Who Partners With A Scam?

Ahh spring is in the air! After having a +20 degree day a few days back and some sunny days here, as a ginger I can tell you, I may have to break out the sun screen a bit early!

A lot of stuff has gone by since my last post. I might get into some of the others in other posts but one of the cool situations is the huge addition of a multitude of partner stores that we, as IBO’s get access to. In the US, this has been going on for quite some time, but Amway Canada stepped their game up even more and had partner stores lined up to contract with them. Some of them Amway sought out as they saw it as a benfit to their clientelle and business owners and others sought Amway out for the sheer number of customers and volume Amway runs.

And that ties in directly with the title of this post. What business would knowingly and willingly partner up with a scam operation or an illegal pyramid scheme that abuses their userbase and steals from them? Well, quite a lot actually. As I said, in the US there’s been a huge amount of partner stores that connected themselves with Amway for many years now. Which kind of makes one think…in this day and age, when customer perception and company brand reputation is a HUGE issue and can determine how well a company improves their image and sales or loses sales and customer respect, why would any company risk that? If that is a big concern, what companies would dare partner with a scam? That would make them look pretty bad.

Which is exactly the point….these companies can see the sheer numbers of business owners and customers that Amway has access to. With an over 50 year track record and many other accolades, why wouldn’t a company want to partner up with them? It also goes to show that with all of the P/R departments and marketing departments these companies have, they sure as heck would have done their research about a corporation that they would sign off on partnering with.

So….if all of these companies were willing to connect their name and reputation on partnering with Amway – would it be safe to say they know something that a random blogger doesn’t? Do these professionals whose careers are on the line when they sign off on these things, have more invested than an online forum commentor? Just food for thought. These companies did a lot of thinking too…..and they found that partnering with Amway was a good thing. If its good enough for them, why not you? Check out which companies became partner stores a few months ago at the end of the post.

The cool part is, I use many of these stores and products regularly. So not only can I earn PV (= bonus cheques) by shopping for my consumables, but I can get paid just for buying parts to build my new PC; to get coffee or a new belt. My baby needs diapers and baby toys for the bath so I can get paid for buying those too. And thats just barely scratching the surface. Why wouldn’t you want to get paid to buy things that you already buy or need to buy regularly?

As always, if you’re learning about this opportunity from someone, whether friend, family member or stranger – make sure that you’re taken through a process to learn. Take the time to learn about the person showing this to you to see if they have your best interest in mind and don’t want to rush you into signing up into something. If you’re being pressured or rushed with no process that takes a few weeks? Walk away. There’s plenty of great business owners out there who will be happy to show you this opportunity the right way – with integrity and over the course of a few weeks so that a trust can be built. If that isn’t done, how can you trust the person to help you? How can they trust you to follow through on what you said you would? Its a two way street and it can be a fun one to drive. Just make sure you’re driving with the right people.

I’m off to Spring Leadership in Calgary tomorrow. Going to be an awesome weekend!

Enjoy your spring!

– C

Canadian Partner Stores (Some are IBO only for savings – others are for both IBO’s and Customers)

* Addition Elle
* Amazing Print
* Avis
* Aldoshoes.com
* Apple
* Backcountry
* Bed, Bath & Beyond
* Bose.ca
* Banana Republic
* Bloomingdales Canada
* Bowflex
* Bass Pro Shops
* Bluefly
* Budget Rent A Car
* The Bay
* Bogs Footwear Canada
* Buffalo David Bitton
* Canada Post
* Columbia Sportswear
* Corner Stork Baby Gifts
* Choice Hotels Canada
* Conair
* Crocs Canada
* Dell Computers Canada
* The Disney Store
* Dyson Canada
* Discover Channel Store
* Dynamite Clothing
* EBooks.com
* Esso
* Express
* Eddie Bauer
* Expedia
* Florsheim
* Footlocker
* Forever 21
* GAP Canada
* Godaddy.com
* Guess
* Guess Factory
* Garage Clothing
* Groupon
* Globosshoes
* Hireko Golf
* Hotels.com
* Hewlett Packard (HP.ca)
* Home Depot
* HP Snapfish
* Indigo Books & Music
* Isabella Oliver
* Jegem.com
* Jos. A Bank Canada
* Kenneth Cole
* Keurig
* Lacoste Canada
* Lego
* Lord & Taylor
* Leftlane Sports
* Loft
* Lowes Canada
* Macys Canada
* Microsoft
* McAfee
* Naturalizer.ca
* Newegg Canada
* Neiman Marcus
* Nunn Bush
* Old Navy
* Paul Frederick
* Penningtons
* Primus Canada
* Roots Canada
* Royal Canadian Mint
* Saks Fifth Avenue
* Shopbop
* Starbucks
* Sears Canada
* Sony
* Sunglass Hut
* TheSource.ca
* Toms Canada
* Turbotax
* Tiger Direct.ca
* Travelocity
* Under Armour
* Urban Outfitters
* USI Affinity Insurance
* Villeroy & Boch
* Vistaprint
* What A Bloom Florist
* Wyndham Resorts & Hotels
* XS Gear