Congratulations New Diamonds!

As of March 1st, 2013 our good friends and direct upline completed their Diamond Qualification and are confirmed as World Wide Dream Builders Diamonds.

To most that may not mean much, if anything. However, for those who are in pursuit of their own dreams and goals, this couple is a beacon. A light to follow. To confirm, once again that the business works. And works well.

To be Diamond, our friends had to break at least six platinum legs. So at minimum they have helped 6 couples earn a platinumship on the side of their current jobs. The reality is some of these legs are making more than this as Rubies going Emerald and Emeralds. From those minimum six legs they had to help those legs build solid foundations. Which for Rubies and Emeralds, thats anywhere from 1 – 3 business owner couples reaching the platinum / founders platinum mark. And I could keep going deeper a few more levels if I wanted. The point is, a Diamondship is made up of a lot of people making this business work for them – and working well. Not a lot of people being scammed out of their hard earned cash like the negative blogs out there would have you believe. A Diamondship comes from good coaching and mentorship so that the same coaching can be passed down to help others succeed as well.

I am not only proud of our mentors because I am directly in business with them, but because since grade five, I knew we were going to do great things as friends. He’s just a little bit more ahead of me for now 😉

A good friend will lead by example and show you how to move forward. Everyone else will let you relax and stay comfortable and never push your boundaries to be something greater. And they’ve made a lot of friends during this Diamond run. You can be sure they’ll be chasing down fast as they can.

We thank you both and a send heartfelt congratulations!

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