Founders Diamond

2016 EDIT – The video was removed by the source host. I’ve been unable to locate it. – C

Just found a great video snippet posted by the official Amway Achieve YouTube channel – possibly an intro video from when our friend’s and upline Diamonds were at Achievers and did a talk there. I thought it highlights some great points of what they stand for. Of course I’ll be the first to state that these two, as well as the mentor’s upline from them truely have a heart for building this business with integrity and doing it right. I’m definitely proud of how I’ve been taught to approach the business, especially knowing how many weirdo’s there are out there who try to build the business with absolutely no coaching or mentorship and they end up as another horror story on the interwebs.

I’ll keep saying it, if there isn’t a qualification process and someone’s coming at you with a hype up / sign up – run away. This business is worth checking out – but make sure your potential upline is putting you through a process to learn in depth about it beforehand – as long as you’re accountable to the process.

So fortunate to be in business with some amazing people. Here ya go!

~ C