Amway Sales Repot: $11.8 Billion Global Sales

Soooo a 53+ year old company – 8 consecutive years in sales growth – world wide enterprises ….. clearly is a scam / scheme. Right….

Just released press release comfirms yet another Sales Increase year over year surpassing $11.3 Billion from 2012 up to $11.8 Billion. If you’re going to partner with a servicing company to run your own business – this seems to be a pretty darn good choice.

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ADA, Mich., Feb. 4, 2014 – Amway today reported global sales of USD$11.8 billion for 2013, a record for the organization. The total surpasses 2012 sales of USD$11.3 billion and continues a period of tremendous growth, highlighted by annual sales increases in seven consecutive years. The company’s annual sales figure includes revenue from direct selling operations and other business holdings.”Our distributors are the driving force behind this remarkable achievement, supported by the work of our 21,000 employees worldwide,” said Amway Chairman Steve Van Andel and Amway President Doug DeVos in a joint statement. “Distributors in more than 100 countries and territories are now achieving their potential through their Amway businesses, creating another record year for the company.”

Strong sales across categories, led by nutrition
Nutrition products continued to be the sales leader for Amway. Flagship products include NUTRILITE™ Protein Powder and NUTRILITE™ DOUBLE/TRIPLE X supplements. The healthy aging category is driving new growth, including sales of NUTRILITE™ Memory Builder dietary supplements. Product launches included TRUVIVITY by NUTRILITE™, a patented moisture enhancing system that leverages the company’s scientific expertise in nutrition and beauty, and a new line of weight management products, BODYKEY by NUTRILITE™.

The beauty products category provided strong results as well, strengthened by the continued global rollout of its ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND™ skincare collection and the launch of the ARTISTRY IDEAL RADIANCE™ brightening line.

In the home products category, sales of eSpring™ Water Purifiers were impressive, bolstered by the momentum of the product’s introduction in China in late 2012 and strong sales in Asian markets.  eSpring™ is now the world’s number-one selling brand of home water treatment systems, based on a Verify Markets study of 2012 global sales.

Expansion continues
In order to meet increasing demand for the company’s products, Amway is undertaking a $375 million manufacturing and R&D expansion globally.  The expansion includes facilities being built in Washington, California and Michigan in the United States, as well as a site in India and R&D facilities in China and South Korea.  Manufacturing sites in Vietnam and China are planned as part of the expansion as well.

Amway also continued its support of its distributors through a physical presence strategy that included opening a business center in Berlin, Germany in 2013.  Amway has experienced success with integrating physical locations into its business model in recent years and, with the opening of a location at Citi Field in New York City, now has physical locations in all four company regions.  The locations serve as another tool for distributors to use in building their businesses and servicing their customers.

Supporting entrepreneurship
In its continued support of entrepreneurship, Amway published its Global Entrepreneurship Report in November 2013.  The report studied people’s attitudes toward self-employment, revealing important information about global views and the desire by many for a business opportunity of their own.  Amway has been collecting and analyzing data in relation to entrepreneurship on a regular basis since 2008. In 2013, the survey featured 24 countries, including the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Japan,Australia and several European countries.

Giving nature
The company culminated a year’s worth of activities dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the AMWAY ONE BY ONE™ Campaign for Children on Nov. 20, 2013.  The single day of service, called Amway Universal Children’s Day, mobilized employees and distributors from across the globe to serve children’s causes. Approximately 15,000 people in 57 countries participated in 300 projects that day, impacting 100,000 children globally


Founders Diamond

2016 EDIT – The video was removed by the source host. I’ve been unable to locate it. – C

Just found a great video snippet posted by the official Amway Achieve YouTube channel – possibly an intro video from when our friend’s and upline Diamonds were at Achievers and did a talk there. I thought it highlights some great points of what they stand for. Of course I’ll be the first to state that these two, as well as the mentor’s upline from them truely have a heart for building this business with integrity and doing it right. I’m definitely proud of how I’ve been taught to approach the business, especially knowing how many weirdo’s there are out there who try to build the business with absolutely no coaching or mentorship and they end up as another horror story on the interwebs.

I’ll keep saying it, if there isn’t a qualification process and someone’s coming at you with a hype up / sign up – run away. This business is worth checking out – but make sure your potential upline is putting you through a process to learn in depth about it beforehand – as long as you’re accountable to the process.

So fortunate to be in business with some amazing people. Here ya go!

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