It Begins With Belief

What a great day June 9th was for Nikki and I. Not only were we part of a live recording of a training session done by WWDB Diamonds Bob & Shelly Kummer, but we also had both of our business owners qualify to be recognized for their Believers Pin! Unforunately one of them couldn’t make it due to illness, but we are so proud of both business builders.

What makes me laugh is that both of these owners prove that this business A) Works and B) is legal. When we sit down with people looking for a better opportunity I love being able to point to those we have helped achieve the very first building block of duplication in this business. Not only did these business owners make more money than we did in our first months, they also qualified for their Believers Pin in their first month. It took us 8 months! But thats why this is so awesome. They did the work, moreso than when we started, and they were rewarded as such.

If this was “one of those things” – because we sponsored them into business then they shouldn’t be able to make more than us. Yes? Good thing this isn’t “one of those things” your aunt, or your buddies cousin’s uncle thought it was. What they described was more like my current job. I dont know how it may be where you work, but I can’t make more money than the tier above me no matter how hard I work. Funny how that goes, eh?

All in all, we are so pround of our business owners and cannot wait for their continued success, and paycheques that they will be able to invest into themselves, and their business. Congrats guys!

~ Cameron