Epic Afternoon

On June 1st we had a quarterly regional at the Sheraton Guildford Hotel. And we had a Legend come and teach and share from his heart. By the night was done there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Dave Severn came out and impacted the living daylights out of a room packed to the brim. There were easily 700 people in that conference room. One side alone was 16 chairs wide by 25 deep.

I’ve had the benefit of seeing and hearing the man speak live before at Major functions in Portland, Spokane and Calgary. However those were from stage. Not in a smaller, more intimate setting like this. The man is an absolute machine. He had been in the room before the function prepping his presentation. He was in the room for the platinum meeting beforehand. He spoke overtime and didn’t even get through his full teaching presentation for the training session. During the break he came in early and just chatted with everyone and had his own circle at the front of the room before being introduced for the plan. He then shared some of the most intimate details of his past few years. If anyone has been in business who has been on Kate and to Major Functions for the last 2 -3 years will know of the astounding challenges he has had to face and overcome. I swear the whole room broke down in tears at a few points in the night, myself no exception. He ended going overtime and even then was happy to meet and greet any and every attendee that evening after the Regional was over.

Dave Severn is an amazing communicator. A gifted teacher. An aggressive, yet loving, thought provoking and wise man. Whether you ever wanted to get in business or not, what he teached, how he teached and the principles taught were of value to everyone in the room. The principles, while focussed on those who wished to build “the business” could easily be used towards any facet of life. Anyone who was in that room, was able to walk away more empowered to move forward in their lives however they chose. I’m definitely thankful I got into that room on June 1st. Those highest among you will be servant to all. Dave Severn served us all day, and all evening. I can only hope to provide as much as a great example as Dave did last weekend.

Thank You Dave Severn for coming up and serving the Vancouver Market.

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