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“So what is this stuff all about? What are you about? What is this, yet another internet blog, about? And why should I care?”

Well, if you’re here and poking around it would be because you’ve been looking into what the hype and details are about Amway Global / Canada and World Wide Dream Builders (W.W.D.B.). You have either stumbled upon this blog or I may have even pointed you here myself. Someone you know or, possibly someone you barely know has talked with you about the W.W.D.B. mentorship and training opportunity which couples with the Amway servicing company and, being the diligent person you are, you’re looking to make sure you aren’t being taken into something that you don’t want to be apart of.

However there are two sides to every coin. And the unfortunate reality is that when coming for all of your answers on W.W.D.B. and Amway on the internet you will have found all of the negative feedback you can handle to make your choice to avoid the opportunity that you have been presented. Negative details sell and search engines will provide the websites with the highest hit counts which, in this situation are highly critical. The servicing company’s Better Business Bureau ratings take a back seat to us bloggers who are the end all and be all of how “the business” really is. /sarcasm

So if “The Opportunity” is so amazing, where are all of the positive experiences and reviews? Would you ask the same of the owners of Walmart? Of Costco? Of Telus or Rogers Communications? “Uh, Mr. Darren Entwistle (CEO of Telus), how are you doing in the cable and telecommunications industry? Should I get involved?” Why should they even have to come online and discuss it? They’re busy working their business, living their lives. Their priority for those things are higher than coming online to defend their lifestyles or their business models. They simply don’t need to do so. Of course the humor isn’t lost on me that here I am typing away like a 21st century keyboard warrior.


My purpose for this blog, however is to be that other side of the coin. I am a second time Amway IBO, utilizing the World Wide Dream Builder training and mentorship system located in the Vancouver, BC market. And what I have learned, experienced, witnessed and have come to see is a starkly different illustration of what the main three or four negative blogs and pages that are online paint a picture of.

My blog here has a twofold purpose. Firstly, to share my personal experiences as a World Wide Dream Builder IBO as I learn and grow in my business. Secondly to counter and unveil the many concerns, negative beliefs and baseless assumptions that are perpetrated in regards to W.W.D.B and to provide transparency as to the process I have been taught and to highlight the positives that actually have occurred in my life (and many I have met / known) due to my involvement.


You will notice that I do not have comment sections available in my posts. I have not created this blog to have conversations or debates on the topics of WWDB or Amway. I would hope that you have guessed that this blog is coming from a “pro” or positive stance. Knowing that, it will be easier for you to see the context from which I’m posting and why. If you’re looking for negative stuff, you’ll have no problem finding it elsewhere. There are many other communities, blogs, forums and websites who have “discussions” available for you to view and participate in. There’s no point in having that again here when there are many others that seem to specialize in that sort of thing. Many “discussions” (that I’ve seen at least) on blogs and fourms and the like normally lead to the equivalent of an immature shouting match, a back and forth of vitriol and you said this, I said that, no you didn’t! and so on and so forth.

If you’re negative – that’s fine. There are many places for you to vent your concerns and frustrations. If you want to “call me out”, you would be hard pressed to do so aside from just straight out calling me “a liar”. But one anonymous person calling another person on the internet a liar….anyone can do that. It’s pretty weak. Which is why I also make it clear I NEVER dispute anyone’s past experiences. I only share MY experiences. And they happen to be pretty darn positive. I’m also VERY open regarding my experience. I have pictures of our personal trips and experiences to share with those of you that read this blog. I share my business finances in relation to the cost of the business for goodness sake! Due to this it would be hard to state that I am exaggeratiing my success’ or lying to make the opportunity seem better than it is.

Lastly, commenting will also only waste your time, too. There would be no purpose or outcome from commenting that would help you understand the business any more or less than you do now. If you’ve found this blog chances are you’re just looking for information, details and experiences of other people who are doing the business. You wouldn’t be taking your extra time looking for a conversation, I would hope. That’s what you would do with the real life person who is talking to you about the business opportunity. You wouldn’t want to talk to an online blog person that you have no way of ever meeting or knowing. You can find more than enough of those online. The purpose here is to share MY positive experiences via MY involvement. I also directly address many of the “concerns” those negative towards the business have. I directly openly share how I have not gone backwards financially as well. Lastly, I don’t have the time to have regular online post responses and discussions about what other people think of what I post. I’ve already decided to build the business – I’m just sharing the positives about it that other people seem to mis-represent.

At the end of the day – it shouldn’t matter. Any “anonymous” online source should be considered sketchy and untrustworthy to begin with. I’ll be the first to tell you that – keep in mind though, any other online source who used to be “in the business” will tell you they are completely right. Yikes! I would watch out from anyone you don’t know to be credible.

So, with that said, here’s a bit about where I’m coming from and where my point of view comes from:

I take pride in who I am, and what I am apart of. I originally joined my closest friend in business shortly after he started in 2006. At that time I was very skeptical and did just what you may be doing now – internet research. Of course I saw a lot of negative stuff. Considering he and his girlfriend at the time was living in Edmonton, after learning about the plan and the potential, I had a chance to sit down with one of his upline who, at that time was flying from BC to Calgary and Edmonton to help them grow their organization. Being a crown prosecutor with a wife that worked with the RCMP I decided that this thing at the very least couldn’t be illegal and went into business with my best friend. I had my concerns, but I had yet to experience a lot of that weird stuff I had read about up to that point and I had no reason to expect my best friend would be attempting to exploit me especially when he was working with a couple who worked in law enforcement.

Shortly after, the irresponsible lifestyle I had lived up to that point before I went into business had caught up to me. I was financially in trouble and my living situation put even more pressure on me as I was the only person paying for a rent amount that had originally been set to be paid by two people, if you catch my drift. Because I was in so deep it was a straw that broke my bank balance’s back. I had no faith in the business I had started as my main reason for starting was to support my friend and to hopefully see something come from this venture as time went on. Needless to say, the business was not my highest priority which is why instead of looking for solutions, it was the first thing to go as I had no budgeting skills whatsoever and didn’t reach out for any assistance which is what our sponsor and everyone up from him were there for. It wasn’t the business that put me back, it was my horrible money management skills before I got started that got me.

The years went by. My life went from bad to worse until there was at a point where I was living on my mother’s living room floor as a 26 year old – unemployed, standing in food bank line ups. From that point I got my stuff together, got back to work and from 2007 – 2009 got myself out of the debt I had been in. My life was finally back on par. Solid job, decent pay, some close friends to enjoy some drinks and Canucks games with. I was able to actually afford to enjoy life a little bit. It was then thatmy childhood friend and his now wife came back into my life. Having known each other since grade 5, we easily went in and out of regular contact as we got older. It’s always great to have a friend you can always pick right back up with even though you haven’t seen them or talked with them for months at a time.

He was out in Coquitlam doing a board plan for one of his legs out in BC and so we went and grabbed lunch. It was at that time he showed me his retirement day. Sledgehammer in hand – smashing his alarm clock as a 26 year old a few years before. His wife, a school teacher had retired as a 24 year old who had worked for one year before no longer needing to work. I was blown away to find that for the last 5 or so years I had been working just to get my life on track, and he had created a retirement income utilizing his upline mentors and coaches to help him. I had quit. He hadn’t. To this day I wonder where I would be now if I hadn’t quit out when I did.

At that point his results spoke volumes to me. It was possible. It was real. Not some pie in the sky, illegal, fake, pyramidy thing. Within moments I knew if he had done it, there was no excuse for me not to. None. And so I started my journey again. This time I had to go through an education and qualification process. It was partly for me to understand how everything worked. To learn how things were done and how the program worked. What it was that I was going to be taught. It was also mainly for our coaches/sponsors. To see if I was legit. If I was going to be worth their investment of time to help me. If I was going to be accountable. You see, a big difference was that if I didn’t make it through the education and qualification process, they wouldn’t have sponsored me. And that, in itself is the huge difference in what we do, versus a lot of that crazy weird stuff you’ll read out there.

There will be an ongoing blog about my experiences of building the business from time to time. There are also two areas, as I mentioned in regards to concerns that people have had in the past or feel they would have in the future with World Wide Group and Amway. You can access them from the main page of this blog or click on the links at the bottom of this page. I encourage you to give them a read if you truly are looking for positive reasons to build the business. I encourage you to speak with your upline/potential sponsor about finding credible information because, to be fair – blogs are not credible sources – mine included unless you’ve met me. You probably never have met me personally. You do not know me. Remember also; you also don’t know any of those other people typing that negative stuff either. You have no way of confirming their experiences just like you can’t confirm mine.  If you’re looking for reasons and excuses not to build it, you more than likely have already made that choice based on all of the negative you have found online in the blogs out there, and looking further here will only waste your time. I’m doing this just because I feel there should be a positive voice based on my positive experiences. Take it and use it as you choose. But choose wisely.

However you choose to move forward in your life, I wish you prosperity, happiness and fulfillment. May your days be filled with laughter, joy and the love of those that are the most important to you.

Best Regards,
Cameron C.
Owner / Operator of Ginger Solutions

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