I was kind of surprised when she laid a Bill Hawkins on me. I swear she had just finished listening to Bill Hawkins’ “How to Contact and Invite”.

We’re currently looking to expand our business in your local area and are looking for some great people to head up our new location. Are you open to other opportunities or are you locked in to what you’re doing right now?

In my semi conscious state I had to smile to myself as right away I knew this was a non-traditional business opportunity just by hearing that line. Not that there’s anything wrong with the line as it is a legitimate question – straight to the point and relevant – its just that   what I’ve been taught is that this is similar to beginning training and basics we would have a new IBO listen to just as a very very basic framework so they can start from there and build up their own dialogue with people.

So, even though I had no plans on taking on another side business I told her I was always open to learning more about other opportunities just to learn some details. I like learning about other networking companies and how they roll as I can talk to people about it from my personal experience with them. Personal experience always holds more weight than hearsay (hint: that’s why personal use is as important as it is) and it helps me because I can get details I can share with prospects when I sit down with them and educate them about the industry or talk about during my “pyramid scheme” part of plans when I’m on the board for our team.

She advised me that the opportunity would be managing an office or location for Primerica. I advised her I had heard of Primerica before and knew of it to which she seemed quite pleased. She went over a vague outline of how they are looking for people to help run the new office. Since I had been looking into new job opportunities to see if I could get a new job with better hours (even after 6 years with my current employer I’m still lucky to get 1 or two weeks a year with a decent Monday – Friday schedule) I asked if this was for an hourly or salaried type position – because I was looking for that if the schedule was better than what I had now with a salary close to what I was currently earning.

She confirmed that it was a commission based position which told me I would directly be involved with selling Primerica services or the Primerica opportunity. As soon as I was able to confirm that it was not an hourly or salaried position as an office admin or manager I thanked her for her consideration and the opportunity, however I was already committed to my current job and business until I phased out of my job in a year or so.

The lady, who to her credit remained very friendly, courteous and non-pushy, advised me that many people who were involved with Primerica were able to also replace their full time income to walk away from their regular jobs. I told her I thought that was awesome because trading time for money was the worst way to make an income and the opportunity sounded like it allowed people to do things differently which was great! She got excited that it seemed that I was one of those who “got it”. Who understood that making money by trading my time, while kind of secure, wouldn’t ever allow me to live the way I wanted and had no gaurantees.

I then had to repeat that I already had other commitments that I had made to my team and my coaches who are already in place helping my partner and I create our asset and that currently my extra time is already dedicated to building that asset. I thanked her again for the consideration but at this time would no longer be interested in any further details.

As mentioned – to her credit she represented herself well – polite, professional, friendly with a great phone manner. Nothing shady, pushy or intrusive. So she represented her firm well. I knew she probably got a lot of people hanging up on her or insulting her or yelling at her how she’s in a pyramid scheme or how she is trying to scam people and so on. And while, I don’t ever plan to stop or change what I’m doing, I’ll be happy to listen politely before declining because as long as these other people in legit opportunities aren’t out to scam someone or misrepresent what they are or do, I’m glad that they’re trying to do something different. To have a plan B in place.

Now, if she had been pushy or a bag about it, I would have enjoyed tearing her apart regarding the “opportunity”. Because the main issue that came to me was that the position was commissionable only. Put it any way you want to folks but that’s selling. Anything you have to sell you need to recreate those sales on a monthly basis. As I’ve said before in many posts I’ve made – I’m not a sales guy. Neither is my partner. I will never go door to door “ding donging” people when they’re relaxing at the end of their long day. I will never cold call and interrupt someone who is not expecting me to call them. People are busy with their lives – the last thing they want is to hear about some opportunity from someone they’ve never met who hasn’t had a chance to even get to know them or find out if they have a need or want in their life to do more than what they currently are.

I enjoy the Amway business because selling is about 5% of what I actually do. I have to get a measly 50PV worth of customer volume every month. That’s about $150.00 of client sales/month. You ask any sales guy or girl what would happen if they only made $150.00 for their company how long they would be employed. Most of those only get 5% commission on eligible sales IF THEY’RE LUCKY. My commission is anywhere from 10% – 35% on product sales. Now, to be honest, I barely sell. I don’t like it, I’m not good at it and it can be intimidating.

However, the small amount of customers we do have are regular customers because we treat them awesome, give them small incentives and they regularly need our products. I don’t have to recreate my sales every month because one of our customers needs her vitamin D and Vegetarian Omega 3 supplements on a monthly basis. Every month I have guaranteed volume. I don’t need to go out to recreate new sales to hit my target 50PV target. No cold calling, no ding donging.

How did we get that customer? I was helping a family friend around her home and I had a bottle of perfect water and during a lunch break took my Double X vitamins. She asked what I was taking and right off the bat I’m in a natural conversation about my products without being a greasy, dirty sales guy looking to scam people out of their money. I was able to find out, through normal conversation, what her needs were and recommended a free sample (which is a write off) which she enjoyed and boom – we have a regular customer. We have about 6 – 7 customers that we do business with and because of the multiple product lines that Amway has, our customers use these products and need them regularly on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. We have one or two customers who are 2 – 3 times a year purchasers on random stuff but we treat them awesome which is why they’re happy to do business with us.

To be completely honest, I don’t know the Primerica plan at all. Their website talks about financial coaching and how to help people pay off debt and let their money help them earn more to increase their savings or whatnot. But once I sell an insurance policy or financial advise or whatever, I’m pretty sure I’ll have to do it again and again. Its a one trick pony. There’s nothing residual to it, from what I can see. If I do business with someone, they shouldn’t have to use my services again one month later. I would hope not in this scenario.

Any business that has one or a very limited product line is going to be very challenging to continue to run a high level of volume or, if not for you, any downline you bring on. By having a tiny selection of products or services you significantly reduce the need and demand for your services because you have only one or two things. Most people’s needs or tastes vary greatly from person to person. So by having a limited selection of products and services, you eliminate a lot of your market.

My customers need laundry soap every two – three months / vitamins monthly, one water filter per year / glass and multipurpose cleaner every few months / and some skin care every month. That’s our few customers. I haven’t even tapped XS, perfect water or Ribbon gift cards for goodness sake. That’s why I’ve created my customer base once, and now I just focus on serving them well. We can now provide a real focus on building our team and helping them do what we’ve done, help them get their finances on track, help them afford a solid first circle into their existing budget and be there to help them as they learn and grow. I dont need to re-create new customer volume every month and go after leads. I don’t want to take time to do that every day or month. I would rather set that up once and focus on everything else.

Its taken us two and a half years to get this customer base, true. We’re not the fastest IBO’s in the pan. As Dave Severn said when he started his business, “I don’t think our upline is opening up new bank accounts to hold all of the huge income our leg is producing” – but we have a great foundation from which to teach our team correctly – which is why they’re not only killing us with retail volume, but in personal width as well(and we’re super excited for them too!)! All we did what our upline told us. Personal use in front of people, gain interest, share the value of what you use if it can provide value to them (don’t push them into buying something they have no need for) and it got us customers. I didn’t have to do any crazy selling things at all. No annoying people or bugging them like this friendly Primerica woman had to do.

My partner posed a very relevant statement to me after I told her about it – “For all of us who are already doing their own thing and decline these other offers or those who just say no, how many do you think actually go for it?” While I don’t know, I’m sure its a great point. I’m just glad that through World Wide and my coaches I’ve been able to learn about this opportunity and see it in a way of how it can be built not only in a successful way but also in a way that doesn’t bother people who aren’t looking and with a moral standard. With integrity. When I read about and hear about all of those horror stories its easy to see how this industry gets the bad rap that it does. I’m glad that my friend found the right people to be in business with.

Once again, that’s why I will always say that if you get presented this opportunity and you aren’t taken through an education and qualification process – walk away. This business is built at the speed of trust between you and your potential upline, coach and mentor. If they want to sign you up to make millions in the next few months, get away. If you’re being offered an opportunity with a small product line like a super juice of the gods but nothing else or just one service – you’ll be pigeon holed to that one product or service.

Best of luck to you Primerica lady. I wish you good fortune, but I’m excited about where we are, what we have our hands on and the foundation we have laid.

Free Enterprise Day is coming up this weekend. My best friend Dean and his wife Marcie are being celebrated as New Diamonds. We are so fortunate to have them as our direct upline and coaches. This weekend is going to be absolutely nuts! We have two cars going down and can’t wait to share details of the trip and some pictures as well.

Have a great weekend!

~ C

Gimme That Customer Service!

As we are Canadians, it’s unfortunate that up north we sometimes don’t have the same products available to us as Americans do through Amway US. Part of that is your regular supply and demand but the other annoying part is our regulators that we have up here. ie: Body Key Appetite chews – they’re like raspberry Starburst candies and chocolate Tootsie Rolls and meant to help curb hunger between meals for those on the Body Key weight management program. The States have had them since Body Key launched. Up here, nope. Still being checked out and we’ll have to wait for the feds to “OK” it. Its definitely annoying. Especially in the case of XS flavors.

Ahh yes, XS. I am a self admitted Coca-Cola fiend. Ever since high school I loved my Coke and whenever I’m doing a project online, gaming or watching a movie, I need something fizzy. Preferrably Coke. The tough part is that there is an INSANE amount of sugar in the stuff. Not only did it do a number on my teeth over the years but that amount of sugar consumption is never a good thing. So when I got back into business XS became a perfect substitute for me. Very little to no sugar and it gave me my fizzy drink that I wanted. Originally the Cola flavor was available in Canada about 2 years ago. And then it got discontinued.

I was disappointed until I learned that it was still available in the US. And on top of that, there have been some other flavors released that were only down South. We would see other business owners enjoying them and we would chat it up and we heard good things. Luckily we’re within a 30 minute drive of the border from where we are, so a few weeks back we put together an American order to pick up in the States. Finally we could try some of these mysterious flavors and I would finally get a taste of my long lost Cola Blast.

We ordered some of the Body Key stuff that wasn’t available in Canada yet but also we got a case of Electric Lemon Blast (tastes like Mikes Hard Lemonade – no booze though ;)), Cola Blast and Summit Blast (7-Up/Ginger-Ale Combo flavor). Through one of our crossline buddies we learned about this really nice ship to the US service called Ship2Blaine. There’s a bunch of places you can ship American orders to and then pickup in the Blaine/Peace Arch area but this is run by a nice family that uses the proceeds towards their kid’s college fund. Its also by donation. We’ve used them twice to date and its been great! Plus its a nice little drive. Semiahmoo park is minutes away and provides great views of Drayton Harbor.

So we get there and find our shipment but notice one of our boxes of XS are missing.
Instead of getting this:


XS Summit Blast

We got this:

XS Black Cherry Cola Blast

XS Black Cherry Cola Blast

Now, we were glad that we weren’t shorted on the amount of XS cases that we had ordered, but we were disappointed that we didn’t get the flavors we had asked for. That, and the Summit Blast is a larger can as well. So we had paid for a more expensive product and A: got the wrong flavor and B: a smaller size product. So we headed home and the next business day I called up the corporation. Not only did they do the obvious thing and send us the correct XS that we have originally ordered, they told us we didn’t have to return the other case! So we basically got an extra case of XS for free. Amway’s regular policy is that they have a 180 day cash back guarantee. They just ask that you return the other product. That’s their normal policy.

So long as I have been in business I’ve seen Amway go against their own return policy multiple times to provide that extra push of customer service. I happen to currently be employed by Rogers – anyone who is a client of their’s or has done business with them, knows about policies. Its the same for many large corporations – policies are in place as guidelines. Policies for returns, refunds, exchanges, buyers remorse, billing disputes and so on. There’s policies all over the place. But its what large corporations stick to. Whenever you need a favor or an exception against these policies….ohhh man you know you’re in for a battle. Start with front line customer service – then you go to customer relations / loyalty then you go to their manager and so on and so on. Its tiring.

Within 10 minutes after explaining what had happened, providing the lot number, the agent had sent out a replacement order of XS for us and I got on with my day, enjoying a can of Black Cherry Cola as I went courtesy of the corporation! Last year Nikki had a purse from the Personal Accents line start losing its inner lining. This was after the 180 day guarantee by the way. One phone call, 15 minutes and she had a new purse on the way. That’s nuts! I haven’t seen other companies do that! There have been a tonne of other stories from other people that I’ve listened to over Kate and while Amway does have its policies, its got to be the most easy company to deal with that I’ve experienced in regards to customer service on the phone. Their product support/quality assurance thus far for us has been exceptional for us both as customers and as business owners.

The tough part about getting the replacement XS is that it could only be shipped to the address we had used for the original order. So we had to drive back down to Blaine. We chose one of my days off and made an afternoon of it. Tuesday afternoon at the border is fun. We drove right up and got right across both ways. After picking up our order we drove down to Semiahmoo Park. The tide was out and it was a warm sunny spring day. So Nikki and I got a chance to explore and enjoy some quality time on the beach. If you have a chance to go in the afternoon I recommend it. We saw a crane, an eagle and there was a large group of Harbor and Leopard Seals sunning themselves on the breakwater docks that chatted at us as we walked over to their location. As the tide was out quite a long way we walked on a bed that was all muscles and barnacles. I’ve never seen the beach so thickly covered in them before. There was also a lady who was digging away in the dirt with a rake which we could only assume was digging for clams etc. I hope that wasn’t the case, though since there were ridiculous amounts of signage warning people to not catch and eat any shellfish due to the red tide season or something about poisonous chemicals in the shellfish.

All in all, it was a good day and not only did Amway make up for their miscue, they made up for it in a more than fair manner. Can’t complain about that.

~ C

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#1 In Online Health And Beauty 9 years running – Sounds like a great Manufacturer to be associated with…..

When I looked to partner with a manufacturer I figured going with the best will give me the best results but also allow me to provide the best to all of my customers and business leaders. This is just another reason among many why I’m confident with my partnership with Amway Global. You don’t get these kinds of results with a fly by night, starting at the bottom level, get rich quick dealy.

See http://news.amway.com/2012-06-26-Amway-North-America-1-in-Online-Health-Beauty-Sales-for-Ninth-Consecutive-Year-Internet-Retailer

Amway North America #1 in Online Health & Beauty Sales for Ninth Consecutive Year — Internet Retailer

Jun 26, 2012

ADA, Mich., June 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — For the ninth consecutive year, Amway Independent Business Owners (IBOs) have earned the company the top spot in online Health & Beauty (H&B) sales. Internet Retailer’s annual Top 500 Guide to the web ranked Amway North America first again in the Health & Beauty category, and 30th in overall web sales.

Amway North America is part of the Amway family, a worldwide leader in direct selling, with more than three million IBOs in more than 80 countries and territories. Amway North America’s Top 500 Guide ranking is based on estimates made by Internet Retailer, since Amway does not report sales by individual market.

Enterprise-wide sales for Amway North America’s parent company, Alticor, were $10.9 billion in fiscal 2011. According to Internet Retailer estimates, Amway North America’s online sales were more than $980 million in 2011.

“Amway Independent Business Owners always look to the future and new technology trends and that’s helped us achieve this level of success online. Using social media and cutting-edge technologies, Amway IBOs serve customers wherever they are: in person, on their computers, phones or tablets,” says Tanios Viviani, Regional President of Amway Americas. “This ranking also reflects the high quality of our products and appeal of our major health and beauty brands, NUTRILITE® nutritional supplements and ARTISTRY® skin care and cosmetics.”

NUTRILITE is the world’s No. 1 selling vitamins, and dietary supplements brand*, and ARTISTRY is among the world’s top five, largest-selling, premium skin care brands**.  The NUTRILITE and ARTISTRY brands are among more than 450 unique, high-quality products manufactured and marketed by Amway. These exclusive brands are supported by more than 60 Research & Development labs worldwide, approximately 500 patents, and a 180-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Internet Retailer’s definitive ranking and analysis of America’s 500 largest e-retailers is based on annual 2011 Internet sales, researched by Internet Retailer and confirmed by retailers. This report includes company financial, operational and performance data, as well as vendors in key categories.

About Amway
Founded in 1959 and based in Ada, Michigan, Amway is one of the world’s largest direct selling businesses and a member of the Alticor family of companies. Amway offers consumer products and business opportunities in more than 80 countries and territories worldwide through more than 3 million Independent Business Owners building their own AMWAY™ businesses. Top-selling brands for Amway are NUTRILITE vitamin, mineral and dietary supplements and ARTISTRY skincare and colour cosmetics. For more information about Amway visit news.amway.com

About Internet Retailer
Published by Chicago-based Vertical Web Media LLC, Internet Retailer is a monthly national business magazine, two web sites, two e-mail newsletters, three conferences and trade shows, and five research guides – all directed to various aspects of the e-commerce business. Internet Retailer’s 42,500 subscribers and 250,000 monthly web readers represent senior executives primarily from retail chains, independent stores, catalogs, virtual merchants and brand name manufacturers. Internet Retailer’s circulation represents the largest multichannel readership base of any retailing magazine.

*Source: Euromonitor International Limited; Vitamins and Dietary Supplements, World, Retail Value RSP, 2010.

**Source: Euromonitor International Limited; Beauty and Personal Care 2011, premium cosmetics and premium skincare category and subcategory; global 2010 value RSP