Just trying to make it….

As I sit at my desk about two hours before I should be in my office (the result of work deciding they needed me to work later without updating me until midnight last night when I was already asleep) I’ve been reflecting over the past two days of people I’ve been able to converse with as well as at the path I’ve taken thus far.

My partner and I engaged in many conversations with people we met as we enjoyed our Canada Day weekend and the common theme that we found was that people were not happy to be working. Not that this is anything new. Anyone would rather enjoy time to do what they wanted either having fun with friends and family or relaxing doing hobbies of their choice. In fact the majority of these people that were not happy to be working were actually working 2 – 3 jobs at a time!

One thing that I usually say is that if you found that working one job was unenjoyable or not working for you, why the heck would you get a second!? The need for more money is the obvious answer but it begs the question…is this what life is all about? How can a person live for anyone else when they are simply striving to get by on their own – for them? A few people we spoke with had a boyfriend or wife etc but their partner worked almost as much if not more than them! Now I could understand this if these were people building a business for themselves so that they eventually wouldn’t have to work anymore. However all but a few were actually owners. These were all employees working so they could get more money.

Money, money, money. You know….that thing that we all say “isn’t that important”. Yet 98% of the population trades their most valuable asset, time, for this “thing” that they say isn’t important. Quite a contradiction. And that was me. Luckily working for a large corporation that may or may not cut my position to save money, but still paying me a decent middle class wage for a single. I was also lucky getting a spacious rental place for around $550/ mo with utilities included in Vancouver. Unfortunately for many, my case was rare. But it allowed me to enjoy life a bit when I wasn’t stuck in the office. Leaving me wanting more for my life but not allowing me to get there. If I looked to climb the corporate ladder, I could get more money, but the increased expectations wouldn’t get me anywhere near the time that I currently had to enjoy. Sucky trade off, that.

“But thats the way it is!” we’re told. Such a depressing way to look at things. Thats just the way it is. And I see this spirit in people who are working, working, working. It consumes their life. Their waking hours like a ghost that hovers around them. Worry about getting enough hours, worry about getting a payment in before service gets suspended. Worry about debt going up or having to go through credit debt counselling. And it goes on and on.
When we work and work and work it takes a vision off of what we want for our lives. I was working for the weekend, baby. That next payday. Its like getting another hit. Gimme ‘dat moneh! I wasn’t necessarily a selfish dude by any means. If we go back when I was in high school and asked what I wanted for my life, I stated, ” To provide a comfortable life for myself and those close to me.” And I think that would be a fair desire for any person.

Its just that the options to do this sucked. I’ve never been a school guy. It was never fun. And as such, I didnt really care. I got through to grade 12 because of basketball. I sucked it up and went to class just because it allowed me to play competitive basketball. Teaching would have been ok, but the schooling to do it just pushed me away.

So after some life living I sat working for this large corporation looking around thinking…I do not want to be a lifer. Think Office Space. The options for becoming a trainer at first seemed like it could be fun. Working with people instead of annoyed customers. But my tenure and stats wouldn’t allow me any serious consideration. I looked to radio. I legitimately had been told I have a voice for it (Certainly a face for it hehe). I passed intro tests to a well known audio/ visual academy in Vancouver. But I looked at that road and just felt off.

At the time I had just cleared $25,000 worth of debt from my name. It felt good to be debt free again. To owe nobody nothing is very, very freeing. Entry to this school was approximately $12,000. Student loan time. But the thought of going back into the hole THAT much just after I had gotten out was not appealing in the slightest. That and once I graduated, the chances of getting work in my field in the greater Vancouver area was slim. I would need to “earn my stripes” in small stations in small towns throughout BC or Alberta.

I had just gotten my own place again and moving to a small town to get minimum wage for something I had gone into debt for was not what I was looking for even though the job seemed fun enough. And so here I stayed. Hoping that as the economy dropped my job wouldn’t be cut. Having that sliver of fear of “what now?” if I took a cut and became unemployed just ate away at my subconscious.

Its a very unfun way to live life. Fear. That “what if” question always lingering. And its these experiences that have helped me shape the way I view life at this time. These experiences combined with the men I’m fortunate enough to counsel with. In school there was no talk of mentorship. Of a life coach. In what I do now, we’re all about that.

I was fortunate that my good friend of years gone by wanted to give me another shot. When my close friendwent into business around 2005 – 2006, I joined him. However, due to lack of mentorship in my relationship and in my finances, I had to quit. Money was falling through my fingers like sand. Two credit cards and a line of credit that was given easily had then started to choke the life out me.

Fast forward a few years and he was in town from Edmonton to do a meeting for an organization he had out here. And he showed me his retirement day. That thing he started back then, was huge. And it was growing. And he was free. Free to do what he wanted. When he wanted. His income was based on what he had done. Not what he did.

And I saw my opportunity. It was time to get going again. And since my re-launch its become clearer and clearer how much people need this. Like me, they want more, they just don’t know how to get it. And so people settle. And even though its not fun, they get used to it. And even the uncomfortable can get routine and comfortable if you do it enough. And then people take a moment and realize…..they’ve been doing the same thing for the last year, two years, five years, ten years….where has the time gone….all thats changed is a slight wage increase….a new child, a wedding….but in the big picture, people are as strapped and stressed as much as ever.

I became sick and tired of a slight wage increase each year. I was bored with the same outcome of my dead end job. I could climb the ladder….but that success required more time than I wanted to give. I wanted my time for me. For what I wanted to do. And nothing could give me that. My friend and upline had it. And he had the experience to back it up. And he had 10 – 15 people retired backing him up as well. My time will come.

And my freedom will be not just mine. But for others looking for more.For others, like me – needing proof. I needed proof. And I had all of my excuses took away when I saw my good buddy, smashing an alarm clock on his retirement day. It took one second to switch.

How selfish of me, many people have said. “Money isn’t everything! Money doesn’t make you happy!” they say. And they’re right. Money isn’t everything. Thats why I want to not have to worry about it anymore. Money doesn’t make you happy. I’ve had inheritances that I’ve blown and it was a false security. It was a selfish, temporary happiness. Thats why I want to be able to steward money to those who need it. When I’m able to have time and a solid cashflow, I can do so much more for my mom. For Nikki’s mom and dad and family. For charities that I could have never helped because I was focussed on getting paid for ME. And MY future. Heck, I was only paid enough to take care of me and a little bit more for small enjoyments in life.

The best use of your life is to so live your life that the works of your life outlive your life. Its not about just me anymore. And I like that. There’s a freedom in wanting to be apart of other people’s breakthroughs. Later this week I get on the board for the first time. To educate those who are close to our business owners just what they’re doing, what they’re up to and what they’re involved with. To ease their fears that they are not in some sort of illegal scheme. To help them see our business owners vision for their future. To represent our organization with class, and to model for our business owners who will be going into homes and sharing this opportunity on their own in the future.

We are not where we want to be. But looking back at myself….by God I’m sure as hell glad I’m not where I was.

Here’s to moving on and moving forward not just for me, or for us, but for others as well.

~ Cameron