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Just coming off a really solid weekend. Nikki and I had a chance to drive down to Lynwood, WA for a Tracy & Kimberly Eaton Regional training seminar/rally yesterday.
Anyone who is successful will confirm that input is almost everything. Any success book, success speaker or other successful source will agree that power of association and input is key.
We’re taught such: Input leads to Thoughts—->Words—->Action—>Habits—->Lifestyle—>Legacy.
What input do you take in and let affect you on a daily basis? Its a challenge out there to constantly avoid negative input. Negative news sells. And with online access so easily available, we’re bombarded day in and day out with negative garbage. Gossip, war, money….at some point you will hear about something bad going on in the world or with someone you know.

The solution to pollution is dilution. Tracy mentioned this the other night. Now I’m not saying plug your ears, and yell “La,la,la,la,la!!” and ignore life. My concern is the influence it has on your life. What positive are you putting in? What success principle are you adding to your life? What are your friends and family adding to your input to add hope to you? To add value to you? Is that important as well?  Because yes, the bad junk will always be happening. We cannot stop it. But are we going to be part of the negative? Or part of a solution? What can we offer that can help others?

Nikki and I have some great coaches in our life and we love speaking with them daily because they add value to us. They add positive. Thats why we made the drive down to Lynwood to get a chance to get around some awesome people in Kim and Tracy.
Say what you will about any athelete stereotypes, the man’s experience allows him to speak straight and with a passion you won’t get from your office buddies around a water cooler.

A main focus was that success is hidden in our daily routines. As above, habits will breed a lifestyle.There was so much great input that I was able to take away. I’ll just point to point this except for one statement Tracy mentioned: Lifestyle Evangelism. Now this isnt menat to be a religious focussed blog at all. But what it means is: live your life as an example to others. Be an example of what you wish for others and what you want to see in the world. When Nikki and I retire, we will be leading by example that these results ARE possible. We will be bringing other people with us. We will be leading by example. So I’m super excited to get started on building myself and our business to be an example of what others can achieve.

Here’s some other bullet points of what I gleaned from these great leaders. And some pics of our sick seats as well.

* When you start to believe in yourself, you can then start believing in others. If you don’t or find that you cannot believe in others, you may need to raise your belief in you.

* Dont go throwing out expectations of others. Raise the bar in your own life first. Once you can do this successfully to a point then you can raise the bar for others. Failure to do this simply will come across as cockiness.

* If you don’t know where you’re going in life then you are an employee for someone who knows where they’re going. Doors open in the world for those who know where they are going. Make your decisions based on where you want to go. Not on how fun the drive will be.

* Get your belief level of yourself higher than the doubts others have of you.

* The Elevator To Success Is Broken. We’ll have to take it one step at a time.

* Attempt to be bold. Bold enough to scare away those who have common thinking. You will attract the uncommon people and from those you will build a legacy and lifestyle that is totally uncommon to the 98% of people out there.

* Over the last three generations: of the wealth that has been created / accumulated – how much of that is being passed on to you? If you received anything, is it ongoing? Or a one time shot? Compare your results to a Ray Crock and his future generations. If you’re being out-earned by a dead guy, you need to change the way you look at your future.

* We are either going to set a standard of mediocrity or raise the standard to excellence. What is the outcome we want? this will determine the actions we take.

This last point actually flows into a teaching my buddy and mentor talks about: We’re taught through high school to pick a job we want to do for the rest of our lives (Assuming thats even normally possible these days with all the layoffs/funding cuts etc. happening). This is done without little concern for the final outcome on our lives. What happens is, we choose our occupation, from there that chooses our association(co-workers/possibly friends), it chooses our lifestyle via how much we’re paid and finally it determines how our kids will be raised (daycare?), and how we will end our days.

Why is it never taught the other way around. How do you want to live? Not what do you want to do. When we want to go on a trip the fundamental decision that needs to be made is WHERE ARE WE GOING!? Only AFTER this has been decided can we then best choose the right way to get there ie: car / flight etc. So why is this not done in life? I can gaurantee you someone’s dream is not to end up living in a cheap nursing home alone because their kids are too busy and tired to take care of them. If these people chose FIRST how they wanted to live, the outcome would have been far different.

But we’re not taught forward thinking. We’re taught to find something we love for the next 40 – 50 years because thats how we’ll get by. Its hard to love something that can’t love you back. And from what I see in the real world….jobs are definitely NOT loving people back. Thank goodness for great leaders and coaches like Tracy and Kimberly and our direct upline mentors.

~ Cameron

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