Wolgamott Family Reunion 2013

Another Family Reunion has come and gone. It will have been my 3rd so far and what a fun, impactful environment to be in.

We started our drive down nice and early Friday morning and got into Spokane, WA at around 12:00pm local time from Vancouver. Unfortunately after enjoying a full month of sun up in BC, we ran into our first rain. Thankfully, Spokane got more beautiful as the weekend went on.

I have to say, World Wide keeps getting better and better. They are significantly improving the WWDB apps that are available to all IBO’s. Access to all audio, function calendar, streaming directly from the phone apps on iOS and Android will be implemented within the next month. So not only do they provide everything, but they keep giving us free stuff to help build our business and my premier membership has not gone up in price. More free stuff – no increase in cost. That’s awesome. They keep improving the tools they provide us, adding more features and functionality and have not increased costs at all. Pretty cool, folks. I wish cell phone companies and other places took a page out of World Wide’s book.

All in all, we had a great weekend. Even with jam packed days and a night owl, we got lots of good sleep and just got slammed with great speakers starting with some awesome input from Platinum pins on Saturday. The night finished off with Scott and Cris Harimoto, our friend’s and upline Diamonds, Tracy and Kimberly Eaton and the night finished off with Brad and Julie Duncan. Sunday was all Diamonds and Brad Duncan with some solid teaching to finish off the Function. Leslie Wolgamott sent us out and the way things are going, they’ll be using more of the Spokane Arena next year. The attendance year over year has steadily gone up and up. Indeed,last year the Spokane Opera house was sold out and they had to move us into a bigger venue. There’s a lot of great things happening, a lot of people recognizing this opportunity and moving on and making it work. Hopefully you’ll have done credible research and not trusted a random blog online if this opportunity is legitimate or not.

I’ll finish off with some points I took away from the function that really hit home for me and I’ll have some pictures taken from the trip as well.

Here’s to another awesome 90 days!

~ C

  • Time is the most expensive thing I’ve ever purchased.
  • The broker people are, the bigger temper they seem to have and the more skeptical they are.
  • You need to get around people are wanting to help you move forward instead of getting around people who want to help you get drunk.
  • “Can’t” is the brokest word in the dictionary. Why not look into why or how you can.
  • Be stubborn with the vision and flexible with the path. Not the other way around.
  • A lack of money provides selfishness.
  • The most costly advice is always given for free.
  • What’s the point of doing good work if the work doesn’t do any good?
  • Your old thinking will not get you to a new place.
  • We should all try to live before we get too old to.
  • In a relationship you can be right or you can be happy.
  • It is belief that powers your dreams. Without belief, your dreams will never be realized.
  • When I got together with my partner it wasn’t my goal to spend more time with my job than with her.
  • Winners never quit, quitters never win.
  • Why are riches only measured in money? What about association? What about marriage quality? What about time?
  • Challenges are relevant to your self image. Your self image will help determine what challenges you can overcome.
  • As your vision grows, your options shrink and your choices to accomplish your visions become easy to identify.
  • Higher pins quit because they’re in the business for money. They aren’t doing it for time. When life happens and their double eagleship, platinumship etc loses a leg, when the money goes, so do they instead of putting in the correct parameters to have a solid foundation so that they aren’t depending on one or two legs.
  • This business is built at the speed of trust.
  • We do not prospect, we impact.

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