Another One Bites The Dust.

Being in the industry that I’m in I get the “P” concern fairly normally. Its dropped normally in regards to illegal activity because most people do assume that if an opportunity is not a “job” its automatically a “Pyramid Scheme” and they don’t know how else to describe an opportunity they think would be against the law.

Pyramids are illegal when money flows up to the top of the chain of people/organizations but does not flow back down to employees, investors etc. The world is full of legal pyramids. Our jobs would fit into this category. All of the people at the top make a good amount of money from the efforts of people lower than them, but there is money that trickles down to the employees in the form of an income. That’s legal.

Just today the Federal Trade Commission placed a hold on all of the assets of a fairly well known “Network Marketing” company, Fortune High Tech Marketing. Also known as FHTM,  the company allowed representatives to make money by selling services such as Dish Network, Frontpoint Home Security, Various cellular phone services as well as the company’s exclusive home and beauty lines. According to Attorney General Jack Conway:

“This is the beginning of the end for one of the most prolific pyramid schemes operating in North America…This is a classic pyramid scheme in every sense of the word. The vast majority of people, more than 90 percent, who bought in to FHTM lost their money.”

The FTC press release goes on to state:

To participate in the scheme, consumers paid annual fees ranging from $100 to $300. To qualify for sales commissions and recruiting bonuses, they had to pay an extra $130 to $400 per month and agree to a continuity plan that billed them monthly for products unless they canceled the plan.

The FTC press release can be found here:

The FHTM website redirects to an attorney’s website who seems to be handling the freezing of assets etc. To be fair, this is a lawsuit that has been placed in federal court by the FTC due to the amount of findings of people who have lost a large amount of money. There is no decision by the courts at this time and it could come through that FHTM comes through as a legal enterprise. However it just confirms how careful one should be when checking out Network Marketing opportunities. Normally if there is not an education and qualification process and someone is looking to get you through a ‘hype up – sign up’ deal I recommend that you walk away. If you go to a business presentation where they are looking to sign you up at the end of the meeting – walk away. Run if necessary.

Lastly, the ongoing tenure of the company should be a huge part in a decision to start your own enterprise. That and the people who you are looking at to coach and mentor you as you grow in your business should be a huge concern when you are looking at any opportunity.

I’m so very lucky and fortunate to be linked up with a rock solid servicing company and to be in business with some amazing people full of integrity and honesty. I hope the same for you if you look to start your own side business.

~ C


Borrowed Thoughts

Thoughts I’ve been picking up from some my coaches and mentors the last few months. Its too bad the system didn’t teach me this type of mindset while I was growing up…

* There are wanderers and followers or achievers and influencers.

* You cannot put a pricetag on time.

* I don’t want to be at the end looking back saying “I wish I would have or could have…”

* Borrowing your way into oblivion for a future that you cannot control and that is not gauranteed is not good coaching.

* You don`t buy a drill because you want the drill. You buy a drill because you want a hole. The drill is simply a vehicle to get you what you want.

* The gauranteed path to failure is to try and please everybody.

* Don`t mistake activity and productivity.

* We went after a future we thought we wanted based on the options we had been given. Financial freedom was never an option shown in school.

* As you remain employed you will choose to either stay with èm and play with èm or to leave to feed èm. You have no other choice in that game.

* Life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer to the end you are the faster it seems to go.

* In the job world your opportunity is someone else`s misopportunity.

* How many people were sold a bill of goods from K – 12 and trained to sacrifice lifestyle of workstyle?

* If the key to financial success is intelligence then why are there not more millionaires?

* Tigers don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.

* Destiny is not about chance, but about choice.

* Poverty is a mindset that leads to being broke.

* Freedom trumps career every time.

* Develop the best. The best develop the rest.

* The key is not to prioritize your schedule but to schedule your priorities.

* The more education a person has the less they know.

* Most mne have three spouses. Friends. Boss. Wife. Which one do you think is the first to go?

* Do you think opinions from friends and family on a subject means you’re educated on that subject?

* Do you think everything outside of a job is a “pyramid”?

* No one is average. They just choose average paths.

* The best job starts at 12:00pm, ends at 1:00pm and has a lunch hour in between.

* Why we do what we do is much more important than what we actually do.

* Money amplifies character, problems and magnifies your heart.

* You cannot reach higher ground until you reach a common ground.

* You will never get ahead until you change the way you make money.

* You aren’t skeptical of the facts, you’re skeptical of yourself and your own abilities.

* If you want a man to build a ship, don’t give him the tools to build the ship. Give him a love and hunger for the sea.

* Followers take someone else’s experience and make it their own. Leaders make their own experiences.

* You need someone to speak belief into your life because if you don’t all you will have is your own doubts.

* Trying is a noisy way of doing absolutely nothing.

* Invest your life for a high return.

* An hour around a wise man is worth a month of a good book.

* If you’re always trying to avoid risk you will end up with nothing but regret.

* Never share your problems with people who aren’t part of the solution.

* Never steal a struggle from someone for within that struggle is their victory.

* You’re only dead when people don’t know that you ever lived.

* You can’t be picky if you don’t have another way to retire young.

* Are you a middle class thinker or a world class thinker?

* You never rise above the level of your mentorship.

* If you end up having a gifted child, will you be able to afford them?

* True tenure rewarded should give you your time back.

* Support what supports you.

* Faith is having the courage to step off a ledge and if there are no steps below your feet knowing that you’ll build them on the way down.

* In a job you’re only as good as your last sale or performance evaluation.

* If you do nothing or try nothing you become what you’ve done – nothing.

* Everyone was born an original. Most people die a photocopy.

* For long term success you must have a vision. The vision will give you discipline which will produce passion to overcome.

* A man who will lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd.

* A leader gets disappointed but never frustrated.

* A leader faces the music even when he doesn’t like the tune.

* If you see someone wearing a tie at night they are probably very wealthy. If you see someone wearing a tie during the day, they are probably very busy making someone else very wealthy.

* Most people are in a position where there take home pay won’t take them home.

* This is a mentorship opportunity with a business on the side.

* If you want to change the direction of your family tree, start taking advice from people outside the family tree.

* Wealth is not about the amount of money you acquire, its about the mindset you have that allowed you to get it.

* You’re either all in to something by accident or on purpose.

* You have to believe in the blueprint before you erect the building. Without belief nothing is ever created, started or completed.

* Does your dream run your life? Or your job?

And more truth will be learnt in the upcoming year. What a journey so far. Here’s to more and more growth.