Free Enterprise Days 2013

My goodness, what a weekend. Its not every day that you get a chance to witness your longtime friend earn a “life championship” by getting recognized in front of thousands of people for becoming WWDB Founders Diamond in the Amway business.

I was asked a few times this weekend what its like for someone like myself who had known Dean before he became the well known leader that he is today, to witness the success he had created with his wife. My response was simply that it proves that the business can work for anyone if they are willing to change and get out of their comfort zone.

Change is a choice. What causes that choice is based on a “why” or purpose. Be that a dream of future success’ or desires or a nightmare of potential negative outcomes. The new Diamond ceremony definitely showcased how a life championship not only is a victory for just Dean and Marcie – but more importantly for many other individuals and couples who have been impacted positively because of their victory. Their victory came by helping others achieve success’ in their life which was passed on through their organization. You don’t become a Diamond, let alone Founders Diamond by not helping many others create victories in their lives. It was an amazing weekend and an amazing function.

Here’s to future growth.

~ C

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