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These are what are called the “Founders Fundamentals”. The Amway Servicing Corporation’s visions and views are based around these tenets. As good as any principals that you’ll find a large corporation leaning on to guide its purpose don’t you think? In this section we’ll be looking at some of the main concerns that many people who do not like Amway have and will respond with what we have personally found and experienced in light of some of the main three to four negative blogs or online websites who say that the company is all bad.

Amway is a scam!/Pyramid Scheme!/Illegal!

Please view these:

Specifically located in the “opinion of the commission” – section 2:

In an Initial Decision rendered June 23, 1978, the presiding administrative law judge (the ‘ALJ’) found that FTC counsel…had failed to establish that respondents had committed other violations of Section 5…We also agree with the conclusion reached in the Initial Decision, that complaint counsel have failed to prove the other allegations made against Amway of unfair methods of competition and unfair or deceptive acts and practices. Specifically, we have determined that the Amway Sales and Marketing Plan is not an illegal ‘pyramid scheme’; that the non-­price ­related rules Amway has imposed on the distributors of its products, to control the way the products flow to consumers, do not constitute unreasonable restraints of trade or unfair methods of competition; and that, with the exception of certain earnings claims, respondents have not made false, misleading, or deceptive claims about Amway’s business or the opportunities it presents to a person who becomes a part of it.

And if for some reason you feel that the Better Business Bureau or the Federal Trade Commission are garbage examples keep in mind a few things – if Amway was as bad of a company as it’s detractors state, why would many well known companies and brands link up with them and be available as partner stores? Barnes and Noble, Budget Rent a Car, Avis, Dell Computers, FTD Florists and others in Canada and businesses such as Best Buy, Sears and K-Mart in the United states all link up with Amway. Do you really think they would put their good names on the line and affiliate themselves with an illegal, pyramidy corporation?

So far, I’ve seen that we’ve been paid exactly on the 15th of every month via direct deposit for our earnings. The corporation itself if fine. The great part about Amway is that the business opportunity is affordable so that anyone can get “in” and get started. The bad part about Amway is that its affordable so that anyone can get in. A lot of these “anyone’s” do not have any training, have not been prepared to be a business owner, have no people skills and as such have been key parts of a lot of horror stories you may have heard of from your Aunt Nellie or your buddy Rob. I can thankfully say we have not met or dealt with any of these individuals and am thankful that we have been taught how to appropriately represent the opportunity. As you can see, the Corporation is legal and legit as can be.

If that was not enough, the Corporation provides a 180 day (6 month) cash back guarantee on almost all of its products! This is on consumable items, folks. That’s huge! Likewise it also promises to fully refund an IBO’s business license and registration fee within the first 90 days! So if you want to back out, you can do so with no charge! Would a “scam” allow people to get their money back? I wouldn’t know personally but from what I’ve heard of scams is that people who put money in have no chance of getting it back and there is no “trying it out”. Check out Amway’s Low Risk ,Low Cost Satisfaction Guarantee.

Stay away from Amway! Those people are weird/nuts/cultists!

These claims are odd in of themselves. Amway is not a person. It is a neutral entity that provides products and services to its customers and business owners. Its like Costco. You can’t say that Costco is a cult. Its a warehouse store! Can you have a bad experience with a weirdo who is head over heels infatuated with Costco? Certainly! Does that mean Costco is bad/weird/a cult? Certainly not. As mentioned above, anyone can obtain an Amway license. If you had a negative experience, it was with someone who was an IBO who was affiliated with Amway. But that person was not Amway. If my friend had a bad experience with a bad professor at the University of British Columbia would that automatically mean that all of the professors at U.B.C. are bad? Would that mean that U.B.C. itself is bad? Definitely not. What a ridiculous thought. My point being, just because you, or someone you know or maybe someone you don’t even know but have heard of had a bad experience with someone who contracted with Amway does not mean we are the same way. We are most definitely not them and I would hope that you don’t judge everyone the same way in any other venture or experience.

Those prices! They seem so expensive! We can just get cheaper at our local stores.

They would seem that way. And yes, some products are outright more expensive. But you have to view some of those products in regards to quality and value for the cost. What it is that you get for the price you pay. Each of the main product lines are among the top of their field in quality and value for their cost. Keep in mind that all of the exclusive lines have 6 months cash back guarantees. And that is on consumable products! Take half a case of energy drinks back to Safeway and see how much money you get back (and I’m not talking about the deposit for the empties). Or a 3/4 empty box/bottle of tide. Or an unsealed bottle of vitamins. Or a half used tray of make up. It won’t happen. Why would Amway do that then when no one else will? Maybe quality has something to do with it. My partner got a purse from the personal accents line which started to fray along the inner lining. Even after 200 days the corporation sent her a replacement. Now that’s not the expectation that is set, but I’ve experienced this myself with returning a product for myself and for one of our customers. We’ve also heard of many positive “return” experiences that other Business Owners have shared that are just world class.

Thankfully W.W.D.B. does pricing comparisons for us but I’ll do some manual examples (in Canadian Dollars of course).

  • XS Energy Drinks: case of 12 = $31.20 – that breaks down to $2.60/can at retail cost. A equal can size of red bull at a 7-11 or Safeway would sell at $2.99 retail. Better quality product health wise and better pricing.
  • Perfect Water: case of 24 = $56.16 – that breaks down to $2.34/bottle at retail cost. A equal bottle size of Aqua Fina or Dasani at a pop machine, 7-11 or Safeway would be $1.99 – $2.00. A whole $0.34 more isn’t that much. The quality is better for that extra $0.34. If you compared a more closely competitive water product like Fiji or Smart water, those come in at $2.50+/bottle.
  • Nutrilite Nutrition Bars: box of 12 = $31.00 – that breaks down to $2.58 per bar. Whoa! That’s crazy when you consider you can buy a box or two of Quaker granola bars for like $10.00 or so on sale. But that’s not the correct comparable product. The nutrition bars are designed to be comparable to some meal replacement bars. To have when you only had time for toast before you rush out to work to fill you out a bit until you can have your lunch. Any meal replacement bars you find are easily much more expensive than anything you will find in the “granola bar” section of your store. Different usage, different target. That and the Nutrilite bars are insanely more better for you.
  • Legacy Of Clean SA-8 Triple Liquid Detergent – 1L / 33.8 oz = $13.55 – this product provides a minimum of 33 loads of laundry. This would break down to $0.41/load. Off the top of my head I don’t know what the comparison is to a Tide or whatever of equal size but you can be sure it’s on par and competitive. As well you don’t need to get a special “cold water” version as it is just as powerful in cold water saving you on utilities.

When you take the time to compare correctly, the pricing many times is on par if not better. The times when the pricing is more expensive for an Amway product, take a moment to consider the quality of the product and the guarantees that come with it.  If you didn’t care about quality in the first place and it was all about low price, low price, low price then you would purchase almost everything you could from the dollar store. The main problem is a lot of people just view the price and think its insane. It only looks insane because you’re getting a large amount of product in the box and people may not be used to seeing that up front. I wouldn’t think of paying $52.80 for paper towels. But when I work it out and see that I’m paying $2.20 per roll for a box of 24 rolls I can compare that paper towel to any regular store level pricing. And its one less thing I have to shop for there and carry home since it would be delivered to my door.

Our skincare and cosmetics are rated in the top five prestige brands in the world. They are pharmaceutical grade. So of course when you compare a Creme Lux or Time Defiance with something that Olay has, of course the price difference will be insane. It would also be a huge difference when comparing the same Olay product to a Clinique or Estee Lauder product. The two other prestige brands will always be more expensive because of their quality. You get what you pay for. Plus there is the money back guarantee.

Amway’s Legacy of Clean line has the prestige of being one of the only companies to become a Recipient of the United Nations Environmental Programme Insignia Pin from the United Nations Environmental Programme Achievement Award. The products are environmentally conscious, they are free from sulfides, phosphates and ammonia. And they’re surprisingly powerful which is the best part due to their concentration levels.

The overall bottom line is, when you take a few moments to really compare, you get a great product, at competitive rates with an amazing guarantee. As business owners, we’ve been able to use the products to see how good they are. To date there has been only one product that I think we haven’t liked. We use a majority of the products in our home and in our lives that Amway manufactures – We might as well get paid cash to use them. Which we do.

Who or what is Euromonitor? I’ve never heard of them. Why are they credible when making positive claims about Amway products?

Euromonitor Website – About Us.

Our extensive network of strategic analysts in 80 countries provides the depth of global, national and local business information required in today’s increasingly international business environment. Our global industry specialist teams ensure the international consistency of our research.

The bottom line is that Amway is a juggernaut. If I’m looking around at companies with which to partner with to run a business venture, I would look for a tenured company that has a long history. I’d look for a company that has a history of increasing their results and are settled (ie: not going anywhere / not a flash in the pan). They’re also insanely profitable; their products are of excellent quality and they are needed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis by the both of us, out potential customers and our downline business owners (recurring need leads to recurring purchases). If we’re going to have a service company serve me and my business, there’s a huge amount of positive surrounding this company and what it has to offer. Period.

I would hope that some of our personal experiences and insight will allow you to have a look at the potential positive upside that this company and the business opportunity they provide has to offer. Leaders do not let other’s negative experiences dictate the experience they will have. All they need is one reason to make it work and they will create their own experiences.  Talk with your potential Upline about your concerns if you still have them. Once again, this is just a blog and as such should not be considered credible research aside from the legitimate links I have provided in regards to Amway’s B.B.B. rating and the legality of their existence.

Amway has been around since 1959 without you being involved. They have hit the $10 Billion dollar mark in revenue sales in 2011 without you. And they are projected to hit 12 Billion for the now past 2012. They’ve done that without you. And they will continue to grow whether you get involved or not. The question you need to ask is, what reasons do you have to not want to get a piece of that action and improve the choice your have in your life? Answer those and talk to your potential Upline about it. Remember that they will only succeed when they help you to do the same.

However you choose to move forward in your life, I wish you prosperity, happiness and fulfillment. May your days be filled with laughter, joy and the love of those that are the most important to you.

~ Cameron

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