“How Many People Really Make It?”

“Whats the real percentage of making money in that thing?”

Well, if those doom and gloom blogs are correct, you’ll hear 99% failure rate over and over and over and over again. Because they have said it,typed it, delivered in some form of communication (They’d probably show you in sign language if they could), it must be totally, unabashedly true and as such you might as well forget about it, kid. No one makes it big in that deal.

I didn’t make it, I know of a lot of people who told me they didn’t make it (I’ve never met most of them of course…), their Aunt Jenny didn’t make it and everyone got conned and lost thousands of dollars!

The general idea of this “Its a 99% failure rate! Run away! It can’t work! It can’t be done!” is an interesting concern.  Its basically warning you that low amounts of people really make the good money and that it is ridiculously, insanely hard to not go into debt and you are being lied to.

So lets look at this “concern” in a bit more in depth. The concern basically says this:

“Because there is a perceived high failure rate in this industry / activity / business / job – it is therefore a waste of your time, your money and your resources. Do not attempt to succeed in that industry / activity / business / job – most people fail! (Insinuating that you already will without even knowing you) Most people lose out or don’t make it!

In other words do not try anything that has a perceived high failure rate. They can’t do it, they aren’t doing it, why will it be different for others? If that was the mentality in everything – everyone would be average. There would be no “professionals”. Only amateurs and mediocre’s.

So, with that concern in mind I would challenge those who have this type of concern to keep the same mindset towards all challenges; To all fields that have a high “perceived” failure rate just to be consistent. And with that consistency in mind, I hope they tell their nieces and nephews or their children to never aspire to be anything more than average just as often as they post on their blogs about how most will never make it in the business.

I would hope that they tell their niece or daughter that most little girls don’t make much money by being in Ballet. There are very few ballet stars. The work is hard! Oh so hard! And the money! You’ll go backwards every month paying for your extra schooling and teachers and studio fees and costumes! And there’s a high percentage of failure rate – so chances are, sweetie – you’ll fail too. So just forget about trying to make anything out of your little hobby and have fun for now.

Uncomfortable thought isn’t it? Saying that to a child who wants to really be successful at their activity or sport. Sorry….but there’s more points to be had….

NCAA.org gives us some straight up numbers. Lets start with basketball since I’m a hoops  player and fan.

Men’s Basketball

* High school senior players who go on to play NCAA men`s basketball: Less than one in 35, or 2.9 percent.

* NCAA senior players drafted by an NBA team: Less than one in 75, or 1.3 percent.

* High school senior players eventually drafted by an NBA team: About three in 10,000, or 0.03 percent. That’s roughly the chance of getting four of a kind in the first round of draw poker.

0.03% – 2.9% Based on these numbers and the mentality discussed above – it is INSANE to ever allow your child to dream about making the NBA. ” Now Kevin, only 2.9% make it to the NBA – thats a 97.1% failure rate. With those odds you’ll never make it. Spending money for you to go to basketball camps in the summer, new basketball shoes, driving you to practices and games – we would lose a lot of money. Those developmental camps are scams! There’s no guarantee you’ll make the NBA but they charge hundreds of dollars to help you “develop”. What scammers!” 

* High school senior players who go on to play NCAA men’s football: About one in 17, or 5.8 percent.

* NCAA senior players drafted by an NFL team: About one in 50, or 2.0 percent.

* High school senior players eventually drafted by an NFL team: About nine in 10,000, or 0.09 percent.

That’s about the chance you have an IQ above 150, as measured by the Stanford-Binet test. The average IQ of Ph.D. students is 130.

With a 5.8% chance of playing College ball doing that alone in itself is a victory. But when you get there you go down to a 2% chance you’ll make it to the NFL….with the above mentality this dream would be insanely, totally nuts! “Don’t even try! So many kids fail! They never make it! Its too hard!” Are you starting to see where I’m going with this?

I’m a Canucks fan so lets go with the NHL. Source from CBC – The Fifth Estate – Jim Parcels:

It amazes me of the stories that I have heard about organizations attempting to acquire the services of minor hockey players, some as young as the age of 7 or 8 living in communities 1-3 hours from those teams.  Perks such as guaranteed ice time, video games, bicycles, jackets, track suits and that never ending “exposure” term that gets parents heads spinning.  Those organizations will tell you anything to get your services just to fill a roster spot on their team because there are dozens of other teams out there competing to tell you the same thing.

Recruiters love painting the rosy picture at the “front door” with promises of exposure and elite instruction.  What very few people think of is the not so rosy picture at “back door” of the development process for the 99.999% that pass through minor or junior hockey systems without guaranteed financial returns.

Using the birth year 1975 and registration information from the Ontario Hockey League:
*There were approximately 30,000 players who played minor hockey in Ontario up until the draft from the development ages to the NCAA / OHL (minor league) draft in 1991/1992.

Of that 30,000:

* 41 were drafted to NCAA Div 1 teams (0.001%). 
* 23 played at least 1 game (56%)
* 232 were drafted to an OHL team when they became eligible (0.008%).  
* Of those players drafted, only 105 played at least 1 game (45.3%).
* Only 90 of these made it through their full 3 – 4 years of eligibility (86%). 

Through these two avenues, 48 players were drafted to the NHL. That is a 0.002% rate of success. The birth year of 1975 was considered to be the best NHL draft year for Ontario players as of 1999. 

And that’s just from one province. We’re not talking the rest of Canada, the US or overseas players.

So where am I going with all of this? Well, if the negative blogs are to believed and the Amway business has a “high failure rate” then no one should do it. In fact they should run away! However you will NEVER see any of these people posting negative blogs about how pro sports are a scam. How very little people who try really end up making it. You will never see these people talking to parents about how they and their child are being scammed! How their child or friend tried to make it pro but failed and many other failed so their kid will fail too.

Oh, but sports are different. Its all about team building and having fun and making friends and learning life skills. Its not about competition. Its just to have fun. Please go say that to a high level athlete’s family. Right to their faces. I dare ya. They have a dream, they have a vision, they have a focus. They know the chances and they are pushing forward to greatness. They know how much it will cost in sporting equipment, how much time in driving to practices and games and out of town tournaments and registration fees. They know the sacrifices.

Is that family dumb? Are they stupid? The failure rates are so high! Why would they put their kid through that? Why would they put themselves through that?

Because others have done it. Every – single – year others are doing it. They’re making it happen. They aren’t listening to the people who snicker at them or tell them its a waste of time.

Now compare becoming a pro athlete to the Amway business. Athlete = talent + hard work. Business = Hard work + ability to learn new skills. Talent is an X factor in pro sports. Its God and/or genetically given (depending on your beliefs). You can’t learn that. Everyone can work hard and put in time. Everyone can learn new skill sets. Everyone can extend their comfort zone.

Alright….rant over. I just get annoyed when I see a common message stating that the failure rate is high (I’ve personally witnessed a lot of pin crossings and retirees in my last 2.5 years of business) which automatically means they believe you aren’t good enough and you can never achieve anything aside from what you have now or what a university degree will give you (or not give you….no guarantees of a job in your field of study by the way).

I’ve shared my numbers to be clear that if you’re partnered up with a solid line of sponsorship that teaches you and coaches you well (and you follow the coaching) in your worst scenario (doing nothing at all except personal use) you’ll break even or at least be pretty damn close. You will not get that in any other business startup.

You may be a part time athlete like myself with no chance of making the NBA or NHL but from what I’ve experienced and seen – people can make it. They are making it. And for someone who wants more, all they need to know is if it’s been done before. And if it has, its doable.

Unless of course you’re a real leader like Roger Bannister. That English fellow who broke the 4 minute mile in 1954. The time that no one had ever beaten before. He pulled it off and now under 4 minutes is expected. Its almost a standard for competitive runners to start at. After he did it, many, many more did it. At least in the Amway business you already have examples to learn from and follow.

Those who say it cannot be done should get out of the way of those who are aspiring to and are doing it.

~ C


Gimme That Customer Service!

As we are Canadians, it’s unfortunate that up north we sometimes don’t have the same products available to us as Americans do through Amway US. Part of that is your regular supply and demand but the other annoying part is our regulators that we have up here. ie: Body Key Appetite chews – they’re like raspberry Starburst candies and chocolate Tootsie Rolls and meant to help curb hunger between meals for those on the Body Key weight management program. The States have had them since Body Key launched. Up here, nope. Still being checked out and we’ll have to wait for the feds to “OK” it. Its definitely annoying. Especially in the case of XS flavors.

Ahh yes, XS. I am a self admitted Coca-Cola fiend. Ever since high school I loved my Coke and whenever I’m doing a project online, gaming or watching a movie, I need something fizzy. Preferrably Coke. The tough part is that there is an INSANE amount of sugar in the stuff. Not only did it do a number on my teeth over the years but that amount of sugar consumption is never a good thing. So when I got back into business XS became a perfect substitute for me. Very little to no sugar and it gave me my fizzy drink that I wanted. Originally the Cola flavor was available in Canada about 2 years ago. And then it got discontinued.

I was disappointed until I learned that it was still available in the US. And on top of that, there have been some other flavors released that were only down South. We would see other business owners enjoying them and we would chat it up and we heard good things. Luckily we’re within a 30 minute drive of the border from where we are, so a few weeks back we put together an American order to pick up in the States. Finally we could try some of these mysterious flavors and I would finally get a taste of my long lost Cola Blast.

We ordered some of the Body Key stuff that wasn’t available in Canada yet but also we got a case of Electric Lemon Blast (tastes like Mikes Hard Lemonade – no booze though ;)), Cola Blast and Summit Blast (7-Up/Ginger-Ale Combo flavor). Through one of our crossline buddies we learned about this really nice ship to the US service called Ship2Blaine. There’s a bunch of places you can ship American orders to and then pickup in the Blaine/Peace Arch area but this is run by a nice family that uses the proceeds towards their kid’s college fund. Its also by donation. We’ve used them twice to date and its been great! Plus its a nice little drive. Semiahmoo park is minutes away and provides great views of Drayton Harbor.

So we get there and find our shipment but notice one of our boxes of XS are missing.
Instead of getting this:


XS Summit Blast

We got this:

XS Black Cherry Cola Blast

XS Black Cherry Cola Blast

Now, we were glad that we weren’t shorted on the amount of XS cases that we had ordered, but we were disappointed that we didn’t get the flavors we had asked for. That, and the Summit Blast is a larger can as well. So we had paid for a more expensive product and A: got the wrong flavor and B: a smaller size product. So we headed home and the next business day I called up the corporation. Not only did they do the obvious thing and send us the correct XS that we have originally ordered, they told us we didn’t have to return the other case! So we basically got an extra case of XS for free. Amway’s regular policy is that they have a 180 day cash back guarantee. They just ask that you return the other product. That’s their normal policy.

So long as I have been in business I’ve seen Amway go against their own return policy multiple times to provide that extra push of customer service. I happen to currently be employed by Rogers – anyone who is a client of their’s or has done business with them, knows about policies. Its the same for many large corporations – policies are in place as guidelines. Policies for returns, refunds, exchanges, buyers remorse, billing disputes and so on. There’s policies all over the place. But its what large corporations stick to. Whenever you need a favor or an exception against these policies….ohhh man you know you’re in for a battle. Start with front line customer service – then you go to customer relations / loyalty then you go to their manager and so on and so on. Its tiring.

Within 10 minutes after explaining what had happened, providing the lot number, the agent had sent out a replacement order of XS for us and I got on with my day, enjoying a can of Black Cherry Cola as I went courtesy of the corporation! Last year Nikki had a purse from the Personal Accents line start losing its inner lining. This was after the 180 day guarantee by the way. One phone call, 15 minutes and she had a new purse on the way. That’s nuts! I haven’t seen other companies do that! There have been a tonne of other stories from other people that I’ve listened to over Kate and while Amway does have its policies, its got to be the most easy company to deal with that I’ve experienced in regards to customer service on the phone. Their product support/quality assurance thus far for us has been exceptional for us both as customers and as business owners.

The tough part about getting the replacement XS is that it could only be shipped to the address we had used for the original order. So we had to drive back down to Blaine. We chose one of my days off and made an afternoon of it. Tuesday afternoon at the border is fun. We drove right up and got right across both ways. After picking up our order we drove down to Semiahmoo Park. The tide was out and it was a warm sunny spring day. So Nikki and I got a chance to explore and enjoy some quality time on the beach. If you have a chance to go in the afternoon I recommend it. We saw a crane, an eagle and there was a large group of Harbor and Leopard Seals sunning themselves on the breakwater docks that chatted at us as we walked over to their location. As the tide was out quite a long way we walked on a bed that was all muscles and barnacles. I’ve never seen the beach so thickly covered in them before. There was also a lady who was digging away in the dirt with a rake which we could only assume was digging for clams etc. I hope that wasn’t the case, though since there were ridiculous amounts of signage warning people to not catch and eat any shellfish due to the red tide season or something about poisonous chemicals in the shellfish.

All in all, it was a good day and not only did Amway make up for their miscue, they made up for it in a more than fair manner. Can’t complain about that.

~ C

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2012 – By The Numbers

And so another tax year has come and gone.

Many online sources that are negative towards the Amway opportunity and the WWDB training system state that they have been lied to, that you end up going into large amounts of debt to access all of the “tools” and to go to all of the major functions. The claims state that you are bound to lose a lot of money and go backwards financially. I am surprised that these people do not show the same amount of concern to people who go into hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars into debt to start up their own traditional business’…..but that’s not the point of this post today.

I make it very clear that I cannot dispute what other people may or may not have experienced in their partnership with Amway or World Wide Group. However, my experiences are telling me that they possibly were not coached or taught correctly as I am having a much different experience.

I have been very clear regarding the process we put potential business owners through to appropriately prepare them for this opportunity (See THE PROCESS) . I have also gone over many online concerns regarding being audited or the claims that this opportunity is promoted as a tax shelter (See “You’re told that everything is tax deductible!” section). All I can do is speak from my experience within my line of sponsorship; At no point have I been told to cheat on my taxes, to misrepresent what was and was not a business expense or to provide false claims. I have been taught how to correctly keep all receipts and proof of purchases as well as how to correctly complete basic book keeping to provide to my CGA.

So with another year behind me I figured I would go into some of the numbers a bit regarding the basic cost of the business and training system that seems to be sooo vilified around the web so people can see how much it puts me into debt and makes things worse. /sarcasm

Communikate: (Toll Free 1-800 number access / voicemail / voice messaging service / conferencing solutions / Fax services / dedicated email)
Monthly cost $36.95. Yearly Cost = $443.40

Digital Delivery: (Unlimited access to WWDB audio library featuring training / teaching / motivation for direct streaming and .mp3 download for use on iPod / Smartphone / mp3 players on the go)
Monthly cost: $25.00. Yearly Cost: $300.00

Premier Membership: (Hosted and created website, personal web training / prospecting website, free guest tickets for major functions, training utilities, discounts on personal development / training books, discounts on training tools)
Monthly cost: $49.95. Yearly Cost: $599.40

Current Totals: $111.90 /month. $1342.80/year.

Major Functions
Dream Night: $70.00 (Includes catered dinner)
Spring Leadership: $125.00
Family Reunion: $240.00 (includes catered dinner / breakfast / hotel room for 1 night)
Free Enterprise Days: $125.00
Total cost: $560.00

Current YTD Total: $1902.80

Add approximately $20.00/mo for any business building requirements such as prospect targeted CD’s, BOV’s, webtours or personal development books etc. Current cost would then come to $2142.80 for the year.

Cost would go up slightly for five hotel nights for major functions (one already included w/Family Reunion ticket). This cost would depend on where one stays etc.So based on these numbers we have a yearly overhead of $2142.80. Lets add $500.00 for those extra five hotel nights at the Major Functions as a general cost. We’re at $2642.80 for the year.

Oh no! I’ve lost money! I’ve been had! They’ve lied to me! Its all downhill from here! Not considering the lack of real work put into seriously growing our organization this year….

That aside – we have to take into account the amount Amway has actually paid us for volume that was generated by our personal use, our customer sales and our 1 downline leg’s personal use and customer sales.

This past year we were paid out  weekly for retail payouts and monthly for volume bonus’. Unfortunately, with our low activity in the business, our earnings definitely did not cover expenses. But because I run a legal business in Canada, my tax return has already covered a majority of it before any payouts are even considered.

Now for a business that only has one leg in personal width, that has (unfortunately) not put in a lot of work in expanding that personal width we have come out on top in the black. Does this still seem like I`m going bankrupt because of all of those “tools”? Does it look like those major functions are bleeding my bank account to death?

But wait!! The cost of all of those other functions like Regionals and 2nd look meetings! Those cost money too! But of course they do. So four Regional’s per year is an extra $80.00 total. And lets just say there are four 2nd look meetings as well…so that would come to an extra $40.00. Altogether we’re looking at an additional cost of $120.00 for the year.

But! But! It costs you money to drive to these places and buy coffee when meeting people and stuff like that!
Indeed it does. Now, if you believe that in a year I bought hundreds of extra dollars worth of gas and drinks outside of my normal non-business budget for business purposes then I can tell you with confidence that I would have a larger organization and as such have a higher revenue stream from the corporation.

The point I’m making here is that I didn’t lose money. In fact I came out ahead.

Now my question to you is this: can you start any other business and come out ahead or end up right on par in your first two years of business? To be fair you probably can. But with the potential results that this can provide? You’d be hard pressed to find one.

All of the doom and gloom out there you’ll see on those negative blogs and websites do a good job of amplifying their negative experiences. Well, here’s some actual numbers to run with. And you’ll see that running an Amway business utilizing the World Wide Dream Builders training system does not put you into a financial hole. Anyone who says otherwise  is either lying or was not trained and coached in such a way to run their business responsibly.

Of course this is just a blog. I’ll say it again like I always do – blogs are not credible sources of research. I could be fudging these numbers and these experiences. So could any of those negative blogs and websites. And if you think I am being dishonest – I hope you look at all of the negative blogs and websites just as skeptically. Because if you don’t – you were looking for negative from the beginning and for an excuse for a way out. As such, you never would have built this anyway. Check credible sources and talk with people you can meet face to face or at least speak with over the phone. And if someone is trying to sign you up in something that didn’t have an education and qualification process, be careful.

I hope that sharing these numbers have given some transparency into the reality of the cost of running one of these business’ and how it can basically pay for itself without having to build a huge organization. I wish our team was bigger. But this still is a process. I’m learning and growing all the time and even though I’m not quite set to walk away from my job yet, as I look to really start putting more effort in the results will keep getting better and better. I mean hey, its not like I’m losing money or anything, right? 😉

Best Wishes,


Amway CMO Candace Matthews Interview With Forbes

Care of Forbes CMO Network Editor Jennifer Rooney:

“Candace Matthews has been CMO at Amway far longer than typical CMO tenure; she joined in 2007. She’s a veteran of Procter & GambleGeneral Mills and L’Oreal, and she’s putting brand at the center of marketing efforts for the global nutrition, cleaning and cosmetics products company.

In our recent interview, she defined the Amway of today, how it has evolved and what decisions she has made along the way, and how she’s handling the challenges as well as opportunities that exist in marketing the company and its brands–like Artistry cosmetics–around the world.

Here we discuss how Amway’s distributor network mirrors social media-based influencer networks.”

Video is 14 miinutes. Some great stuff.


How You Gonna Win? (If You Ain’t Right Within)

I was driving home after dropping Nikki off at work the other day and had the radio on. On came the song Doo Wop (That Thing) by Lauryn Hill. I remembered the song from a few years back and even though I didn’t care for it too much I let it play since I was going to be home in a few minutes anyway. The song itself is based around self respect and pre-marital / irresponsible sex. At 2:22 a line is said that made me pause. (See  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zz8_aQY27dc and skip to 2:22 for reference)

“How you gonna win if you ain’t right within?”

As I listened to the song my mind referenced directly to our business. I looked back at myself before I really started learning how the business worked. I then compared my past with who I am today. How I think, my overall attitude etc. I then paralleled that line in the song with our training and mentorship system. Many critics of Amway or training systems such as WWDB feel that these training systems are unneccesary, are pyramid schemes and the big money is made off of the sales of motivational tools etc. These critics will point to the fact that they were not profitable, they lost money etc and blame their uplines or the system for lying to them. Now I can’t say what someone has or has not experienced through attempting to build their own Amway business or through a line of sponsorship through WWDB. But the line in the song – “How are you going to win if you ain’t right within?” really nailed it for me. Hold onto your butts, I’m going to be all over the place with this one.

Since I was a child I was taught what to learn. How to count. How to do math equations. How to form a sentence. How to spell. Canadian Geography. World Geography. Basic history. Scientific theories and facts and so on. A basic foundation was laid so that when I reached 18 – 20 I could then specialize in a field and become certified to find a job in that field. I was taught how to build up knowledge on all of these aspects. I was not taught nor did I learn about building myself. Knowledge is necessary to be a functioning member of society,true. But my self worth, my self image, my self esteem which all ties to self confidence had no source with which to build itself aside from natural victories that we all achieve as we grow up.

For each child their victories are different. My victories that fed my self confidence was my ability to be good at playing lacrosse, basketball and volleyball. I was good at reading aloud and presenting. For other kids they may find victories in playing music or singing well. They may be highly intelligent and get all A+’s in school and master subjects with ease.
Every child has a natural built in way that they will have victories in their lives as they grow that will build their inner self image, their inner self worth. On the other side of childhood is the negative stuff. Verbal or physically abusive parents, bullying at school, lack of finding an area of life that one is good at, foster care, sexual abuse and so on…. any of these or, in some cases, a combination of these can fight against the natural positives that help build us up. If there is an excess of negative it can offset or completely wipe out all of these positive building blocks of a person’s self image that we all need.

A negative self image is crippling. It held me in thrall for years due to a lot of bad stuff that happened as I was growing up. Everyone has their story in one way, shape or form. And all of these things add up to who we are, how we view the world and how we look at life.
There are many people who have had a great upbringing – who are self confident in who they are, who have a rock solid positive self-image. But for each of these, there are many more who have many self doubts, negative outlooks on life, negative outlooks on their own abilities. And then they meet me. Or Nikki. Or our Diamond upline. And we show them this opportunity – The ability to run their own business powered by the mentorship of World Wide Group and the manufacturing of Amway.

Up until this point I have no idea what this person has been through in their life. I don’t know what their insecurities are; what they’re good at or what they’re scared of. I would say though that 90% of people that look to this opportunity as another way to move forward in life will find one or more aspects of this business intimidating in one way or another.
Many leaders who have moved on have said that this business is a simple business. But it takes a tonne of hard work. What kind of work? Well the obvious work is in being able to consistently run 50PV of customer volume per month. “Sales”. Thankfully 50PV is a small amount. Any sales person that ran a puny $135 – $160.00 in monthly volume at their job would be fired for lack of production. The other aspect is the duplication of your business. Sponsoring or “franchising” if you will. Duplicating your organization’s volume through other business owners.

And that therein lies the problem. People. We’re in a people business. About 45% of what we do is working with people when we sponsor other people into business for themselves. (5% is serving our customers / 50% is personal growth) And that’s where things get tough. A majority of people who start their business have never been an entrepreneur before. With all of the learning they did in school, they were not taught how to build a business. Their foundation is that of learning to specialize in a field of study to get a job and work for someone else. So running a business and the mentality behind it is underdeveloped right off the bat. Because this business is simple, the ins and outs can be learned fairly quickly.

The problem is the growing or increasing of one’s organization that takes place via sponsoring. The duplication or franchising, if you will. Mike Woods said it best in an EDC attitude session he recorded:

“When you show someone this business you’re telling them to follow you. And they’ll be looking right back at you saying – Why Should I?”

In no way was I ever taught how to lead others in school. I was taught information to learn and memorize. Not that this was bad. But leadership and self worth are not taught in the education curriculum.  And that brings me around to the Lauryn Hill song. “How you gonna win if you ain’t right within?” How can you possibly lead someone if you yourself are not on track? How can you talk with people about going into business together when you don’t have the self worth to even say hello to someone? When you have low self image you find it hard to even look someone in the eyes as you pass them in the hall at work or on the street. I see it all the time – people walk by me looking straight at the ground. Just like I used to do. I had nothing to offer anyone. I didn’t have the courage to start a conversation because they might think I’m weird. How dare I ask them how their day is going. How dare I say hi to them! I wasn’t right within myself. My negative experiences of being bullied for years, going through the foster care system had beaten the positive out of me. I stuck to what I was good at and stayed in my little comfort circle where people couldn’t bug me or attack me.

So coming from that – what right would I have to immediately tell someone I will be their lifeline in business? The thought of it is ridiculous. That’s one reason why we have an upline who will help their downline as they grow and mature. But how would anyone grow themselves to have a better self image, to grow in their self confidence? There’s no post secondary course for that. Its not taught in elementary school or high school.

For us, that’s where WWDB comes in. If the main way of growing a successful Amway business is to help others and lead others – we must first become what we wish to duplicate. We have to be “right within” before we can win. John Maxwell says, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” If we start out in this business having never been a leader, never having helped other people develop themselves – then we have some work to do so we can develop those things in ourselves. We need to grow back that positive self image, grow back that positive self worth. As a leader we need to be an example for those we are putting into business so they have an example to follow and a benchmark to look up to. If I do not improve how in the hell can I ever expect anyone else to? More importantly: if I do not improve myself how can I help others to do that? Simple answer – I CAN’T. And I won’t. If I haven’t gotten over my negative self image and self esteem issues, I’ll never even start to have a downline to help because I’ll still be stuck not talking to people,not getting to know new people or getting out of my comfort zone.

And then when nothing positive is happening I’ll begin to believe that the business doesn’t work. Or it’s too hard. Getting over all of this baggage is tough. Changing is hard. What I’ve seen is that the role of World Wide is to help and encourage people to grow back that positive self image; that self confidence in themselves that either was lost or just didn’t have a chance to grow at all. It is a system that has been put in place where people can feel safe to grow themselves. They have to “Be Right Within” before they can win. You cannot help others become more than what you already are. World Wide facilitates that. It puts people who have done the hard work in growing their self images to be able to become leaders. Once they reach that point where they are strong in their view of themselves they can then be more successful in leading others. They grow this by reading positive books. They grow by listening to positive stories from other people who are going through the same battles as they are – and winning.

As one grows themself, their ability to believe in themselves and their abilities then allows them to take the chances they need to take to build their width. Before that they would never speak to people. Never take a chance in getting turned down. First you need to grow yourself until you can believe in yourself. Once you believe in yourself, you can believe in the opportunity and that you can accomplish what you want. This goes towards anything in life – not just this business. If you “believe” – you can achieve. How many motivational movies have been filmed about the belief of overcoming, of achieving? Of making it? It starts with belief. A belief in an outcome. You will never believe that outcome will be possible until you believe in yourself. And if you aren’t “right within“, you won’t even take the risk in believing that anything will work for you or happen for you. Period.

We tell our kids – you can do anything if you work hard and you believe that you can do it. If that wasn’t the case – there would be no kids that would ever make it to pro sports. Only a few people really make it. There’s a lot who fail on that path. But will you tell that to a kids face? Or will you tell him/her to work hard and believe in themselves and they’ll have a chance? How you answer that may say a lot about you as well.

How you gonna win if you ain’t right within?” As I’ve been involved with the business and part of the World Wide system I can look back at myself and see how I was the way I was. I can see why I felt the way I felt and thought the way I thought about life and the world. When I look at my team I can see why it isn’t as big as I want it to be. Because I still have some work to do on me. And one thing I do know is, responsible people look inward first instead of blaming everything else why something isn’t going the way it should. My team will continue to grow when I’ve built myself to be able to be a good enough leader to support them and help them the right way and not before. And I wouldn’t want it any other way. If my success’ come at the downfall of others it will be a fleeting and temporary success and the foundation will crumble and fall. And I don’t want any part of that.

I want to win. So I’m proud that I’m on a journey to get right within.

~ C